I’m still thinking about this a year later. I’m not sure oracle is the right word — I guess what I’m seeking is closer to the concept of a Fair Witness (from Heinlein’s SiaSL), someone specifically trained to offer evidence based on non-subjective observations, without deduction. https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/1080723865972535296

Sun Jan 02 20:04:30 +0000 2022

Replying to @vindaRd

Yes, that is the correct reverse engineering of what a number of wallet companies have settled on, Unfortunately it never a BIP, and has some issuesd. @Fonta1n3 drafted up our discoveries on current practices BIP-style at: https://github.com/Fonta1n3/BIP48/blob/master/bip-0048.mediawiki

Mon Jan 03 08:48:57 +0000 2022

Replying to @vindaRd and @Fonta1n3

There are still issues of privacy loss when revealing of master key fingerprints & xpub reuse that I’d like to see addressed, but as these are not a critical privacy bugs they have not been a priority. I’ve written up some thoughts at: https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Airgapped-Wallet-Community/discussions/53

Mon Jan 03 08:53:56 +0000 2022

Our latest release also allows you to sign PSBTs presented to Gordian Seed Tool, supporting its use with airgapped wallets like @SparrowWallet as a transaction coordinator. [4/5] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/GordianSeedTool-iOS/blob/master/Docs/Integration.md#using-sparrow-as-a-transaction-coordinator

Mon Jan 03 08:59:23 +0000 2022

Gordian Seed Tool helps you do so, by allowing to main personal control of your own seeds and thus your own digital assets. [3/5]

Mon Jan 03 08:59:23 +0000 2022

Bitcoin was founded as a way to avoid the follies of centralized banking infrastructure, as logged in its Genesis Block: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.” [2/5]

Mon Jan 03 08:59:23 +0000 2022

It’s Bitcoin’s lucky 13th birthday. To celebrate we’re putting Gordian Seed Tool for iOS & Mac on sale for 99 cents for the next few days [1/5]. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gordian-seed-tool/id1545088229

Mon Jan 03 08:59:23 +0000 2022

Pick up Seed Tool now and experience the Gordian Principles of independence, privacy, resilence, and openness for yourself. [5/5] https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gordian-seed-tool/id1545088229

Mon Jan 03 08:59:24 +0000 2022

Replying to @GravityMaxx and @vindaRd

Related there is now an airgapped wallet format for output descriptors that is beginning to be implemented by multisig wallets. Advantage is you can request the kind of you keys you need with QR. https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Research/blob/master/papers/bcr-2020-010-output-desc.md

Mon Jan 03 16:45:47 +0000 2022

The newest version of Gordian Seed Tool, 1.3, is out, and you can now run it on both your Mac or your iOS device. It is also on sale for Bitcoin’s 13th anniversary! [1/9] https://twitter.com/BlockchainComns/status/1478063575428001793

Mon Jan 03 18:14:47 +0000 2022

Gordian Seed Tool is built on the Gordian Principle of resilience. It shows you how to keep your crypto-seeds safe: by storing them on a closely held device. [3/9] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Gordian#gordian-principles

Mon Jan 03 18:14:49 +0000 2022

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to sign PSBTs using your stored seeds. [2/9]

Mon Jan 03 18:14:49 +0000 2022

We recently documented an example of how to do so with @SparrowWallet. [5/9] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/GordianSeedTool-iOS/blob/master/Docs/Integration.md#using-sparrow-as-a-transaction-coordinator

Mon Jan 03 18:14:50 +0000 2022

But usability is also very important: you have to be able to use your seeds! That’s what Gordian Seed Tool 1.3 supports: PSBT signing with the seed never leaving your device. [4/9]

Mon Jan 03 18:14:50 +0000 2022

You let Sparrow act as a Transaction Coordinator by sending it a Cosigner Public Key. Then, when Sparrow wants to produce a transaction, it creates a PSBT that is sent as a QR Code to Seed Tool for signing [5/9].

