RT @a_greenberg: Researchers show that a processor can have a backdoor hidden in one single, microscopic component among a billion https://…

Wed Jun 01 15:22:10 +0000 2016

RT @juanbenet: Awesome to see women majority in security, crypto, currencies panel @starkness @jutta_steiner @isislovecruft @zooko https://…

Wed Jun 01 15:36:23 +0000 2016

RT @Tokyo_Tom: Really? Actually, it’s part and parcel of elites enclosing commons and claiming ownership of property. https://t.co/sVJCH2aw…

Fri Jun 03 05:44:12 +0000 2016

Replying to @jasonlaw and @hashbreaker

yes, I or my team would like to take a look

Fri Jun 03 17:17:52 +0000 2016

I’ve also noticed that many if not most academic conferences are not focused on current cryptography and security. https://twitter.com/profjasonpotts/status/738632086542782464

Fri Jun 03 17:31:39 +0000 2016

1st draft of paper from last #RebootingWebOfTrust “Use Case: Protecting Digital Identities in Developing Countries” https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/draft-documents/protecting-digital-identities-in-developing-countries.md

Fri Jun 03 19:36:58 +0000 2016

RT @adam3us: great article about confidential transactions by @AaronvanW discussion and some explainers https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/4m8n5k/confidential_transactions_how_hiding_transaction/ https://t.…

Sat Jun 04 16:25:59 +0000 2016

RT @NZN: Well written. @ChristopherA love that #offgrid nature of #selfSovereignID authority is noted. #crisis #education #healthcare at sc…

Mon Jun 06 06:00:34 +0000 2016

RT @RuffTimo: Proud to be a co-author of this use case paper, and to have associated with fantastic people in the process. https://t.co/oj…

Mon Jun 06 06:00:49 +0000 2016

An interesting process for incubating product ideas in a paper notebook on @kickstarter now: http://kck.st/1XAOXvs

Mon Jun 06 19:11:08 +0000 2016

RT @katrynadow: .@futureidentity “Time for #ethical standards for use of data. Acknowledge a power imbalance may exists but don’t take adva…

Mon Jun 06 22:35:31 +0000 2016

RT @drummondreed: At #CISNOLA, Mark Lizar’s talk was first time I’ve seen “Consent by Design”. Great idea - deserves as much attention as #…

Mon Jun 06 22:35:39 +0000 2016

RT @zmanian: Ralph Merkle, father of modern cryptography, is talking about the DAO next week.


Mon Jun 06 22:35:54 +0000 2016

RT @DarioTepoTec: Good quick read. Sums up the need. WHERE’S THE HOWTO? “@RuffTimo: Proud to be a co-author of this use case paper. https:…

Tue Jun 07 01:57:38 +0000 2016

RT @dgwbirch: @ChristopherA interesting stuff Christopher but does it mean that sub-Saharan Africans (for example) have to manage their pri…

Tue Jun 07 01:57:58 +0000 2016

.@dgwbirch They already have high access to phones, but not yet smart phones. This is evolving. Shamir shared keys is a possibility.

Tue Jun 07 02:00:25 +0000 2016

RT @jaekwon: A critique of a section of Merkle’s #DAO paper regarding the security of #blockchains: http://tendermint.com/blog/critique-merkle-dao-democracy/

Tue Jun 07 02:04:04 +0000 2016

RT @dgwbirch: @ChristopherA indeed - M-PESA used SIM toolkit crypto in feature phones

Tue Jun 07 14:53:12 +0000 2016

RT @adam3us: in my experience disagreeing with gmaxwell on technical matters, invariably means you are misunderstanding something. even for…

Tue Jun 07 14:58:57 +0000 2016

Yesterday was the 25th Anniversary of #PGP, and no one noticed! Time for #RebootingWebOfTrust http://www.WebOfTrust.info

Tue Jun 07 16:42:22 +0000 2016

Good summary of the history & strategies behind the success of Africa’s M-PESA virtual currency. https://twitter.com/dgwbirch/status/740195368470732800

Tue Jun 07 18:08:04 +0000 2016

Replying to @dangillmor

This is the article on Self-Sovereign Identity that I was speaking of http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/the-path-to-self-soverereign-identity.html

Tue Jun 07 18:57:11 +0000 2016

Replying to @dgwbirch, @Leon_Vandenberg, @timpastoor, @sammantic and @fuzo

Many solutions were possibly back in the late 90’s didn’t happen because of patents.

Tue Jun 07 18:59:41 +0000 2016

Talking with @timberners_lee (inventor of the World Wide Web) on the future of the Decentralized Web at #DWebSummit

Wed Jun 08 01:08:16 +0000 2016

Very true! Most significant to me are that hash chain & tree, Schnorr & various derivatives are now patent free. https://twitter.com/leon_vandenberg/status/740258224687833088

Wed Jun 08 03:44:17 +0000 2016

The next #RebootingWebOfTrust design workshop on decentralized identity will be Sept 28th-30th in San Francisco: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/web-of-trust-design-workshop-tickets-25937797651

Wed Jun 08 04:00:25 +0000 2016

We have a $3k budget toward #RebootingWebOfTrust scholarships for reimbursement of flight expenses for overseas participants—apply now!

