Getting my stuff together for the Social Graph Fee Camp tomorrow #sgfoocamp08

Fri Feb 01 08:14:48 +0000 2008

I’ll bring my popular Dunbar Number presentation to #sgfoocamp08 just in case, and I really ought to do some slides on 4 kinds of privacy.

Fri Feb 01 08:19:05 +0000 2008

Hanging out at o’reilly’s #sgfoocamp08 lobby - curious about where to camp inside.

Sat Feb 02 00:48:45 +0000 2008

Played werewolf after #sgfoocamp till 3am. Slept in a sleeping bag at the back of one of the conference rooms. Today, lots of social sw talk

Sat Feb 02 21:13:51 +0000 2008

Replying to @ravenzachary

LinkedIn as a social linking mechanism I agree. However, as a 21st century resume w/endorsements it is powerful.

Sun Feb 03 18:20:02 +0000 2008

Heading home after #sgfoocamp. Some great portable identity work happening but best part was putting some faces on people.

Sun Feb 03 22:50:52 +0000 2008

If you’ve read my Dunbar Number articles you know that I say that it is not = social network size. Answer is 291

Mon Feb 04 05:11:47 +0000 2008

At – catching up on some lagging tasks from last week.

Mon Feb 11 23:34:43 +0000 2008

Lazyweb / hoosgot request: Any advice for a 3 day stay in Lisbon Portugal during May?

Mon Feb 11 23:41:24 +0000 2008

Anyone have any comments for me about eComm 2008 conference on March 12-14? I’ve got some questions.

Wed Feb 13 06:34:47 +0000 2008

Finishing off a great weekend of LARPing at Dundracon in San Ramon. 12 LARPs run, played in four.

Mon Feb 18 23:24:20 +0000 2008

Replying to @factoryjoe

Tell them we have desks to rent in Berkeley near BART ;-)

Wed Feb 20 22:37:00 +0000 2008

This week has been a major sidetrack from my technical side. Did LARPs last weekend, and looking for publisher for a graphic novel tomorrow.

Fri Feb 22 06:32:18 +0000 2008

Did do some work on work this week, participated in steering committee conf. call, read and commented some on lists.

Fri Feb 22 06:34:45 +0000 2008

Frustrated that the iPhone SDK may be delayed, especially as I’m supposed to be talking about it in two weeks at the eComm conference.

Wed Feb 27 18:20:24 +0000 2008

Supposedly there will be an announcement regarding the iPhone SDK on March 6th, however, it sounds a bit vague. Will it ship then?

Wed Feb 27 20:51:33 +0000 2008