I have been experimenting with eLance, which is a source of contractors for various web, graphic, and business related projects. So far I’ve put out bids for 4 projects, ranging from web programming with PHP, to graphics, and business competitive research. I’ve been amazed at the number of and quality of the bids I’ve been getting, as well as extremely reasonable prices for small project. I have my doubts regarding this system for big projects, but for well defined projects of under $5-10K, so far I highly recommend it.

A social issue, however, when many of the best bids and prices come from overseas – what is better, ‘buy american’ or ‘support the world economy’?


Of course supporting the global economy. USA products are sold everywhere in the world, therefore world products should be sold in USA as well. This is what globalization is about. We run a website similar to elance, called SupportUniverse. Cheaper prices and better after-sale service.

Mark Daniels 2004-10-03T08:44:46-07:00

Support as you see fit. A new, similar site, https://web.archive.org/web/20111029072816/http://ultrabizz.com/ is aimed at bigger projects, providing a built in contract system and a job requirements area.

Visitor 2005-02-11T00:47:53-07:00

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