Wed Jun 08 04:03:54 +0000 2016

RT @DCGco: If you’re working on #identity challenges, this is THE go to event! Last one in May was extremely productive. https://t.co/RAzLB…

Wed Jun 08 13:29:23 +0000 2016

I’m speaking on the identity panel at #DWebSummit at 12pm PST, and it will be live-streamed at http://www.decentralizedweb.net

Wed Jun 08 16:24:05 +0000 2016

Vint Cerf speaking at Decentralized Web conference at the Internet Archive #DWebSummit

Wed Jun 08 16:35:31 +0000 2016

RT @wseltzer: #DWebSummit @vgcerf “The paradox of the ‘right to be forgotten’ is that we have to remember the stuff we’re asked to forget…

Wed Jun 08 17:06:25 +0000 2016

The new MIT credentials project appears at first glance to meet the 10 principles of self-sovereign identity. https://twitter.com/schmidtphi/status/738493041095364608

Wed Jun 08 17:26:06 +0000 2016

The MIT credentials project also appears to use a RevokeSSL style method to spend UTXO to revoke certificates. @schmidtphi @medialab

Wed Jun 08 17:29:08 +0000 2016

When I proposed RevokeSSL certificate mechanism last year Bitcoin folk were concerned about expanding the UTXO set @schmidtphi @medialab

Wed Jun 08 17:30:42 +0000 2016

These concerns about expanding UTXO led to some ideas that are now in #SmartSignatures and @petertoddbtc’s DEX @schmidtphi @medialab

Wed Jun 08 17:35:27 +0000 2016

RT @thorjag: @ChristopherA @schmidtphi @medialab Would https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2016-May/012715.html help? @petertoddbtc

Wed Jun 08 18:23:56 +0000 2016

Replying to @thorjag, @schmidtphi, @medialab and @petertoddbtc

Actually Peter has been working on #SmartSignatures which inspired that https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/DexPredicatesForSmarterSigs.md

Wed Jun 08 18:26:34 +0000 2016

Replying to @thorjag, @schmidtphi, @medialab and @petertoddbtc

I’ve proposed a paper to update progress toward #SmartSignatures at https://www.w3.org/2016/04/blockchain-workshop/interest/allen-todd-shea.html

Wed Jun 08 18:30:57 +0000 2016

RT @zooko: The hashing working group at #DWebSummit reported that the choices were SHA3 for standardization or BLAKE2 for performance.

Wed Jun 08 18:47:04 +0000 2016

RT @DivaDanese: @brewster_kahle What if we baked the 1st Amendment into the Future Internet? (Although, next billion users won’t be America…

Wed Jun 08 18:49:52 +0000 2016

RT @theyblinked: On path to self-sovereign identity? Hope so.
See: Ten Principles of Self-Sovereign Identity
http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/the-path-to-self-soverereign-identity.html https…

Wed Jun 08 18:51:11 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: I’m the co-author of TLS, and that was supposed to fix centralization, then, but centralization…

Wed Jun 08 21:05:24 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: I have an MBA student teaching women in Afghanistan how to be entrepreneurial, and there is real…

Wed Jun 08 21:05:54 +0000 2016

RT @DivaDanese: @ChristopherA is talking about identity issues in repressive regimes, also risks of centralized record keeping allowing org…

Wed Jun 08 21:06:04 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: one of the reasons TLS was adopted was that it let you choose which certificate authorities to t…

Wed Jun 08 21:06:23 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: this has changed as we have fewer browsers, and they make it harder to manage CA’s - they creep…

Wed Jun 08 21:06:25 +0000 2016

RT @pjvangarderen: .@ChristopherA When I worked on TLS we had similar values to those discussed at #DWebSummit but “centralization has a wa…

Wed Jun 08 21:07:05 +0000 2016

RT @flyingzumwalt: “Centralization creeps in. That’s the recurring pattern here.” @ChristopherA #DWebSummit

Wed Jun 08 21:07:11 +0000 2016

RT @NZN: #ID2020 ref’d by @ChristopherA at #DWebSummit speaking on identity & naming on web,why it’s important issue,history.. need #selfSo…

Wed Jun 08 21:07:31 +0000 2016

RT @DivaDanese: “It’s upstarts who get why decentralization is important. Metcalfe’s Law says @google & @facebook are disincented” @Christo…

Wed Jun 08 21:07:52 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: reputation is very hard - there are lots of ways that people game reputation systems

Wed Jun 08 21:08:08 +0000 2016

RT @sandhawke: Very fond of @ChristopherA’s self-sovereign reputation, where you get to maintain the signed endorsements people have given…

Wed Jun 08 21:08:13 +0000 2016

Replying to @TAC_NISO

The best of us don’t presume we know, we have to be humble enough to ask those who know. For instance https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/draft-documents/protecting-digital-identities-in-developing-countries.md

Wed Jun 08 21:16:47 +0000 2016

Replying to @kevinmarks

An answer to your question—discover critical break in cryptocurrency, invest in one without that bug and then demonstrate break.

Wed Jun 08 21:19:36 +0000 2016

Replying to @kevinmarks and @schnarfed

my closest answer to decentralized UI q, some BitTorrent apps, popcorn time, etc. But to the point, largely negative.

Wed Jun 08 21:21:56 +0000 2016

Replying to @yuvipanda and @AAAinsley

Working on it at #RebootingWebTrust—some ideas for consent to allow your future social network peers to rotate keys.

Wed Jun 08 21:24:46 +0000 2016

RT @CassPF: Relevant to this discussion: @hugooconnor’s ideas on a reputation layer on the blockchain http://hugo.net.au/2015/11/04/will-the-blockchain-enable-neo-tribalism/ #DWebSummit #…

Wed Jun 08 21:28:40 +0000 2016

Replying to @lightcoin and @sandhawke

the flaws in negative reputation systems are so difficult to solve it is often better not to. See @frandallfarmer

Wed Jun 08 21:30:45 +0000 2016

RT @sandhawke: @lightcoin @ChristopherA hypothesis: ignoring bad marks isn’t that bad. Worth exploring…

Wed Jun 08 21:30:53 +0000 2016

RT @zooko: Cory Doctorow’s speech at #DWebSummit is a barn-burner! Go watch it now! http://www.decentralizedweb.net/

Wed Jun 08 21:54:52 +0000 2016

RT @gmcmullen: 1. Computers must obey their owners, not remote third parties, if there is a conflict in instructions. @doctorow #dwebsummit

