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July 14, 2011


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I really like the idea of using circles for social time management. One big problem I have with networks is that I feel committed (obligated?) to a certain, indistinct, level of communication - particularly with those people that social media has now kept me in 'contact' with, and whom in the old days I would have lost touch with. The end result is always a big time defecit and multiple layers of guilt. The idea of being able to apply some kind of equitable rationing/priority to circles may be a bit geeky... but it's preferable to non-specific angst ;0)


I like your ideas; I've also been trying to play about with the circles & work out something that works for me.
How, however, do you manage to add people to them, when you have quite so many (looking at the second list with the 1.3 etc) - I can only see 1.5 rows of circles! (OK, I know you can add someone by right clicking & going for the add to circle, but that's fiddly if you're block adding them!)

I've also got in the (equivalent of the) me circle my 'other' G+ account, that I've been using to see the effect of things like extended circles. Which I do find useful.

Would be nice, if, at some point, rather than having 'stream' it was possible to see in a single stream all the updates from a set of circles, rather than 1 or all. (Unless that's something I've yet to find!)
(That, and I want boolean logic for them, so I can have everyone who is in both a & b, but not a or b!)

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