Good advice if you are considering working in the security field.

Mon Aug 01 16:50:33 +0000 2016

Sad to see Kagi go. They bootstrapped many now important Apple developers, and always kept fairness top of agenda.

Tue Aug 02 17:30:14 +0000 2016

RT @kfury: Way before PayPal and Square there was Kagi, the easiest way for shareware authors to get paid. End of an era. 😪…

Tue Aug 02 17:30:45 +0000 2016

Tough job, and UN only hires year-to-year, but the right person could do a lot of good… #blockchain #unicef #ID2020

Tue Aug 02 21:41:51 +0000 2016

Replying to @1cyrilblanc1 and @jackfru1t

He was being sarcastic.

Wed Aug 03 02:06:57 +0000 2016

Replying to @timpastoor

I was reading a bio of John Adams & he spoke about this directness when in NYC in 1780’s. Roots of Dutch culture there today.

Wed Aug 03 16:46:27 +0000 2016

“If you ever lose your iPhone, iPad or iPod, be extra alert for upcoming identity theft attempts” — @joonaski

Fri Aug 05 06:04:44 +0000 2016

RT @sytaylor: Top 10 Things To Know About #Blockchain This Week!

Now with link!! :)

Fri Aug 05 17:06:25 +0000 2016

RT @cdixon: Small & inexpensive Lidar on its way- the next ubiquitous sensor

Fri Aug 05 17:11:03 +0000 2016

“We are in a position where we are rediscovering the need for regulation more or less from first principles”

Fri Aug 05 17:22:05 +0000 2016

My SW4SX class taught this:”The Problem is that there is asymmetric information…” @leashless

Fri Aug 05 17:26:38 +0000 2016

RT @kanzure: California #bitcoin gathering transcript: 3 days, 80 pages, ~42,000 words @bitcoincoreorg

Sat Aug 06 01:50:22 +0000 2016

“mobile app alerts users where morality police checkpoints are, thereby enabling them to avoid arrest.” #humanrights

Sat Aug 06 06:18:50 +0000 2016

This is an important concept: sharing economy apps can destroy agency & expertise, few build it—a ‘commons’ problem!

Sat Aug 06 17:30:18 +0000 2016

A powerful story of an unheralded ally:

Mon Aug 08 17:16:25 +0000 2016

Turns out #PeterNorman wanted that spot in the SJ statue to be empty, so that anyone could stand in it. #ally

Mon Aug 08 17:51:52 +0000 2016

RT @TheBlueMatt: This fall, I will be in residency with Chaincode Labs in NY -we want people to join for a intensive Bitcoin bootcamp https…

Mon Aug 08 17:54:27 +0000 2016

RT @kanzure: Transcript: mimblewimble podcast for #bitcoin privacy, anonymity, scalability @TheCryptoShow @bitcoinc…

Mon Aug 08 18:12:16 +0000 2016

Replying to @sammantic, @sytaylor, @triptananda, @ofnumbers and @antony_btc

interesting. @petertoddbtc’s Dex is also a lisp-like language

Tue Aug 09 05:38:25 +0000 2016

Replying to @durumcrustulum and @veorq

We really need some crypto research on HD Keys for both 25519 standards. Non-linearity breaks secp256k1 method.

Thu Aug 11 21:09:50 +0000 2016

RT @IACR_News: #Event RWC 2017: Real World Crypto 2017: New York, USA, 4 January - 6 January 2017

Thu Aug 11 21:10:04 +0000 2016

“BitFinEx’s ‘debt coin’ was rolled in 3 days. I’ve worked on debt instruments which were negotiated for 6 months.”

Sat Aug 13 00:50:48 +0000 2016

RT @pamelawjd: Confused about the #Bitfinex hack, #multisig, and #bitcoin #security? Check out my latest article (6 min read):…

Sat Aug 13 01:28:31 +0000 2016

Iranian TV visual masking/censorship of female athletes …

Sat Aug 13 02:50:26 +0000 2016

RT @JayCoDon: Take advantage of this opportunity if you’re a dev looking to become a part of Bitcoin.

Sat Aug 13 03:03:03 +0000 2016

RT @benjancewicz: In light of concerns re: vote rigging, I give you slot machines vs voting machines.

Sat Aug 13 03:06:51 +0000 2016

This is intriguing—this co publishes their Agile backlist (low priority projects) & allows outsiders to bid on them:

Sat Aug 13 05:23:06 +0000 2016

I like the 9 categories in this organizational culture diagram. From the OS Canvas

Sat Aug 13 05:35:14 +0000 2016

Replying to @angela_walch, @1cyrilblanc1, @stevenzeiler and @MarcHochstein

I think there is a place for fiduciary code w/ > reqs, but not for coders nor cos.