Wed Jun 08 21:55:37 +0000 2016

RT @DivaDanese: How do we keep DRM out of the Future Internet? By removing the temptation to do so. Email cory@eff.org to sign a petition #…

Wed Jun 08 21:56:27 +0000 2016

RT @yaoeo: To lock the web open you must make it expensive to fall in the temptation of locking it down @doctorow #DWebSummit https://t.co/…

Wed Jun 08 21:57:30 +0000 2016

RT @juanbenet: Blown away by @doctorow’s amazing talk! Important call holding us all, users and creators, to our values. #DWebSummit

Wed Jun 08 21:59:16 +0000 2016

Replying to @lightcoin and @sandhawke

Regarding reputation, I highly recommend @frandallfarmer’s paper in #RebootingWebOfTrust https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/ReputationAndTheRealWorld.md

Thu Jun 09 14:05:47 +0000 2016

The video of the Decentralized Identity Panel I participated in yesterday at #DWebSummit starts at 3h:18m:11s… https://youtu.be/Yth7O6yeZRE?t=3h18m11s

Thu Jun 09 15:04:30 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: Monday was the 25th anniversary of PGP. Nobody celebrated this on twitterdom

Thu Jun 09 22:06:17 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: PGP didn’t succeed. It is barely used except for code signing.

Thu Jun 09 22:06:22 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: I started #RebootingTheWebOfTrust to change this - it’s like a hackathon for white papers

Thu Jun 09 22:06:27 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: to join #RebootingTheWebOfTrust the entry fee is posting a reading list

Thu Jun 09 22:06:32 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: we wrote white papers on “what is the web of trust”, “use cases”, “crteating a distributed regis…

Thu Jun 09 22:06:37 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: this led to Self-Sovereign Identity - you are the source of your own identity

Thu Jun 09 22:06:41 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: identity is not an administrative mechanism for others to control

Thu Jun 09 22:06:45 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: this inspired a UN identity conference #ID2020

Thu Jun 09 22:06:48 +0000 2016

RT @kevinmarks: #DWebSummit @ChristopherA: we have a lot of white papers in progress, and a 3rd conference in Sept 2016 go to https://t.co…

Thu Jun 09 22:06:54 +0000 2016

RT @sh3v3k: A few days ago was #PGP 25 anniversary, there wasn’t celebration of success, we failed–@ChristopherA #DWebSummit https://t.co…

Thu Jun 09 22:13:56 +0000 2016

RT @taoeffect: .@ChristopherA announces next #RebootingWebOfTrust event in SF, Sept. 28th. Calls for more diversity. 👍 #DWebSummit

Thu Jun 09 22:14:27 +0000 2016

Replying to @bethbrains

It is green. Poor color correction.

Fri Jun 10 00:35:21 +0000 2016

RT @CassPF: Principles for governance around the use of smart contracts: we’re at the paper plane stage, not making 747s yet - @Christopher…

Fri Jun 10 00:35:30 +0000 2016

At the #DWebSummit I shared how I’d been inspired in ‘88 to create smart contracts & got my 1st investors based on:

Fri Jun 10 03:43:00 +0000 2016

This is very important — the thought that “Many Eyes Make All Bugs Shallow” turned out not to be good enough. https://twitter.com/techcrunch/status/741112675049066496

Fri Jun 10 04:05:11 +0000 2016

RT @praxsozi: Identity of the Blockchain: Perils and Promise by @ChristopherA #bitcoin #blockchain #zukufo http://de.slideshare.net/ChristopherA/identity-of-the-blockchain-perils-and-promise via @Sli…

Fri Jun 10 14:42:11 +0000 2016

RT @austinhill: Blockstream’s @pwuille on “What does Bitcoin’s secp256k1 Look Like” http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/21907/what-does-the-curve-used-in-bitcoin-secp256k1-look-like/21911#21911

Fri Jun 10 16:33:42 +0000 2016

To understand and create decentralized solutions we MUST deeply understand hierarchy. http://journals.plos.org/ploscompbiol/article?id=10.1371%2Fjournal.pcbi.1004829

Sat Jun 11 18:06:26 +0000 2016

RT @ioptio: About to tell RMS he has to stop talking now. Everyone should have this opportunity at least once in their life. https://t.co/R…

Sat Jun 11 19:07:51 +0000 2016

RT @profjasonpotts: ‘hierarchy evolves as a result of the costs of network connections’ https://twitter.com/christophera/status/741693086128963589

Sun Jun 12 04:53:22 +0000 2016

I am intrigued by #LTSE — I’ve been seeking alignment of long-term incentives between investors, mgnt & employees. https://twitter.com/ericries/status/742390639678136320

Mon Jun 13 21:56:36 +0000 2016

Replying to @WayneVaughan and @ericries

I think it possible to create a system that doesn’t lock people down, but does weigh incentives differently.

Mon Jun 13 23:51:46 +0000 2016

Replying to @pierre_rochard, @WayneVaughan and @ericries

you can leave buying/selling normal. But decision making increases with longer held stock.

Tue Jun 14 13:52:27 +0000 2016

RT @aantonop: BIP32 (aka HD wallet) merged into Bitcoin Core. Nice work @jonasschnelli!

