RT @casademora: Woot, the best iOS hackathon in Silicon Valley. @iosdevcamp is happening again in July! I’ll be there! http://t.co/YM0WgGI1…

Sat Jan 24 08:26:03 +0000 2015

Prediction—In 20 years we may forget Bitcoin, but we will remember the birth of Distributed Autonomous Corporations: http://zite.to/1zllThN

Tue Jan 27 22:57:57 +0000 2015

RT @Blackphone_ch: The biggest risk to you & your company’s privacy is your smartphone. Get the facts here: http://bit.ly/privacyprojectvideo #privacy…

Wed Jan 28 17:58:00 +0000 2015

RT @_emschwartz: Video: @SilentCircle + @Blackphone_ch getting people to read their apps’ T&Cs: http://youtu.be/ZcjtEKNP05c #PrivacyProject http…

Wed Jan 28 17:59:35 +0000 2015

RT @mdowd: Blackphone worked with me on the disclosure of this, and did a good job getting out a fix. Make sure you’re patched up to most r…

Thu Jan 29 22:26:47 +0000 2015

I like open-plan office designs, but I agree with many of its critics. One success story by The Bridgespan Group: http://www.livelywork.com/an-open-plan-office-at-bridgespan-group/

Sat Jan 31 06:32:43 +0000 2015

Replying to @berkun

I agree re: office design for creativity alone. But it is powerful tool for culture and community, and that can empower creativity.

Sat Jan 31 06:44:21 +0000 2015