Game Designer and Pundit Greg Costikyan: wrote in his blog a thought I can’t believe that I’ve not heard of before, it makes so much sense. But it is new to me:

Games * Design * Art * Culture: “Oh…. And you fellas. Sure, I like portraying the angry, um, middle-aged man… But, yet, I understand the importance of capital in bringing a product to market. But think about it: Back in the day, capital provided four essential things: development funding, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. In the digital era, manufacturing is trivial; distribution is less of an issue; marketing is, if anything, harder; and for most products (not games or film), development is easier and cheaper. Under the circumstances, isn’t a realignment of the percentage of revenues due to artists a vital necessity? They =should= get a bigger piece of the pie. And since manufacturing is trivial, and development easier, the whole thing should be cheaper to consumers.

And whoever figures out how to market effectively online is going to be worth…. well, more money than I shall ever see in one place.”

Life With Alacrity

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