@comiXology I am producer of http://www.skotos.net/games/marrach/comic/awakenings/ http://www.lovecraftcountry.com/comic/ and producer/creator of the upcoming Touched.

Thu Sep 06 00:08:22 +0000 2012

RT @infinitecanvas: The 1.1.1 version of our iPad app #InfiniteCanvas is now available. Mostly a stability release. Update now! http://t

Thu Sep 06 06:10:22 +0000 2012

I love the screen of the new #kindle #paperwhite, however, it still has no page turn buttons—touching screen with thumb doesn’t work for me.

Thu Sep 06 23:49:35 +0000 2012

Anyone among my followers going to be at #GigaOM #Mobilize this week? I will be there along with @KatelynLyster, and she is presenting Thur.

Mon Sep 17 19:15:58 +0000 2012

RT @infinitecanvas: Our Content Evangelist @KatelynLyster will be presenting #InfiniteCanvas at #GigaOM #Mobilize today at 5pdt. Stream …

Thu Sep 20 16:55:45 +0000 2012

RT @infinitecanvas: Tweet to us if you’d like to have a #MobilizeConf lunch talk about non-linear content, presentations & storytell …

Thu Sep 20 18:19:35 +0000 2012

RT @kaz: One of the things that mobile’s teaching us is that pages are dead We’ll move from content to content not page to page @shivar …

Thu Sep 20 18:21:46 +0000 2012

RT @jahnnie: Mobile teaches us that “pages are dead” - embed next actions into immersive full-screen experience (Youtube) #mobilizeconf

Thu Sep 20 18:22:08 +0000 2012

I’m at Gigaom Mobilize 2012 (San Francisco, CA) w/ 17 others [pic]: http://4sq.com/NF0w2v

Thu Sep 20 18:35:08 +0000 2012

RT @numberless: In a lot of social games, the “social” mechanics hinder actual engagement with the play experience. Let’s do that less.

Thu Sep 20 22:07:56 +0000 2012

RT @kfury: Then Twitter came for IFTTT and I did not speak out, for I was not an IFTTT user. OH WAIT. I AM.

Thu Sep 20 23:44:01 +0000 2012

It feels odd to be with the more well funded startups at #MobilizeConf - #InfiniteCanvas is very lean but we shipped. Pleased to get an 8!

Fri Sep 21 00:23:21 +0000 2012

RT @infinitecanvas: We will be at tonight’s #MobilizeConf post LaunchPad reception and again tomorrow if you’d like to see #InfiniteCanv …

Fri Sep 21 00:32:57 +0000 2012

Text INAS to 22333 vote for #InfiniteCanvas as audience favorite at @GigaOM #MobilizeConf

Fri Sep 21 00:42:30 +0000 2012

RT @infinitecanvas: Our presentation to @GigaOM #MobilizeConf Launchpad is now available at http://livestre.am/490u3 — thank you @KatelynLys …

Fri Sep 21 05:18:44 +0000 2012

RT @infinitecanvas: NorWestVP @VabGoel says of #InfiniteCanvas at the @GigaOM #MobilizeConf “We need something different, so you have it …

Fri Sep 21 15:18:35 +0000 2012

@appency Kevin (@KevinCTofel) told us to contact you - lunch at #MobilizeConf? Re #InfiniteCanvas

Fri Sep 21 19:54:27 +0000 2012