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April 04, 2013


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I just discovered your site, and I'm really enjoying your posts.

I am an Organizational Leadership student through Fort Hays State University, and this is a fascinating topic.

I can definitely see the point of the disadvantage of voting. Dyads are forced to use consensus decision-making, unless the power differential is so wide that unilateral decisions are made by the dyad's autocrat.

Consensus, of course, can take a little longer, but being the default for the Dyad, it makes disagreements automatically covert into brainstorming sessions to find solutions that satisfy both parties. Often, these solutions will be creative and superior to either original idea.

Triads, by virtue of the odd number, CAN employ democracy to make decisions, but the question is-- SHOULD they? A Triad can still opt to employ consensus. If it chooses democracy, it can speed decisions, but there is no requirement for democracy to govern the Triad's decisions. If they opt for consensus, they can once more engage in creative problem-solving that satisfies all parties.

A consensus-based Triad has all the other advantages of a Triad, without the down-side.

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