Mon Jan 03 18:14:51 +0000 2022

There are two ways to conduct this exchange. Sparrow currently uses the older method of exchanging crypto-psbt URs, while we expect newer releases will use our request/response methodology. [7/9] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Research/blob/master/papers/bcr-2021-001-request.md

Mon Jan 03 18:14:52 +0000 2022

Seed Tool displays the details of the PSBT, asks for your permission, signs, and then sends it back in the same way. [6/9]

Mon Jan 03 18:14:52 +0000 2022

The monthly patronage from our @BlockchainComns Sponsors (via GitHub) makes this kind of app possible, as well as our broader efforts for wallet interoperability in the Bitcoin ecosystem with specifications & reference code. Support us today! [9/9] https://github.com/sponsors/BlockchainCommons

Mon Jan 03 18:14:53 +0000 2022

There’s lots more in Gordian Seed Tool 1.3 including improved camera access, output descriptors, more readable QRs, and a number of smaller bug fixes and enhancements. Take a look at our release notes. [8/9] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/GordianSeedTool-iOS/releases

Mon Jan 03 18:14:53 +0000 2022


Mon Jan 03 18:23:29 +0000 2022

RT @ChristopherA: On January 3rd at 10:15 AM PDT (16:15 GMT) the first Bitcoin block was mined 10 years ago today, this minute. The hash of…

Mon Jan 03 18:26:49 +0000 2022

Replying to @achow101

I think of it as a 5-day birth labor.

Mon Jan 03 21:18:52 +0000 2022

Replying to @chrispalasz

For me the most important thing but subtle thing to teach about Bitcoin is to understand why censorship-resistance is important. How it supports anti-coercion and thus anti-violence.

Tue Jan 04 18:44:11 +0000 2022

Replying to @chrispalasz

As far as how Bitcoin works, though its many specifics are quite dated, my “Intro to Bitcoin” video is very accessible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUoXUW9zVMs

Tue Jan 04 19:00:47 +0000 2022

Replying to @chrispalasz

The slides from 2015 need reformatting, but they are at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1DazILCFdeeewECbTrTZKn80g06XPXj3ZXedyqltZOrM/edit?usp=sharing

Tue Jan 04 19:01:16 +0000 2022

Ok, it has been 5 years since this tweet + over 8 years since the original #Heartbleed bug was discovered, and I’m still hearing about possibly compromised X.509 cert keys and unpatched servers. A lesson for open-source security architects: don’t expect your downstream to update. https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/816664633276764160

Tue Jan 04 21:39:54 +0000 2022

Related: https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/1080720638656933888?s=20

Tue Jan 04 21:40:09 +0000 2022

[(🙎‍♀️🗝) & (🙎‍♀️📄)] ⇔ 🗳→🙍🏻‍♂️
(🙎‍♀️🗝) Alice can take her key
└ (🙎‍♀️📄) and her message
└ ⇔ symmetrically encrypts it
└ 🗳 becoming an encrypted box
└ →🙍🏻‍♂️ and sends it to Bob.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:21 +0000 2022

🙎‍♀️🎲⇒ (🙎‍♀️🗝)
🙎‍♀️ Alice
└ 🎲 creates a random number
└ ⇒ (🙎‍♀️🗝) which is now Alice’s key

Wed Jan 05 05:35:21 +0000 2022

Fun with #CryptoIdeography:

⁉️: 🌎🕵(🙎‍♀️📩 🙍🏻‍♂️)
When the 🌎 world is 🕵 spying, how can🙎‍♀️ Alice communicate 📩 privately with🙍🏻‍♂️ Bob!?

Wed Jan 05 05:35:21 +0000 2022

‼️: 🌎🕵 [🗳 &(🙎‍♀️🗝)] ⇔ 📄

Problem: But if Alice’s key is shared, every spy in the world can read it!!

Wed Jan 05 05:35:22 +0000 2022

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦[🗳&(🙎‍♀️🗝)] ⇔ 📄
But anyone holding Alice’s symmetric key can read Alice’s message.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:22 +0000 2022

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦[🗳&❌] ⇔ 🤷🏻‍♂️
Anyone holding the encrypted box without Alice’s key knows little.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:22 +0000 2022

🙍🏻‍♂️ [🗳 &(🙎‍♀️🗝)] ⇔ 📄
Bob having the encrypted box and Alice’s key, can symmetrically decrypt it to see the message.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:22 +0000 2022

🙎‍♀️[📄 & (🙎‍♀️ 🔐)] ⇒🗳→🙍🏻‍♂️
Alice, with her secret key, can asymmetrically encrypt the message and send it to Bob.

