At Apple’s WWDC or nearby AltConf all week. Let’s meet! (@ WWDC 2014 w/ 303 others)

Mon Jun 02 18:03:44 +0000 2014

RT @cdespinosa: Holy crap, TWELVE HOURS after we introduced a brand new language, somebody reimplemented Flappy Birds in it…

Tue Jun 03 17:16:48 +0000 2014

Save August 22nd - 24th in San Jose for our next #iOSDevCamp #hackathon!

Wed Jun 04 01:12:30 +0000 2014

RT @reveal_app: Thoughts on Apple’s entry in to runtime view hierarchy inspection.

Wed Jun 04 01:21:59 +0000 2014

Google reports 65% email out is encrypted in transit, 50% in. I got flack for reserving those SSL ports—glad I did!

Wed Jun 04 01:35:16 +0000 2014

Replying to @adam13vy

Usually it is early August or late July, but dates at venue were not available.

Wed Jun 04 01:38:31 +0000 2014

QOTD: “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” — Henry David Thoreau /rt @99u /via @BonnieJWallace

Wed Jun 04 03:52:03 +0000 2014

I like the nice touch of the imperial storm troopers guarding the stage before the #WWDC #StarWars lunch talk.

Thu Jun 05 19:54:19 +0000 2014

“Dare to be great, dare to be dopey, don’t be afraid.” @Dave_Filoni quoting lesson from George Lucas at #WWDC #starwarsrebels

Thu Jun 05 21:06:39 +0000 2014

OK, I admit it, I’m a Star Wars fan: #wwdc

Thu Jun 05 21:20:29 +0000 2014

If @KhanAcademy can flip the classroom, why can’t Apple #FlipWWDC? Produce & release all videos a week before, then only have labs at #WWDC!

Thu Jun 05 23:05:45 +0000 2014

Replying to @brennanMKE, @randyscovil, @khanacademy and @cocoaconf

There is no time for questions during sessions at #wwdc anymore. Videos could be polished.

Thu Jun 05 23:18:26 +0000 2014

RT @brennanMKE: @ChristopherA Videos could also be 5 to 20 minutes long with a useful index with supporting docs & code. #FlipWWDC

Thu Jun 05 23:23:50 +0000 2014

Maybe we can flip #iosDevCamp on August 22nd? Any video editors want to volunteer? I also have a TB of historical footage. #FlipWWDC

Thu Jun 05 23:27:18 +0000 2014

RT @randyscovil: Freedom from real-time constraints could allow for more variable video lengths + narrower topics. #FlipWWDC @khanacademy

Thu Jun 05 23:31:28 +0000 2014

Most thoughtful analysis of Apple’s #WWDC that I’ve seen so far by @BenedictEvans “Apple loves Cloud but not URLs”:

Fri Jun 06 01:02:47 +0000 2014

We are truly in a new golden age of television. Edge of Tomorrow was a good movie, but I’d rather have stayed home to watch Game of Thrones.

Mon Jun 09 06:26:04 +0000 2014

Intriguing. lets you publish, run queries, and share analysis of data. A github for data?

Tue Jun 17 18:02:15 +0000 2014

I am proud of my @PinchotBGI students: “I am an eco-warrior,” spoken word by Heather Higinbotham, class of 2014.

Tue Jun 17 20:08:44 +0000 2014

I wish more movie festivals would do this for Q&A after screenings—you get better questions. #WishIWasHere @ZackBraff

Wed Jun 25 00:30:35 +0000 2014

(Q for @ZachBraff at 6:15 #WishIWasHere backer showing) Tell us a story of a collaborative moment while making this film that surprised you?

Wed Jun 25 00:32:45 +0000 2014

Replying to @lilious and @HeleneFinidori

Take a look at or Free copy of ebook in InfinitePDF iPad app in Showcase (off of + menu)

Wed Jun 25 01:02:08 +0000 2014

Replying to @lilious and @HeleneFinidori

I am using that as a starting point for looking at differences in online vs offline group patterns

Wed Jun 25 01:16:55 +0000 2014

Advance screening of @ZachBraff’s #WishIWasHere indie was inspiring—a heartfelt story of a family’s life changes told with a deep honesty

Wed Jun 25 03:14:02 +0000 2014

#qotd “‘No’ is just a comma on the way to ‘yes’“—@zachbraff at #WishIWasHere Q&A RT @lmahini

Wed Jun 25 03:46:49 +0000 2014

Replying to @brennenbyrne and @zachbraff

It is a hard test for a male writer to pass. I have strong women in my script, but don’t pass it either. Trying.

Wed Jun 25 03:49:30 +0000 2014

RT @vantran: Kickstarter definitely made watching this movie a very dif experience. #worthit #WishIWasHere

Wed Jun 25 03:50:02 +0000 2014

RT @Yahel: #WishIWasHere @zachbraff: all the movies you watch are molded by focus groups geared at suburbia (except this one)…

Wed Jun 25 03:52:17 +0000 2014

In #WishIWasHere @AdamBraff & @ZackBraff succeed in a too rare story trope: a realistic loving family without deep dysfunction & hate.

Wed Jun 25 04:21:31 +0000 2014

Underutilized since Almost Famous, actress Kate Hudson in @ZackBraff’s #WishIWasHere is a real revelation in her ‘young matriarch’ role.

Wed Jun 25 04:34:49 +0000 2014

Replying to @brennenbyrne and @zachbraff

I’ve tried that, but even if two women are not talking about men, there is a difference than w/two men #bechdeltest

Wed Jun 25 04:38:46 +0000 2014

I’ve held back a knee-jerk reaction to the #FacebookExperiment w/o more details. I’m glad I did after reading this:

Sun Jun 29 04:47:18 +0000 2014

Well done personal endorsement by Joseph Gordon-Levitt @hitRECordJoe in support of Lawrence @Lessig’s #MaydayPAC

Mon Jun 30 16:08:03 +0000 2014