I like the minimalist-first approach


Wed Jun 15 17:53:11 +0000 2016

RT @Blockstream: As a new member of W3C, Blockstream is concerned re: “anti-circumvention” laws that restrict security research https://t.c…

Wed Jun 15 22:58:55 +0000 2016

RT @Blockstream: We support EFF’s efforts to add legal safeguards for security researchers working on open standards in the W3C: https://t.…

Wed Jun 15 22:58:58 +0000 2016

RT @juanbenet: The work @ChristopherA is leading, like #RebootingWebOfTrust, is very exciting! Read his thoughts, join the projects https:/…

Thu Jun 16 01:28:32 +0000 2016

I’d believe @petertoddbtc’s approach to Deterministic Expressions (DEX) is an important step toward #SmartSignatures https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/743272294290722816

Thu Jun 16 16:07:57 +0000 2016

A #SmartContract’s peril: “the majority of Ethereum contracts indeed ignore the best-practice recommendations” http://hackingdistributed.com/2016/06/16/scanning-live-ethereum-contracts-for-bugs/

Thu Jun 16 22:40:55 +0000 2016

RT @EconoScribe: Reweaving the web: A slew of startups is trying to decentralise the online world (by me) (http://buff.ly/23dSLE0 https://…

Thu Jun 16 22:47:19 +0000 2016

RT @francesc: “Programming language designers should be responsible for the mistakes that are made by programmers using the language.”

  • To…

Thu Jun 16 23:13:12 +0000 2016

Replying to @Tierion and @petertoddbtc

#SmartSignatures are composable deterministic statements that allow for multifactor inspectable proofs

Fri Jun 17 03:28:13 +0000 2016

In late 90’s when talking about smart contracts our vision was largely well defined cryptographic state machines. https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/743728413517611011

Fri Jun 17 16:06:32 +0000 2016

I’ve been using the term fiduciary smart contracts as opposed to the open execution smart contracts that ETH uses @angela_walch @el33th4xor

Fri Jun 17 16:09:05 +0000 2016

RT @DoubleMalt: “We are in the paper plane stage of DAOs, not in the 747 stage” @ChristopherA - 170M$ paper plane going down? #DAO https:/…

Fri Jun 17 17:12:40 +0000 2016

RT @angela_walch: Wait - so #smartcontracts are only as smart as the humans who create/code them? #ethereum #peopleproblems #hubris https:/…

Fri Jun 17 17:15:48 +0000 2016

Replying to @bitemyapp and @petertoddbtc

or DSL that have built in state machines for transaction support.

Fri Jun 17 17:17:32 +0000 2016

RT @angela_walch: @ChristopherA I heard that term “fiduciary X” from @AustinHill as well, & would love to hear how you define it. Maybe at…

Fri Jun 17 17:18:01 +0000 2016

Replying to @bitemyapp and @petertoddbtc

they can be. See Fernando Flores work on speech acts for instance. In particular financial ones can be.

Fri Jun 17 17:23:07 +0000 2016

Replying to @jgarzik

Best practices are great, but I think solutions to #SmartContracts requires more. We need native support for transactional states.

Fri Jun 17 17:28:16 +0000 2016

I wrote this #SmartContracts tweetstorm back in April, but is applicable to #theDOA today: https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/715197498646593536

Fri Jun 17 17:36:22 +0000 2016

The #RebootingWebOfTrust community is talking about #SmartSignatures as being a path toward new #SmartContracts:

Fri Jun 17 17:44:42 +0000 2016

Solidity as a #SmartContracts language is too easy for a bad programmer to horribly obfuscate what he’s doing—accidentally or purposefully.

Fri Jun 17 17:50:19 +0000 2016

Beware #schadenfreude—#TheDAO problems will force Ethereum to fork, but remember someday #bitcoin may have to do so upon a major problem.

Fri Jun 17 17:56:24 +0000 2016

Fiduciary Law: “A person acting in a fiduciary capacity is held to a high standard of honesty and full disclosure in regard to the client”

Fri Jun 17 18:02:06 +0000 2016

In ‘97 @NickSzabo4 wrote that #SmartContracts should reduce transaction costs, including that caused by tools: http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/548/469

Fri Jun 17 18:14:50 +0000 2016

“Smart contracts reduce mental & computational transaction costs, imposed by either principals, third parties, or their tools.”->@NickSzabo4

Fri Jun 17 18:15:49 +0000 2016

Replying to @chepurnoy

I would start with @NickSzabo4’s peer-reviewed First Monday paper from ‘97 http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/548/469

Fri Jun 17 18:17:39 +0000 2016

Replying to @timpastoor

True, #bitcoin didn’t after Gox & I think it is a bad precedent that Ethereum is picking winners. But we did fork after ‘13 bug.

Fri Jun 17 18:20:24 +0000 2016

RT @theyblinked: Build complexity from a constrained set of operations. https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/743859847855149056

Fri Jun 17 18:20:35 +0000 2016

#TheDOA “Converts a large but limited liability by investors in to a unlimited liability for Ethereum core team” https://blog.stakeventures.com/articles/piercing-ethereums-veil

Fri Jun 17 18:24:04 +0000 2016

RT @jgarzik: Snarking about #ethereum intervention by #bitcoin community is misplaced: BTC saw heavy intervention early in life too.

Fri Jun 17 18:25:38 +0000 2016

I think there is an interesting comparison of #TheDAO to the ‘08 “too big to fail” problems. Can we limit size of our first DAOs?

Fri Jun 17 18:50:35 +0000 2016

RT @whvholst: @bitemyapp @christophera @petertoddbtc Oh yes, most contracts can be expressed as state machines.

Fri Jun 17 19:21:03 +0000 2016

Re: preventing #TooBigToFail @VitalikButerin now suggests “avoid creating contracts that contain more than ~$10m” https://blog.ethereum.org/2016/06/17/critical-update-re-dao-vulnerability/

Fri Jun 17 19:33:04 +0000 2016

Related: “The current language does not fulfill any of these commandments” @el33th4xor http://hackingdistributed.com/2016/06/17/thoughts-on-the-dao-hack/

Fri Jun 17 19:50:50 +0000 2016

RT @csuwildcat: Here’s different way to look at #TheDAO hack: the biggest contractually guaranteed bug bounty payout in the history of comp…

Fri Jun 17 20:37:40 +0000 2016

Replying to @eiaine

#theDOA is a freudian slip ;-)

Fri Jun 17 23:59:40 +0000 2016

I like “open execution” environments in principle, but they are less than required for true “smart contracts”. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-open-execution-replace-source-jason-carver

Sat Jun 18 00:04:04 +0000 2016

Research shows kinds of 30 derivatives & option contracts. We should create fiduciary #SmartContracts for these 1st: http://www.projectactus.org/ACTUS/contractCalculator

Sat Jun 18 00:12:13 +0000 2016

One of the reasons why I’ve been focusing on #SmartSignatures is that they are a simpler subset of smart contracts. https://blog.blockstack.org/simple-contracts-are-better-contracts-what-we-can-learn-from-the-dao-6293214bad3a

Sat Jun 18 01:23:03 +0000 2016

RT @ryaneshea: @ChristopherA thanks for the shout out Chris! Great to be working with you on Smart Signatures!