🙍🏻‍♂️ [🗳 + 🙎‍♀️ 🔑] ⇒ 📄
Bob knowing Alice’s public key can decrypt it.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:23 +0000 2022

🙎‍♀️[(🙎‍♀️ 🔐)&(🙎‍♀️ 🔑)]
Alice holds this key pair for herself.

🙎‍♀️[🙎‍♀️ 🔑] →🙍🏻‍♂️
Alice sends her public key to Bob.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:23 +0000 2022

⁉️: how do we solve this problem!?

🙎‍♀️🎲⇒ (🙎‍♀️🔐) ៚ (🙎‍♀️ 🔑)
🙎‍♀️ Alice
└ 🎲 creates a random number
└ ⇒ (🙎‍♀️🔐) which is now Alice’s secret key
└ ៚ specially processes it
└ (🙎‍♀️🔑) becoming her public key.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:23 +0000 2022

🌎🕵[🗃 & (🙍🏻‍♂️❌) & (🙎‍♀️ ❌)]⇒ 🤷🏻‍♂️
Anyone holding the encrypted box without both Alice’s & Bob’s secret keys knows little.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:24 +0000 2022

🙎‍♀️[🗳 &🙍🏻‍♂️ 🔑] ⇒ 🗃 →🙍🏻‍♂️
Alice uses Bob’s public key to further asymmetrically encrypt her previously encrypted object and gives it to Bob.

🙍🏻‍♂️[(🙍🏻‍♂️ 🔐)& (🙎‍♀️ 🔑)& 🗳] ⇒🗃
Bob, knowing his private key & Alice’s public key can now decrypt it.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:24 +0000 2022

⁉️: how do we solve this problem?

Bob also has his own key pair.

[🙍🏻‍♂️ 🔑] → 🙎‍♀️
Bob gives his public key to Alice.

Wed Jan 05 05:35:24 +0000 2022

‼️: 🌎🕵 [🗳 + 🙎‍♀️ 🔑] ⇒ 📄
But how does Alice know that it was actually Bob that decrypted it?

Wed Jan 05 05:35:24 +0000 2022

I don’t know if this ideographic “language” is useful at all, but it was fun. Let me know! Or share your own with hashtag #CryptoIdeography! ៚

Wed Jan 05 05:35:25 +0000 2022

(🙎‍♀️ 🔐) & (🙍🏻‍♂️ 🔐) → ❌🌎
Both Alice & Bob are incentivized not to share their secret keys with the world because…

‼️: 🌎 🕵[💰& 🔐] ⇒ 💸
These same secret keys are also used to protect digital currencies against theft!

Wed Jan 05 05:35:25 +0000 2022

Replying to @soundmoney6

We are re-evaluating our alpha for Gordian Cosigner. It was good UX experiment but has some other technical debt.

Do note that Gordian Seed Tool (in both Mac and iOS app stores) can now also be a cosigner, and works with a number of wallets like Sparrow: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gordian-seed-tool/id1545088229

Wed Jan 05 06:09:08 +0000 2022

In general, human-readable globally unique names have become a 30-year repeating anti-pattern causing lots of problems. Zooko’s Triangle may have been solved technically, but not socially. Learn about nyms & petnames — they are how the brain works anyhow! https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot1-sf/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/linked-local-names.md

Wed Jan 05 06:27:14 +0000 2022

Other links (cc @dustyweb): https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot7-toronto/blob/d2b9833b562d62edf0f6dd94792ce165133776c0/topics-and-advance-readings/political-economy-of-naming.md https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot6-santabarbara/blob/238be6d91a8929696bba90cefa7af1a67a1a3bbd/draft-documents/making-dids-invisible-with-petnames.md

Wed Jan 05 06:27:15 +0000 2022

Replying to @DigitalscotNews

Actually it was exactly this anti-pattern that contributed to killing XDI — who profited from the high value “=” names? I tried to offer relative local names in XDI and did get “~” approved. Thus ~wife~joan~adam~דָּוִד ~ildris~健児 could resolve 6° though each of our local nyms.

