Christopher Allen is a world-renowned authority on decentralized digital trust, online collaboration, identity management, digital assets, smart contracts, and human-rights privacy.

Recognized as a “Top 100 Influencer in Identity,” Christopher provides strategic advice to governments worldwide, including the Wyoming legislature, successfully championing laws to uphold digital civil liberties and human rights.

He also shares his knowledge as a trusted advisor to CEOs, CTOs, and visionary leaders of tech-driven enterprises looking to venture into these domains. He has recently collaborated with industry-leading companies like: Crossbar/Cramium, who specialize in open & secure semiconductor designs; Proxy, maker of secure wellness wearables (recently acquired by Oura); and various blockchain and digital asset wallet startups.

The co-author of the IETF TLS standard, foundational to secure online commerce, Christopher still remains actively involved in the IETF, with ongoing security and privacy-focused internet-draft proposals. At the W3C, he co-authored international standards for the Decentralized Identifiers standard and serves as an invited expert on Verifiable Credentials.

As the Founder of Blockchain Commons, Christopher advocates for solutions for open & interoperable, secure & compassionate digital infrastructure to enable people to control their own digital destiny and maintain their human dignity online. His book, “#SmartCustody,” offers groundbreaking perspectives on cryptographic tools for the resilience of digital assets.

As chairman of the 501c4 “Rebooting the Web of Trust” workshops, Christopher has been a driving force in fostering collaborative spaces for innovation. The workshop has been pivotal in shaping decentralized identity technologies for a decade. Christopher also hosts the “Silicon Salon”, a forum for open & secure semiconductors.

With a rich entrepreneurial background, Christopher has held roles such as Principal Architect at Blockstream, Vice President at Blackphone, and CTO of Certicom. His commitment to knowledge-sharing spans cryptocurrency workshops, teaching at Pinchot University, and his blog, ‘Life With Alacrity.’

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, guidance is the bridge between innovation and obsolescence. Christopher’s expertise ensures your enterprise remains relevant at the forefront. Beneficiaries of his counsel have streamlined pivots and transformations, enhanced security, and harnessed decentralized technologies. Engage with Christopher to ensure a secure, innovative, and human-centric digital future.

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Entrepreneur, Advisor & Technologist

  • Principal Architect & Executive Directory at Blockchain Commons
  • Internet Cryptography Pioneer
  • Co-author IETF Transport Layer Security (TLS) Security Standard, W3C Decencentralized Identifier (DID) Standard.
  • Collaborative Tools & Patterns
  • Decentralized Identity

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