Sat Aug 13 05:42:57 +0000 2016

Replying to @1cyrilblanc1, @palleylaw, @angela_walch, @stevenzeiler and @MarcHochstein

I have higher req for smart contracts, see

Sat Aug 13 16:20:40 +0000 2016

Replying to @1cyrilblanc1, @palleylaw, @angela_walch, @stevenzeiler and @MarcHochstein

but lic and reg are way premature as we don’t even know how yet!

Sat Aug 13 16:22:30 +0000 2016

RT @timcasasola: An insanely useful org design resource. Nice work @ChristopherA.

Mon Aug 15 01:28:35 +0000 2016

Replying to @Melt_Dem

Repo has more, much more to come—trying to synth several years of thought. Unfortunately too much book work, not enough practice.

Mon Aug 15 02:00:47 +0000 2016

RT @likehumans: We agree! Exhaustive catalogue of the #futureofwork. Thanks @ChristopherA for sharing this with us at #responsiveorg https:…

Mon Aug 15 15:42:24 +0000 2016

RT @WayneVaughan: We’ve launched Chainpoint 2.0 - a standard for anchoring data to the blockchain.…

Mon Aug 15 15:45:19 +0000 2016

RT @coindesk: Blockstream Adds New Hires to All-Star Developer Team

Mon Aug 15 15:49:22 +0000 2016

These are the main two use case for identity on blockchains—others are too privacy risky:

Mon Aug 15 16:14:36 +0000 2016

Replying to @lawrencelundy and @floppy

I presume you’ve seen our #RebootingWebOfTrust papers on these subjects?

Mon Aug 15 16:17:05 +0000 2016

I too sit in the 2nd camp: #memes a richly productive model—but like all models, not reality

Mon Aug 15 19:48:46 +0000 2016

Blockstream intern @anarchoass & MIT/DCI student @jonhbit installing #qubes on our laptops to play around with.

Mon Aug 15 23:17:45 +0000 2016

RT @DonnaCassataAP: WASHINGTON (AP) _ Earth just broiled to its hottest month in recorded history, according to NASA.

Tue Aug 16 00:59:23 +0000 2016

RT @coindesk: How blockchain went from supporting a record of transactions to logging activity:

Tue Aug 16 01:16:46 +0000 2016

If understanding risk or interest rates is important to your financial or economic models, you should read this:

Tue Aug 16 01:21:13 +0000 2016

RT @lightning: The video for @roasbeef’s recent Lightning Network Deep Dive talk at @SFBitcoinDevs is now up!

Tue Aug 16 01:21:47 +0000 2016

RT @jonhbit: It runs! Now need to update to patch the latest #Xen vuln. and we’ll be set :)

Tue Aug 16 02:03:07 +0000 2016

RT @bayrailalliance: Caltrain signs contracts for electrification; congress members confident about federal funding……

Tue Aug 16 02:26:24 +0000 2016

Good advice for women (and many men) on salary negotiation.

Tue Aug 16 02:41:10 +0000 2016

About the 10th company to announce a new PBFT—we need a bakeoff or competition as no one can validate these claims!

Tue Aug 16 18:19:16 +0000 2016

RT @SnowFlywheel: Peer persuasion via payments to friends 3.5 x more effective at causing behavior change than direct payment to users http…

Tue Aug 16 18:29:47 +0000 2016

RT @isislovecruft: Neat. Someone faked the short keyid for my OpenPGP key. This is your regular reminder to only use full fingerprints. htt…

Tue Aug 16 18:32:50 +0000 2016

Interesting series of articles on agency. Maybe it is more fundamental ends vs decentralized means. @ton_zylstra

Tue Aug 16 18:43:35 +0000 2016

Interesting rant in this storm of tweets by @leashless on capitalism and the failure of other approaches.

Tue Aug 16 18:50:35 +0000 2016

RT @FredericJacobs: Stop using PGP short IDs - known to be easy to create collisions for a while but now real attacks on Linux devs.

Tue Aug 16 18:51:23 +0000 2016

RT @petertoddbtc: I had someone send me a email wrongly encrypted to a short ID clone of my PGP identity a few weeks ago.…

Tue Aug 16 18:51:26 +0000 2016

It is possible to design to have best of both. Unfortunately, it means custom architecture and thus more expensive.

Tue Aug 16 19:01:30 +0000 2016

RT @rezendi: I wrote about sidechains and the Lightning Network for @qz:

Fri Aug 19 22:19:11 +0000 2016

Replying to @petertoddbtc and @muneeb

That is what DIDs do. The overemphasis on names is the core of my concerns re: Blockstack. Prefer relative local names

Fri Aug 19 23:06:27 +0000 2016

RT @NickSzabo4: Best protection for minority shareholders is free exit. “Beware of cave w/ tracks coming in & no tracks coming out.” https:…

Fri Aug 19 23:10:21 +0000 2016

RT @g_m_hodgson: The Perks and Perils of Interdisciplinary Research

Fri Aug 19 23:18:17 +0000 2016

This is very useful—previously you either had to publish a branch or put html files in the root of your project.

