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September 14, 2006


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magicback (Frank)

Hmm, interesting on the weighting system.

Can you explain with more detail how the rating by depth of content is generated?

I'm looking through the other articles, so hopefully I find the info there.


Shannon Appelcline

My first pass system just used a different multiplier for weight based on the type of content:

1x for just a raw rating
2x for a rating with a non-blank comment
5x for a review (which goes through a different, approved content system)

My second pass system also included "volume of ratings by user" and thus applied a variable multiplier depending on how many ratings the user has made:

(0-2x) for a raw rating
2x(0-2x) for a rating with comment
5x for a review

The 0-2x is calculated as (# of ratings by user)/50, to 2 max.

I'm pretty sure that the core weighting system by depth is producing better results, though I haven't done any studies of that yet. The additional weighting for volume by users has definitely prevented bias by hit-and-run raters who just stop by to rate one game that they've been asked to.

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