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October 28, 2005


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Ross Mayfield


Edward Vielmetti

Chris, intersting data.

I am not sure that with standard deviations so high on the "Time spent together by guild size" that you can draw super strong conclusions about differences been group cohesiveness by group. One or two extra-connected group is going to throw off your numbers quite a bit. If you have the data and can scatterplot them instead of showing averages I suspect you'll be able to make a case more clear.

York Ash

I would also like to see a scatterplot. It would really help to make time spent together by guilds alot more clearer.

adrian Chan

The military, and educational institutions, have discovered similar thresholds for collectivities. I think the number of friends any of us can sustain, in any manner (on, offline) is around 200. And that's pushing it. Magic numbers in small business are 12 and approx 30-35, I believe. Intersting that it might hold for online as well as offline.

Ian MacColl

Great series on Dunbar limit. One minor nitpick - I think your first PlayOn image link might be wrong. I thing the text you've quoted refers to their bottom-left image which is g-3 rather than g-4 (the 4-character cluster is *really* obvious in g-3).

Christopher Allen

Thanks, the image is corrected to be g-3.

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