Sat Jun 18 01:27:34 +0000 2016

RT @matt_levine: I wrote about the DAO hack. http://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2016-06-17/blockchain-company-s-smart-contracts-were-dumb

Sat Jun 18 09:36:08 +0000 2016

RT @VitalikButerin: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/4omdlf/to_kickstart_the_building_safer_smart_contracts/ please contribute!

Sat Jun 18 10:13:05 +0000 2016

Interesting proposal: pay a bug bounty to #theDAO hacker. How they keep anonymity is unclear. Paid in Bitcoin? https://steemit.com/thedao/@eeks/give-thedao-attacker-a-bounty-a-dao-proposal

Sat Jun 18 10:25:07 +0000 2016

RT @zooko: I❤Vitalik “I steadfastly refuse to villify anyone who is taking the opposite side from me on this particular issue.” https://t.c…

Sat Jun 18 10:31:23 +0000 2016

RT @ryaneshea: Simple Contracts are Better Contracts: What We Can Learn from the Meltdown of The DAO https://blog.blockstack.org/simple-contracts-are-better-contracts-what-we-can-learn-from-the-dao-6293214bad3a#.5yeqxjaw6

Sat Jun 18 10:38:02 +0000 2016

RT @anishmohammed: Smart contracts beyond the age of innocence – Bentham’s Gaze < interesting read #blockchain #dao #ethereum https://t.co…

Sat Jun 18 10:40:37 +0000 2016

The are even more small-game fallacies in #theDAO that have not been discovered: http://unenumerated.blogspot.com/2015/05/small-game-fallacies.html @NickSzabo4

Sat Jun 18 11:38:09 +0000 2016

RT @harryhalpin: Smart contracts in Ethereum are also a “first world problem.” A local dictator’s police will not really give a damn what i…

Sat Jun 18 11:39:51 +0000 2016

RT @BitcoinRat: “Centralizing who can log in & what their credentials are is problematic, dangerous, & susceptible to hacking” Yep https:/…

Sat Jun 18 11:40:45 +0000 2016

RT @ygrenzinger: The elements of responsive #organization

Sat Jun 18 11:41:36 +0000 2016

RT @2anlive: Cryptoeconomics is still a subset of economics. Dang. https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/744132088413097985

Sat Jun 18 11:44:17 +0000 2016

RT @WayneVaughan: “Who Pays For The Decentralized Web?” by @WayneVaughan. @muneeb @ChristopherA @gavofyork @IPFSbot https://medium.com/@WayneVaughan/who-pays-for-the-decentralized-web-ec27c7bbece6?source=twitterShare-fa296accd78e-1466253802

Sat Jun 18 13:33:32 +0000 2016

RT @MeherRoy: Smart contract technology like steam engines w/o safety valves. 100% sure people gonna lose lives in explosions. https://t.co…

Sat Jun 18 17:19:24 +0000 2016

RT @socrates1024: Bug affecting #TheDAO described in commissioned security audit 2015 http://bit.ly/1Pss86r Also See section 5.14 of http…

Sat Jun 18 17:35:17 +0000 2016

“Ethereum has…three hard Computer Science problems. It’s unclear if any of them can be solved in a practical sense” https://blog.blockstack.org/the-road-ahead-for-ethereum-b5b090bcd1a

Sat Jun 18 17:50:38 +0000 2016

RT @eris_ltd: New on the DB: Fact Patterns, Predictions and Building Decentralized Organizations http://zpr.io/uny7

Sat Jun 18 17:52:08 +0000 2016

I’m certain that many agile code practices are antithetical to secure code practices. https://twitter.com/el33th4xor/status/743812235164811264

Sat Jun 18 18:41:29 +0000 2016

Replying to @Ultra_Sec and @muneeb

We are working on it initially in #SmartSignatures https://twitter.com/christophera/status/743861942876418048

Sat Jun 18 19:06:32 +0000 2016

Replying to @Ultra_Sec and @muneeb

Would ❤️ to—I haven’t spoken to @Rozzie since I sold Lotus our SSLplus security toolkit w/TLS that helped him sell to IBM

Sun Jun 19 12:39:46 +0000 2016

Replying to @Ultra_Sec, @muneeb and @rozzie

I would love to have him at #RebootingWebOfTrust 28th-30th in SF http://www.WebOfTrust.info

Sun Jun 19 12:54:23 +0000 2016

Agile != secure code design “‘ready, fire, aim’ …can be dangerous when $150 million gets loaded into the chamber.” https://medium.com/@pullnews/understanding-the-dao-hack-for-journalists-2312dd43e993

Sun Jun 19 16:30:22 +0000 2016

RT @petertoddbtc: Building Blocks of the State Machine Approach to Consensus


Mon Jun 20 12:43:44 +0000 2016

It is worth revisiting @iang_fc’s 7 layer model for financial cryptography http://iang.org/papers/fc7.html

Mon Jun 20 12:58:48 +0000 2016

RT @gmcmullen: Constitutional Code & Blockchain Neutrality: Lessons in governance from #TheDAO https://medium.com/ipdb-blog/constitutional-code-blockchain-neutrality-26c8b359e542#.iurek78j0 #ethereum #DAOhack

Mon Jun 20 13:21:08 +0000 2016

Interesting thesis paper on using the typed & functional language Idris (in Haskell family) for smart contracts. http://publications.lib.chalmers.se/records/fulltext/234939/234939.pdf

Mon Jun 20 15:15:17 +0000 2016

“not clear whether a functional smart contract language is as beneficial as we initially envisioned”

Mon Jun 20 15:19:42 +0000 2016

Replying to @petertoddbtc

Thoughts on Conclusion & section 5.1.5?