Wed Jan 05 07:00:04 +0000 2022

RT @ChristopherA: @DigitalscotNews Actually it was exactly this anti-pattern that contributed to killing XDI — who profited from the high v…

Wed Jan 05 07:01:36 +0000 2022

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

Wed Jan 05 17:10:59 +0000 2022

RT @ChristopherA: Fun with #CryptoIdeography:

⁉️: 🌎🕵(🙎‍♀️📩 🙍🏻‍♂️)
When the 🌎 world is 🕵 spying, how can🙎‍♀️ Alice communicate 📩 privately…

Wed Jan 05 17:50:47 +0000 2022

What did Blockchain Commons do in 2021? Our new yearly report offers an overview of our many efforts to create an open, interoperable, secure & compassionate infrastructure for the blockchain ecosystem. [1/11] https://twitter.com/BlockchainComns/status/1478793714650603530

Wed Jan 05 19:00:01 +0000 2022

Our most important new spec for the year was the request/response design pattern for our Uniform Resources (URs). [4/11] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Research/blob/master/papers/bcr-2021-001-request.md

Wed Jan 05 19:00:02 +0000 2022

We also clearly outlined our process for doing so: we talk with the community to understand the problem, collaborate on a spec, demonstrate with code how to use it, then support the ecosystem to create interoperable applications. [3/11]

Wed Jan 05 19:00:02 +0000 2022

This year we firmly defined our vision: to advocate for human dignity online by enabling people to control their own digital destiny. As digital spaces grow more important in our lives, we need to have control of our digital identity & assets! [2/11] https://www.blockchaincommons.com/vision.html

Wed Jan 05 19:00:02 +0000 2022

Our most important legislative outreach for the year was with the Wyoming legisulature, resulting in a new definition of digital identity. [6/11] https://www.blockchaincommons.com/articles/Principal-Authority/

Wed Jan 05 19:00:03 +0000 2022

Our most important reference app for the year was Gordian Seed Tool, which shows how to safely and resiliently store your keys, while still making active use of them. [5/11] https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gordian-seed-tool/id1545088229

Wed Jan 05 19:00:03 +0000 2022

We’ve also got extensive plans for the New Year, including Gordian Recovery, Ethereum support, Taproot and Schnorr experimentation, and more. Read about it all in our yearly report. [9/11] https://www.blockchaincommons.com/quarterlies/Yearly/

Wed Jan 05 19:00:04 +0000 2022

Our most important success in interoperability is the deployment by multiple vendors to use animated QRs for airgapped PSBTs, including @SparrowWallet @FOUNDATIONdvcs @KeystoneWallet @bluewalletio @CasaHODL [8/11] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Airgapped-Wallet-Community

Wed Jan 05 19:00:04 +0000 2022

Our most important educational outreach for the year was new translations of our Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line course, into Portuguese and Spanish. [7/11] https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/Learning-Bitcoin-from-the-Command-Line#translations

Wed Jan 05 19:00:04 +0000 2022

Thank you for your support of Blockchain Commons in the last year, especially the early adopters of our specifications, our ongoing sustaining sponsors: Bitmark, Blockchainbird, CrossBar, @FOUNDATIONdvcs, @KeystoneWallet, @UnchainedCap, and our many Github sponsors. [11/11]

Wed Jan 05 19:00:05 +0000 2022

If our work to create open, interoperable, secure, and compassionate digital infrastructure is important to you, please become a patron to support us. [10/11] https://github.com/sponsors/BlockchainCommons

Wed Jan 05 19:00:05 +0000 2022

Replying to @dustyweb, @frumioj, @danfinlay, @zooko, @frandallfarmer, @marksammiller and @arcalinea

I have similar problems with terms like “censorship resistance”. It isn’t quite a negative space term, but it hides the fundamental issue. For instance, censorship resistance is really about “coercion resistance” which itself is a form of “anti-violence”.

Wed Jan 05 19:05:13 +0000 2022

Replying to @dustyweb, @frumioj, @danfinlay, @zooko, @frandallfarmer and @marksammiller

We are still hoping to have a F2F RWOT this October, but still chancy given Covid & travel restrictions. In the meantime, we are experimenting with virtual events, like https://www.eventbrite.com/e/out-of-the-box-2052-tickets-231958081867 & we also have a tech experiment to integrate the SkotOS text environment with Jitsi.

