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February 01, 2004


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Ana Rosa

I liked your alacrity... first I didn´t know what is it and then I looked for that word in the diccionarie. Ok, I think the life must be made for alacrity.

Julia Machado

I like your comment!




heloo 25 iran neam;yoosef


i live in great country that their goverments use filters for internet sites
if you can help me in this way pls give me one way to break this filters


please rejester me for orkut Thank u


Get me one Okay????


Orkut is plural of rather sensitive word in finnish language (sexual climax). Just to mention.


Well,from my first impressions of orkut,what i gather is that,u have to be careful in who u select as friends(incase of a stranger sending u a friend request).As for getting familiar with a person that can always be done by sending a few messages through the scrap book(before u accept the frind invite).Other very useful feature of the scrapbook is that it almost serves the purpose of an instant messenger(conversations being publicly viewable though),with the community feature you can make friends with like minded people by joiing communities.Havent gone through all the features yet,but if you dont go too much into the nitty gritties then it is all in all quite a decent product.And of course with a popular name like google backing it,this can only improve (google wont shelve it as it just has become way too popular in the beta stage itself)

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