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October 07, 2004


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» Blogo-talk of the day : JotSpot from Occam's Razor
At least 20 different blog coverage on Joe Kraus new venture: Jotspot. The most complet posting is from my old friend Jeff Clavier with a pretty complete summary, and the one from Christopher Allen with a good pointer to a [Read More]

» Wiki Macros Are a Key Component of the Web Platform from Olivier Travers
Christopher Allen has a good summary about the wiki application that can't decide whether it's called Jot or JotSpot but already raised $5.2M (they must have taken branding lessons from us at MarketingFoxOnSpeed (sorry for the insider joke). Anyway, he... [Read More]

» The Changing Face of Wiki from SocialTwister
I have to admit I've never really liked Wiki technology, but I'm not opposed to it. For some time I have been observing and commenting on the merits of different collabication (collaboration-communication) mediums including blogs, wikis, IM, e-mail and... [Read More]


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An article in spanish: http://www.error500.net/modules/news/article.php?storyid=997

Ludovic Dubost


If you like the notion of Application Wikis, you should have a look at the open source project XWiki.. It includes not only a form engine but also a programming API inside wiki pages as well as un underlying relational database..


Joe Kraus

Thanks for the wriet up Christopher. I think you asked for a beta. We're trying to provision accounts as rapidly as we can (while making sure that things are scaling ok). I should be able to guarantee you get provisioned in the next 2-3 days. If there any questions I can answer, don't hesitate to ask.


JotSpot is way behind other open source 'wikis' like TWiki and ZWiki already well into this space.

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