Mon Jun 20 15:20:44 +0000 2016

RT @trentmc0: “The path to self-sovereign identity” by @ChristopherA. Excellent history of id, & ten criteria for identity systems https://…

Wed Jun 22 00:55:43 +0000 2016

Quoted in @coindesk along with @petertoddbtc on topic of simpler & more conservative approaches to #SmartContracts http://www.coindesk.com/the-dao-bitcoin-development

Wed Jun 22 16:13:34 +0000 2016

What I was specifically talking about in this part of the @Coindesk article is the http://github.com/ParticipatoryOrgs community

Wed Jun 22 18:33:47 +0000 2016

“posits that the only path to trustworthy software … is treating all valid or expected inputs as a formal language” http://langsec.org/

Wed Jun 22 18:41:14 +0000 2016

I don’t think it will take decades, but I do think it needs a different architecture which will take time. https://twitter.com/balajis/status/745797717809463296

Thu Jun 23 03:32:00 +0000 2016

RT @el33th4xor: This. The winning smart contracts will be those that know how to interface with the legal system. https://twitter.com/yminsky/status/745798856932196352

Thu Jun 23 03:32:44 +0000 2016

RT @el33th4xor: Slides from my NYC meetup last night on Gaming the DAO are here: https://www.cs.cornell.edu/people/egs/papers/2016-06-21-dao-meetup.pdf

Thu Jun 23 12:21:57 +0000 2016

@el33th4xor Do you know about #SmartSignatures, Dex & next #RebootingWebOfTrust on September 38-30 in SF? http://www.WebOfTrust.info

Thu Jun 23 12:29:42 +0000 2016


I think true secure DAOs less then five years away, @Ultra_Sec — bitcoin’s #SmartContracts are simple but secure $ now. Build small first.

Thu Jun 23 12:34:16 +0000 2016

Another article questioning Ethereum’s scripting architecture by @_chjj. Need more discussion about architectures. https://medium.com/@chjj/ethereum-is-the-op-eval-of-cryptocurrency-d6beaa17eb50#.rs2cp1eoq

Thu Jun 23 13:40:43 +0000 2016

Rating systems that become misused as reputation systems actually can end up causing more problems than they solve. https://twitter.com/heathervescent/status/746001305160810496

Thu Jun 23 18:19:05 +0000 2016

Replying to @heathervescent

You may find this paper on reputation from Nov #RebootingWebOfTrust by @frandallfarmer relevant: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/ReputationAndTheRealWorld.md

Thu Jun 23 18:21:47 +0000 2016

Replying to @heathervescent

You may also like my series on Collective Choice which covers some problems with rating systems http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2005/12/systems_for_col.html

Thu Jun 23 18:24:25 +0000 2016

Replying to @el33th4xor

We will be discussing various #SmartSignature choices ranging from extending Bitcoin opcodes, to new secure languages like Dex.

Thu Jun 23 18:26:49 +0000 2016

Replying to @Ultra_Sec

Bitcoin Script links: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Script http://davidederosa.com/basic-blockchain-programming/bitcoin-script-language-part-one/ http://www.soroushjp.com/2014/12/20/bitcoin-multisig-the-hard-way-understanding-raw-multisignature-bitcoin-transactions/ & https://www.cs.princeton.edu/~tongbinw/bitcoinIDE/build/editor.html

Thu Jun 23 18:51:50 +0000 2016

RT @bitcoincoreorg: PROGRESS REPORT: Segregated Witness, the next steps https://bitcoincore.org/en/2016/06/24/segwit-next-steps/

Fri Jun 24 15:28:41 +0000 2016

RT @coindesk: The DAO Shows Blockchain Can’t Code Away Social Problems http://www.coindesk.com/system-problems-social-issues-daos-structure

Fri Jun 24 16:19:46 +0000 2016

RT @petertoddbtc: The Ethereum DAO Bailout Needs A Coin Vote


Fri Jun 24 16:29:44 +0000 2016

My concern about voting is two-fold. First is privacy/fungibility but the second is the tyranny of the majority. https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/590787938709086208

Fri Jun 24 16:31:53 +0000 2016

How a #SmartSignature language like DEX integrated with a blockchain can lead to Fiduciary #SmartContracts… https://twitter.com/petertoddbtc/status/745578894862991360

Fri Jun 24 16:40:34 +0000 2016

I am in a filter bubble: #Brexit and #Trump shouldn’t be happening. Our founding fathers fought tyranny of the majority. All bets are off.

Fri Jun 24 16:58:57 +0000 2016

RT @petertoddbtc: @ChristopherA That’s my concerns too. I have a good solution for the first; with latter I think disaster is quite possibl…

Fri Jun 24 21:00:33 +0000 2016

It would be nice, @petertoddbtc, if @eternitywall joined with @manu & @WayneVaughan for a w3c Chainpoint 2.0 JSON format. Draft coming soon!

