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September 24, 2008


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Mike Edwards

This view of group size dynamics has a lot of potential implications for all kinds of things including management science and more specifically/interesting to me startup dynamics. Namely, you're proposing an outline that can be mapped to company size and funding levels, amounts of management required/deployable etc. Have you thought of making a stronger connection in this area?

Michael Edwards

Hey Christopher,

Have you thought about turning this into a general outline for managing startup growth, funding levels, and exit scenarios?


Louis-Martin Michaud

Reading :

"These optimal and sub-optimal community sizes appear in strata, like discrete layers of rock. For a community to advance from one strata to the next often takes immense energy."

Reminds me of Quantum states of Electrons spinning around the nucleus. So, maybe different quantic numbers of persons generate different energy levels, apt for different services?

Also as an analogy, if I recall well, when coming from an external path to an internal one allows the matter to shed light. So, maybe as we internalize we allow light to reach outward?

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