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September 27, 2004


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In seinem Weblog Life With Alacrity schreibt Allen, Entwickler von EditThisPagePHP, über die Weiterentwicklung von TiddlyWiki und das Potential von Javascript in der grafischen Benutzeroberfläche solcher Tools. Wer nach meinem letzten Posting TiddlyWik... [Read More]

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Joe Kraus, one of the co-founders of Excite, has unveiled today his new company: JotSpot at the Web 2.0 conference. Joe had joined the blogosphere a couple of months ago, creating a blog focusing on entrepreneurship (and cookies). He is [Read More]


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Don Park

I just posted about TiddlyWiki and found that you did the same. As I wrote, I think it has some good ideas worth stealing.


Did you see the new version? The author of TiddlyWiki has released version 3 with many new features.


In the same vein and for "heavier" stuff: http://www.kevembuangga.com/hwk/
Alas, still in Beta and Firefox only
Any comments appreciated anyway

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