I have been working the last couple of weeks on a business plan idea for a company tenatively called eVentor:

eVentor is a unique event marketplace that brings together event producers and attendees to dynamically create, staff, and people events of all types–from concerts and performances to reunions and seminars. It does so by using the power of smart contracts to arrive at joint consensus and by acting as a single clearing house for the entire process of event creation, from earliest negotiations to final registration.

The key thought with eVentor is similar to that of eBay – eBay has reduced the barriers of entry for a small business such that people can now do new ventures starting entirely from their own home. It has done this by creating a huge marketplace and by acting as a trusted third party that individuals and small companies can fully particpate in. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of new “micro-businesses”, some of which of which have grown substatially in size.

What eVentor wants to do is similar – lower the barriers of entry for small events, whether a seminar, a concert, a dinner meeting, a family reunion, etc., lowering it to such a level that people who could not afford to manage the complexity of small events before can do so now do so in order to make new “micro-businesses”.

At this point the idea has just myself behind it – call it an “entrepreneur-in-residence exercise”. I will be running this business plan by a few possible contributors and/or partners in the next few weeks, as well as investigating partnerships with some of the new social software companies that don’t have a business model. Ultimatately I plan to present this business plan to a couple of Angel Investors and VCs in January.

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