Wed Jan 05 19:09:07 +0000 2022

Replying to @zooko, @dustyweb, @frumioj, @danfinlay, @frandallfarmer, @marksammiller and @arcalinea

I don’t think freedom of speech captures it. Censorship resistance means that I can not only communicate freely but also transact, collaborate, vote, etc. without fear of coercion or violence against me for those actions. It also includes freedom of association.

Wed Jan 05 19:31:01 +0000 2022

RT @henkvancann: I am happy to be able to structurally support development in the cryptography and #autonomic identifier field and be a vol…

Wed Jan 05 19:31:34 +0000 2022

RT @zooko: @dustyweb @danfinlay @ChristopherA I think the problem is that my initial formulation (http://web.archive.org/web/20031009072704 http://www.zooko.com:80/distnames.html)) used the word “s…

Wed Jan 05 23:34:04 +0000 2022

Replying to @zooko, @dustyweb and @danfinlay

One of the social challenges to Zooko’s Triangle is where are the boundaries of the system? When there are no externalities you can say “resistant to seizure”. But 1°, 2°, ++° can use power in those systems to force change. Trademark law in particular, but ultimately rubber hose.

Wed Jan 05 23:39:47 +0000 2022

RT @FOUNDATIONdvcs: We are proud to support @BlockchainComns!

Thu Jan 06 01:56:34 +0000 2022

Replying to @khimaros and @arcalinea


Thu Jan 06 17:42:46 +0000 2022

RT @MartyBent: Going live with @ChristopherA and @WolfMcNally at the top of the hour to talk @BlockchainComns, Gordian principles, and buil…

Wed Jan 12 20:28:43 +0000 2022

Thank you @MartyBent for the invite! A good conversation! https://twitter.com/MartyBent/status/1481372143841542144

Wed Jan 12 23:08:52 +0000 2022

RT @WolfMcNally: Just did a livestream interview with @TFTC21 about my work with @ChristopherA and @BlockchainComns. Check it out! #cryptoc…

Wed Jan 12 23:09:04 +0000 2022

👍 https://twitter.com/GOPMajorityWhip/status/1481285623269011457

Thu Jan 13 02:44:49 +0000 2022

RT @MartyBent: The team at @BlockchainComns is working on very important standardization specs for Bitcoin wallet software to ensure long-t…

Thu Jan 13 07:07:37 +0000 2022

Signing non-bitcoin data with Bitcoin script has been on my wishlist for years. Talking with Greg Maxwell about the opportunities it enables was part of what drew him to our first #RWOT event & later a job offer to me from Blockstream. I look forward to @KalleAlm updating his PR! https://twitter.com/kallewoof/status/1481222349420888064

Thu Jan 13 07:19:28 +0000 2022

Here is the original paper from the first #RebootingWebofTrust #RWOT co-authored by Christopher Allen, Greg Maxwell, @peterktodd, @ryaneshea, @pwuille, @josephbonneau, @jcp, and Tyler Close https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot1-sf/blob/master/draft-documents/smart-signatures.md

Thu Jan 13 07:27:19 +0000 2022

I later did a followed up on it, as well various alternatives to #Ethereum #Solidity-style smart contracts in a paper https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot2-id2020/blob/master/draft-documents/smarter-signatures.md and a talk a Stanford BPASE https://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/blockchain-protocol-analysis-security-engineering/2018/2018-01-24-christopher-allen-smart-signatures/ https://youtu.be/E9sbWKbfyJU

Thu Jan 13 07:34:17 +0000 2022

RT @Caralie_C: We’ve been working hard on video 4 to bust the FUD and I’m so excited to share. Lots of volunteer hours went into this <3 #b…

Thu Jan 13 07:40:56 +0000 2022

RT @bisq_network: Short guide on creating and operating a pseudonymous identity by @namcios and @ChristopherA.