Fri Jun 24 21:05:11 +0000 2016

I grind my teeth on topic of Slack, as there were better solutions that were too early and now are out of business. https://twitter.com/zooko/status/746416037726294017

Fri Jun 24 21:08:58 +0000 2016

I don’t like anything about this idea. The government should be hands off ordinary people’s social networks! https://twitter.com/joebeone/status/746082210621554692

Fri Jun 24 21:10:51 +0000 2016

Replying to @petertoddbtc, @eternitywall, @Manu and @WayneVaughan

it is a JSON format for sharing proof of existence information that is blockchain agnostic

Sat Jun 25 14:59:19 +0000 2016

RT @palleylaw: “Smart Contracts, Performance and Trust” https://medium.com/@palleylaw/smart-contracts-performance-and-trust-4470792728bb#.rpzkxyuxp

Sat Jun 25 15:25:40 +0000 2016

#Brexit #theDAO & #blocksize debates have in common that “relative majority” is near bottom of Spectrum of Consent: http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2015/09/a-spectrum-of-consent.html

Sat Jun 25 15:42:46 +0000 2016

Replying to @zmanian

I’m a particular fan of sortition followed by some form of super majority. Educate random electors, then see if almost consensus.

Sat Jun 25 15:47:57 +0000 2016

Interesting thoughts on “decentralization theatre” and “conservation of sovereignty” re: Ethereum & forking https://urbit.org/blog/dao/

Sun Jun 26 15:04:06 +0000 2016

Replying to @Alex_Amsel

I’m uncomfortable with Urbit itself, but the post’s point about theatre and sovereignty in governance is relevant.

Sun Jun 26 15:23:30 +0000 2016

Replying to @chaiwaala, @petertoddbtc, @eternitywall, @Manu and @WayneVaughan

it optionally allows you to merkle tree with simultaneous requests to blockchain

Sun Jun 26 15:25:16 +0000 2016

It does feel that we have some systemic problems with enlightenment era governance not being sufficient for the task https://twitter.com/fredericg/status/747078124446302209

Sun Jun 26 15:34:51 +0000 2016

I agree that it is possible by convention & structure to create code that is more imperative & functional oriented… https://twitter.com/gavofyork/status/747139036637192192

Mon Jun 27 18:06:43 +0000 2016

…however, I prefer functional languages and toolchains that enforce more these secure approaches to coding samara contracts @gavofyork

Mon Jun 27 18:09:27 +0000 2016

I personally don’t believe in the vision of a “JavaScript for Smart Contracts” — fiduciary class security is hard. https://twitter.com/sdlerner/status/747430062287392768

Mon Jun 27 18:13:20 +0000 2016

RT @ozlembilis: I just published “Why you should join iOS Dev Camp in July 2016?” https://medium.com/@ozlembilis/why-you-should-join-ios-dev-camp-in-july-2016-9f574b4a7094#.6otom743v @iphonedevcamp

Mon Jun 27 19:01:42 +0000 2016

RT @Civicist: In the era of Brexit and Trump, the personalization of media is a growing problem Zuckerberg & co must address https://t.co/S…

Mon Jun 27 19:51:06 +0000 2016

I may debate if the word should be ethical rather than moral, but this discussion is increasing relevant to #DAO #AI https://twitter.com/medialab/status/747837066004791296

Tue Jun 28 17:22:32 +0000 2016

First draft of “Smarter Signatures: Experiments in Verifications” from #RebootingWebOfTrust available now at https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/draft-documents/smarter-signatures.md

Tue Jun 28 17:40:44 +0000 2016

Six requirements for #SmartSignatures: Composable, Inspectable, Provable, Deterministic, Bounded & Efficient https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/draft-documents/smarter-signatures.md

Tue Jun 28 17:50:14 +0000 2016

“Fulfilling these uses and meeting these requirements of smart signatures necessitates the creation of…”

Tue Jun 28 18:01:45 +0000 2016

RT @TuurDemeester: From the conclusion of @petertoddbtc’s 30p code review of Bitcoin’s segwit implementation:
https://petertodd.org/2016/segwit-consensus-critical-code-review htt…

Tue Jun 28 18:26:40 +0000 2016

RT @dgwbirch: 5,000-year-old pay stub shows that ancient workers were paid in beer http://buff.ly/29l4Hil <- beer and barley were the stan…

Tue Jun 28 18:29:53 +0000 2016

Heard at today’s Digital Currency Initiative meetup at MIT on #theDOA : “Autonomous* (*except in the case of soft or hard forks)”

Tue Jun 28 18:57:29 +0000 2016

(1/2) “A blockchain is a transparency machine like nothing that has come before it.” … https://twitter.com/sammantic/status/747814375298318336

Tue Jun 28 21:55:38 +0000 2016

(2/2) “…Therefore, if you want a blockchain, look for use cases where total transparency is suitable.” — @sammantic

Tue Jun 28 21:56:50 +0000 2016

3D printer economics “A water bottle cage costs about $4, …but even a relatively short spool of filament costs $65.” http://www.businessinsider.com/3d-printing-is-dead-heres-why-2016-6

Wed Jun 29 02:39:08 +0000 2016

A rebuttal on 3D printing economics “the tech will improve >10x overnight. The hype is dead. Long live 3D printing.” https://medium.com/@tbenst/3d-printing-is-dead-long-live-3d-printing-cb47538675ed#.nzpsjo7on

Wed Jun 29 02:43:29 +0000 2016

Some #SmartSignature use cases: multifactor expressions; limited delegation; internal depth; transactional support https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/draft-documents/smarter-signatures.md

Wed Jun 29 10:33:25 +0000 2016

Examples in #SmartSignatures of internal depth vs external transaction support use cases: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/draft-documents/smarter-signatures.md

Wed Jun 29 10:36:52 +0000 2016

RT @ChristopherA: First draft of “Smarter Signatures: Experiments in Verifications” from #RebootingWebOfTrust available now at https://t.co…

Wed Jun 29 10:37:26 +0000 2016

Interactive session 1 at #W3C #BlockchainWeb “The Secret Sauce of Collaboration” Top 16 Thoughts #GraphicRecording

Wed Jun 29 14:37:08 +0000 2016

Excellent live scribing notes on the #W3C #BlockchainWeb Workshop by @kanzure https://etherpad.w3ctag.org/p/blockchain

Wed Jun 29 14:41:57 +0000 2016

Video livecast of plenaries from the #W3C #BlockchainWeb Workshop http://w3c.github.io/workshops/blockchain/feedback/

Wed Jun 29 14:44:42 +0000 2016

RT @WayneVaughan: We’re getting started at the @W3C Blockchain Workshop at @medialab.

