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April 08, 2005


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Amit Chakradeo

BTW it is also possible to use feedburner.com, with which you can add to your feed, your delicious posts, flickr posts in addition to the regular blog posts...


I hadn't seen that addition to the site! Thanks for writing about it. I do the same thing on my blog, only with my Furl.net selections (similar tool, more options I think, more friendly UI). I do use RSS Digest as well to run the del.icio.us/tag/wiki RSS feed on my blog. (Marshall's New Web Tool Blog http://marshallk.blogspot.com)

You might enjoy checking out the folks over at http://marketingstudies.net too. They first alerted me to the possibility of using RSS like this, and though they are all about corporate marketing, they come up with many good ideas.

Thanks for your blog, allways a pleasure to read.

Speaking of wikis (I see you intend to write about the editing dichotomy, great, have you checked out wikalong.org ? It's great.

Jeff Clavier

As Amit says, it is possible to splice your links and your pictures through a FeedBurner feed. Now that Buzznet is supported like Flickr, I have create an Extended feed for people for people to subscribe to in addition to my main feed. You might want to consider doing the same.


I was delighted to see that your first del.icio.us posting linked to W. Ross Ashby's An Introduction to Cybernetics. I devoured that book when it was first published in 1956, and I was a 28 year old ad copywriter. I worked through all the examples and laughed like mad over ex. 4/15, the letter which begins, "Dear Friend, some years ago I bought this old house, but found it to be haunted by two ghostly noises -- a ribald Singing and a sardonic Laughter ... ". I copied it out by hand and sent copies round my friends as an Xmas card that year. I don't think any of them had the faintest idea what I was on about. I still have the sixth impression of that book beside me now.

My first acquaintance with the subject must have been with Norbert Wiener's Cybernetics in 1948, while I was still an undergraduate. I understood little of it, but it did introduce me to Russell's Paradox.

I must add these to my own del.icio.us collection plus a couple of other books on symbolic logic, which deeply impressed me at the time. I've only just discovered your blog, through John Robb, and I will add your site to my own blog Junkyard Whirlwind. You have led me to a most interesting cluster of concepts, and must explore further. Many thanks.

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