Thu Jan 13 07:48:46 +0000 2022

The usage of digital identity has increased dramatically in the last two years of the pandemic. We meet in new digital spaces and we use new digital services. But what’s the next step? [2/8]

Thu Jan 13 18:25:02 +0000 2022

Rebooting Web of Trust #RWOT is back with a new virtual salon on January 27, thinking about digital identity outside of the box. [1/8] https://twitter.com/RWOTEvents/status/1478810896105304071

Thu Jan 13 18:25:02 +0000 2022

From this facilitated discussion we’ll be generating a permanent graphic record and a set of insightful quotes. Here’s what our last virtual salon produced. [5/8] https://www.weboftrust.info/salons/rwot-salon-1.html

Thu Jan 13 18:25:03 +0000 2022

We’ll be discussing things for half-a-day, 8-12pm PST on January 27. This is 11am-3pm EST and 5pm-9pm CET. [4/8]

Thu Jan 13 18:25:03 +0000 2022

That’s going to be our entry point when we take a look into the future in a salon that we call “Out of the Box 2052”. How can we explore and develop a shared virtual future? In the spirit of #SolarPunk, what does a positive future for #DigitalIdentity look like in 2052? [3/8]

Thu Jan 13 18:25:03 +0000 2022

But for this virtual salon, all you need to bring is your own ideas and experiences about digital spaces, digital identity, and the digital future! We hope to see you there. [8/8] https://www.eventbrite.com/e/out-of-the-box-2052-tickets-231958081867

Thu Jan 13 18:25:04 +0000 2022

If you’d like to look at some of the more in-depth work we’ve produced at 10 design workshops when we were able to meet physically, you can find that on our website. [7/8] https://www.weboftrust.info/pastevents.html

Thu Jan 13 18:25:04 +0000 2022

Please join us to discuss the future of digital identity, with lessons learned from our last two years of digital immersion. [6/8] https://www.eventbrite.com/e/out-of-the-box-2052-tickets-231958081867

Thu Jan 13 18:25:04 +0000 2022

RT @JoeAndrieu: Should be good. Note that Early Bird Ticket sales end tomorrow, Friday Jan 14.

Thu Jan 13 20:06:57 +0000 2022

Musig2 & FROST multisig using Schnorr is an essential part of the future of privacy, and not only for Bitcoin. This is because these sigs are indistinguishable from singlesig. Also useful for preventing coercion “Sure, I voted just as you asked” but I didn’t & you can’t prove it. https://twitter.com/meshcollider/status/1481731503059267585

Thu Jan 13 21:09:33 +0000 2022

RT @matthew_d_green: I wrote up some notes on my skim through MetaMask’s crypto. Don’t worry, nothing scary in here. https://blog.cryptographyengineering.com/2022/01/14/an-extremely-casual-code-review-of-metamasks-crypto/

Sat Jan 15 01:59:10 +0000 2022

RT @kallerosenbaum: As a follow-up on my Schnorr Basics post, I just published a walk-through of the MuSig2 protocol for Schnorr multi-sign…

Sat Jan 15 18:25:30 +0000 2022

Replying to @jb55

Link? Blockchain Commons is interested in this.

Sat Jan 15 18:28:32 +0000 2022

Replying to @gonbegood

A note for you: There are some cryptographic objects that should NOT fall under property law, in particular those related to identity. See https://www.blockchaincommons.com/articles/Principal-Authority/

Sat Jan 15 22:17:53 +0000 2022

Unfortunately too true. 🤷🏻‍♂️ We must invest in supporting more organized review of open source. https://twitter.com/kaepora/status/1482236186982768640

Sun Jan 16 00:40:19 +0000 2022

@SeedMint21 we’d be interested in getting some of these plates to test Gordian Seed Tool and try out some ideas for critical but small QRs.

Mon Jan 17 19:47:00 +0000 2022

RT @rossjanderson: I’m teaching a course based on my “Security Engineering” book for masters students and final-year undergrads. The first…

Thu Jan 20 05:09:20 +0000 2022

🤬“We are all appalled and perplexed that this humanitarian information would be targeted and compromised…This cyber-attack puts vulnerable people, those already in need of humanitarian services, at further risk.” https://twitter.com/RMardiniICRC/status/1483920662968348672

Thu Jan 20 23:32:42 +0000 2022


Thu Jan 20 23:33:31 +0000 2022

Applications for this blockchain entrepreneurial residency in Miami along with a full scholarship are due tomorrow. It looks like the group has a proven record of support for women & minorities. A great opportunity. https://bit.ly/HF0Miami2022 /ht @La__Cuen https://twitter.com/arianathetechie/status/1484277232889737225

Thu Jan 20 23:59:46 +0000 2022

RT @acmeducation: Now available for ACM Members: “Self-Sovereign Identity,” by @AlexPreukschat @drummondreed. Learn how SSI empowers us to…

Fri Jan 21 00:07:10 +0000 2022

Computer art using generative AI is getting really good at coming up with creepy. Makes me wonder if there is a connection between this and nightmares in sleeping dreams. https://twitter.com/yontelbrot/status/1484160521268039685

Fri Jan 21 19:20:08 +0000 2022

Replying to @hoffmang, @Antertera and @gladstein

For me when I was CTO of Certicom working on microcurrencies circa 2001, the biggest challenge was that Schnorr was best for blinding, and the patent holder wanted 5% of upstream gross revenues. Since they were non-practicing patent holders, progress was impossible.

