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August 16, 2004


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» "Progressive Trust" from per diem
In Life With Alacrity: Progressive Trust, the author essentially makes a distinction between a binary (on/off, yes/no) approach to model social realities and a more "progressive" or graduated approach along a scale (less to more, very negative to ver... [Read More]

» Building trust online from Headshift
Online relationships can be hard to build and maintain and the difficulty in knowing who to trust, and how much to trust them, is one of the key reasons why. [Read More]

» Progressive trust and Intimacy gradients from Many-to-Many
Two interesting posts at Life With Alacrity. First, thoughts on the growth of progressive trust in real human relations, and what it means for technology: Computer trust rarely works the way that human trust does. It starts with mathematical proofsR... [Read More]

» I Don't Trust You. Yet. from Closing the CRM Gap: Using IT to Get Closer to Customers
The concept of "I can't trust you, until I get to know you better," is at the core... [Read More]

» Trust as Modifier from Cognitive Dissonance
I'm looking around out in the blogosphere and ran across this item about trust and how it works in meatspace over on Christopher Allen's blog, Life with Alacrity. I like how this ties into the WW: How did this happen? post by explaining the nature... [Read More]

» Trust and open content from Situativity
Life With Alacrity: Progressive Trust Thanks to Nate for the heads-up on this article. I was just thinking about this issue at AECT while attending the roundtable hosted by the OSLO folks at Utah State. At least one of the... [Read More]

» Transitions, Progressive Disclosure And Progressive Trust from The Social Customer Manifesto
In looking at Dave's site while pulling together thoughts on MeshForum, I came across his fantastic post regarding transitions in physical spaces, such as buildings. Dave: "The experience of entering a building influences the way you feel inside the bu... [Read More]

» Will Skype make us less open online? from Skype in United Kingdom
An article in Saturdays Telegraph talks about womens online friendships, and suggests that any stigma around meeting people online which existed ten years ago has almost entirely disappeared. Whats interesting, though, is this comm... [Read More]


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Sean Murphy

Ash Maurya's thought provoking Venn diagram in "Beyond Social Networking" (see http://www.wiredjournal.com/archives/000008.html) lists a number of modes or contexts that enable trust buildig in a relationship.

Shimon Rura

Very cogent post, Christopher. I think you've hit upon what makes blogs so useful and novel in the computing world. I wrote a response in my own blog:


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