Sat Aug 20 04:09:35 +0000 2016

vTaiwan is a running participatory governance project that works so well that Taiwan’s Premier wishes to use it.

Sat Aug 20 19:18:37 +0000 2016

“What happens when we disagree? How do we live with—or live as—the losers?”

Sat Aug 20 19:25:09 +0000 2016

Replying to @NGruen1, @profjasonpotts and @slatestarcodex

Is there any blog software optimized for true peer review?

Sat Aug 20 19:28:53 +0000 2016

Principles of asymmetric warfare apply to security and privacy as well. Uphill battle, but worth the fight.

Sat Aug 20 19:34:50 +0000 2016

RT @NinaKilbride: #Blockchain tech is #legaltech. How to build enforceable #smartcontracts by yours truly.

Sat Aug 20 19:38:46 +0000 2016

This paper on Reputation Systems was seminal—and in many ways we’ve moved backwards. Reputation is hard. @jeffubois

Sun Aug 21 19:15:57 +0000 2016

RT @edyson: “reputation systems:” the examples have changed, but the dynamics were clear when @JeffUbois wrote this in 2003:…

Sun Aug 21 20:05:52 +0000 2016

I’m increasingly frustrated with all the US flight carriers—fundamental systemic problems leading to race to bottom.

Sun Aug 21 23:25:49 +0000 2016

RT @aeonmag: We need to confront reality in all complexity, and to stop romanticising the past:…

Sun Aug 21 23:33:37 +0000 2016

RT @schneierblog: Research on the Timing of Security Warnings: fMRI experiments show that we are more likely to ignore security… https://…

Mon Aug 22 18:00:47 +0000 2016

RT @adam3us: pretty long list of features/improvements pending bitcoin 0.13 release from 10…

Tue Aug 23 18:12:57 +0000 2016

Final draft of #RebootingWebOfTrust whitepaper “Identity Crisis: Clearer Identity through Correlation” now available

Wed Aug 24 15:49:48 +0000 2016

“We propose using ‘correlation’ instead of ‘identity’ when discussing…identity systems”

Wed Aug 24 15:55:26 +0000 2016

The github source for the “Identity Crisis” whitepaper is — questions or comments may be posted in the issues there.

Wed Aug 24 16:00:58 +0000 2016

RT @timpastoor: @ChristopherA Reminds me of:

Wed Aug 24 16:11:39 +0000 2016

A challenge in algorithmic correlation of identity info is being correlated into echo chambers that don’t serve you…

Wed Aug 24 16:37:19 +0000 2016

Final whitepaper on “Requirements for DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers)” from last #RebootingWebOfTrust at

Wed Aug 24 18:39:44 +0000 2016

RT @cryptosense: New attacks on 64-bit blocksize ciphers - detect them on your network crypto services at https://t…

Wed Aug 24 18:40:08 +0000 2016

A key point re: DIDs is that they are NOT names. They are a genesis claim for subsequent claims-based identities.

Wed Aug 24 18:43:36 +0000 2016

RT @adam3us: .@randomoracle can do confidentiality & public auditability… Confidential Transactions or https://t.…

Fri Aug 26 05:01:47 +0000 2016

RT @angela_walch: @triptananda @susan_ramonat @ChristopherA Blockchain requires either a jack of all trades or a jack from each trade - eve…

Fri Aug 26 05:32:02 +0000 2016

I was quite pleased to participate & help facilitate this first W3C Blockchain Workshop—also appreciate report out.

Fri Aug 26 14:56:13 +0000 2016

I feel this way every time I try to communicate crypto and privacy technology to business & government /ht @AlexLane

Fri Aug 26 22:04:59 +0000 2016

RT @ScalingBitcoin: The deadline to submit proposals for #ScalingBitcoin Milan has been extended to Sept 9! For full CfP info, see https://…

Fri Aug 26 23:48:54 +0000 2016

RT @coindesk: Did Ethereum’s Fork Validate Bitcoin Block Size Conservatism?

Fri Aug 26 23:51:25 +0000 2016

I like this distinction between smart contracts that are governed vs those that are deterministic. @wmougayar

Sat Aug 27 16:12:51 +0000 2016

RT @jonasschnelli: Hard forks and Consensus Networks: Meta Questions and Limitations

Tue Aug 30 17:22:26 +0000 2016