Wed Jun 29 14:47:12 +0000 2016

Replying to @guriahluwalia

A more complete draft of the #SmartSignatures whitepaper from #RebootingWebOfTrust at https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/ID2020DesignWorkshop/blob/master/draft-documents/smarter-signatures.md #BlockchainWeb

Wed Jun 29 14:52:40 +0000 2016

Wednesday Keynote by Arvind Narayanan @random_walker at #W3C #BlockchainWeb Workshop

Wed Jun 29 15:10:30 +0000 2016

Takeaways slide from @random_walker’s keynote “Blockchains, the Web & Standardization” #W3C #BlockchainWeb

Wed Jun 29 15:13:27 +0000 2016

Less organized #W3C #BlockchainWeb notes in the IRC channel at http://irc.w3.org/?channels=blockchain

Wed Jun 29 15:23:36 +0000 2016

RT @Tierion: Diagramming the @W3C Blockchain Workshop. #blockchainweb

Wed Jun 29 18:35:51 +0000 2016

Interactive session 2 at #W3C #BlockchainWeb “Identity” #GraphicRecording

Wed Jun 29 18:53:47 +0000 2016

Opening/Introduction (session 0) “Standards for the Open Web” at #W3C #BlockchainWeb #GraphicRecording

Wed Jun 29 19:31:38 +0000 2016

The Vermont law to allow legal business records to be blockchain-based Proof of Existence is being discussed at #W3C https://twitter.com/christophera/status/734785916502462465

Wed Jun 29 19:35:02 +0000 2016

Interactive session 3 at #W3C #BlockchainWeb “Provenance Part 1: Lightning Talks” #GraphicRecording

Wed Jun 29 19:42:51 +0000 2016

RT @Melt_Dem: exactly what many have been pounding the table for - glad to see non-tech issues discussed at #W3C #BlockchainWeb https://t.c…

Wed Jun 29 19:43:34 +0000 2016

The #GraphicRecording for this #W3C #BlockchainWeb event is being captured by Sita Magnuson @tinywindow of @_dpict. Thank you!

Wed Jun 29 19:54:15 +0000 2016

Interactive session 3 at #W3C #BlockchainWeb “Provenance Part 2: Report Outs” #GraphicRecording

Wed Jun 29 21:03:06 +0000 2016

I will be speaking about #SmarterSignatures at the Blockstack meetup tomorrow. https://twitter.com/ryaneshea/status/747859537294680064

Wed Jun 29 21:04:49 +0000 2016

Replying to @Abrahadabra_ and @random_walker

A professional graphic recorder on large boards in pen, the scanned on iPhone.

Wed Jun 29 21:06:10 +0000 2016

RT @kanzure: Transcript: Smart signatures http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/w3-blockchain-workshop-2016/smart-signatures/ #blockchainweb @ChristopherA @w3c #bitcoin

Thu Jun 30 14:44:37 +0000 2016

RT @kanzure: Transcript: deterministic expressions http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/w3-blockchain-workshop-2016/petertodd-dex/ #blockchainweb @w3c @petertoddbtc #bitcoin

Thu Jun 30 14:45:11 +0000 2016

Excellent transcript of the break out discussion on #SmartSignaures at #W3C #BlockchainWeb https://twitter.com/kanzure/status/748550974193688576

Thu Jun 30 18:36:24 +0000 2016

Interactive session 4 at #W3C #BlockchainWeb “Primitives, APIs & Kitchen Sink” #GraphicRecording

Thu Jun 30 18:41:30 +0000 2016

Potential future #W3C collaborations after dot voting at end of #BlockchainWeb #GraphicRecording

Thu Jun 30 19:51:50 +0000 2016

During #W3C #BlockchainWeb I led a session on Collaboration beginning w/ a random draw of a #GroupWorks card. Mine…

Thu Jun 30 20:41:11 +0000 2016

RT @PeterBNichol: W3C #Blockchain highlights at MIT! @medialab @christophera @shepazu #CIO http://www.cio.com/article/3090143/highlights-from-the-w3c-blockchain-workshop-at-mit

Fri Jul 01 03:13:13 +0000 2016

RT @petertoddbtc: “proof-of-impotence” @ryaneshea

Fri Jul 01 03:18:17 +0000 2016

I’ve admired Raph’s work both as a cryptographer & as an early leader in nanotechnology. Glad to see him back… https://twitter.com/coindesk/status/748697689555075074

Fri Jul 01 03:25:13 +0000 2016

“I will seek ways help people doubt and distrust the prestigious, so they can be more open to focusing on outcomes.” http://www.overcomingbias.com/2016/06/against-prestige.html

Fri Jul 01 03:30:35 +0000 2016

RT @ryaneshea: @petertoddbtc as much as I’d love to take credit for this the source was actually @JonathanMohan in reference to the destruc…

Fri Jul 01 03:30:53 +0000 2016

RT @zooko: The DAO re-entrancy bug was objcap theory’s “Plan Interference” ¹. The tx.origin issue is objcap theory’s “Confused Deputy” ².

Fri Jul 01 03:31:35 +0000 2016

RT @halovast: “Why #SmartContracts Fail: Undiscovered bugs and what we can do about them” by Hrishi Olickel https://medium.com/@hrishiolickel/why-smart-contracts-fail-undiscovered-bugs-and-what-we-can-do-about-them-119aa2843007#.ak1ez98g3 #ethere…

Fri Jul 01 03:36:49 +0000 2016