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February 01, 2004


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Christopher Allen

In the above I said "They only way that I know of to avoid this is in your prefences to set that all of your messages should be sent to you via the web, not email."

However, this is incorrect, it will still send your email address in the

At this time there is no way I know of to avoid this flaw if you are concerned about your email address other then changing it to a temporary one.


That's a pretty big "bug" (or unpublished feature) indeed (!)

For example, personally I try to keep my work email address off the net as much as possible, and have set pretty strict privacy settings on orkut, assuming they'd keep it private...

Coincidentally (!!??) the amount of spam I'm receiving at my work email address has gone up vastly since joining Orkut... A very odd coincidence...

Christopher Allen

I discovered why I got 'jailed' for a third time today. Two of us appear to have been jailed because of a bug when posting to groups. What happens is that if you write a long post, rather then the system tell you something is wrong, your posting form will just be refreshed. This will prompt you to submit a few more times, unsuccessfully. Then you realize it must be because your post is too long, so you'll remove text a few times, and submit. At some point in this process, typically before you successfully trim it down enough to successfully post, you will discover you are in Orkut jail.

Of course, that makes us long-winded bloggers particularly vulnerable ;-)


my suggestion for forum: orkut design, because orkut the man himself is a member of that community.


beta testing for www.swakto.com social networking is open


ive been banned on orkut. what is the maximum time you are banned or when they reply to you?


i don't know much more about orkut i just want to know what this side about of side.

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