Sat Jan 22 02:16:59 +0000 2022

Replying to @jasonpearce, @bascule, @valkenburgh and @BlockchainComns


Sat Jan 22 18:06:17 +0000 2022

Kyle is a software business lawyer who writes very human readable contracts, but also writes code, uses git, and understands our business. He has written this web app to help you choose a license contract, and asks (“honor system”) for you to pay $100 if you use it. Take a look! https://t.co/n1JreFGaRh

Sat Jan 22 18:43:38 +0000 2022

Unfortunately, our online facilitator for the #RWOT “Out of the Box 2052” virtual salon on visualizing a positive future for digital identity, is out sick with Covid. Fortunately, she is getting better but is exhausted. So we are postponing the event until February 17th. https://twitter.com/RWOTEvents/status/1485387044561977346

Tue Jan 25 01:29:34 +0000 2022

RT @CaitlinLong_: WYOMING HASN’T STOPPED our pro-#blockchain efforts🤠. These bills passed Select Committee today & are up in the Feb legisl…

Tue Jan 25 01:29:58 +0000 2022

Replying to @dgwbirch, @CaitlinLong_, @dazzagreenwood and @brendencmaher

This is an update to the existing state identity theft law, which protects residents of Wyoming. The biggest difference is that under the new digital identity legal definition, this crime isn’t only about theft or property loss, but also for violation of authority.

Tue Jan 25 01:36:56 +0000 2022

Replying to @dgwbirch, @CaitlinLong_, @dazzagreenwood and @brendencmaher

There has been some discussion of a new e-residency law, which besides being able to register corporations (like Estonian e-residency) might also allow non-residents to be able to register for various digital protections under Wyoming laws, but it not on agenda for 2022 session.

Tue Jan 25 01:38:53 +0000 2022

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Thu Jan 27 05:27:35 +0000 2022

Replying to @dustyweb, @jeffburdges and @kate_sills

I don’t believe that properly constructed scriptless scripts suffer from the same problems that Schnorr blind signatures do (when Schnorr is properly constructed with FROST & Musig 2). But @AnnaLysyanskaya may know otherwise.

Thu Jan 27 05:32:32 +0000 2022

Replying to @dustyweb, @jeffburdges, @kate_sills and @AnnaLysyanskaya

For reference, musig 2: https://twitter.com/kallerosenbaum/status/1481984595226775552

Thu Jan 27 05:35:30 +0000 2022

Replying to @dustyweb, @jeffburdges, @kate_sills and @AnnaLysyanskaya

FROST: https://crysp.uwaterloo.ca/software/frost/

Thu Jan 27 05:36:19 +0000 2022

Replying to @dustyweb, @jeffburdges, @kate_sills and @AnnaLysyanskaya


Thu Jan 27 05:37:13 +0000 2022

I’m not a silicon expert myself, so I’m seeking more sources for my statement above, but especially given the commodity nature of SD cards today, and this report, it doesn’t look good: https://www.ni.com/en-us/support/documentation/supplemental/12/understanding-life-expectancy-of-flash-storage.html

Thu Jan 27 22:41:03 +0000 2022

In our #SmartCustody research regarding the longevity of cryptographic keys & avoiding bitrot, and after some discussion with hardware & silicon experts, we don’t recommend storing keys & encrypted data on SD cards. The exact MTBT is not clear, but ~2-3 years may be typical.

Thu Jan 27 22:41:03 +0000 2022

Part of the problem in getting a complete understanding of this issue is that most discussion about NAND Flash-based storage is for active devices under power. There is very little analysis of SD longevity without active usage and long periods with no power.

Thu Jan 27 23:50:41 +0000 2022

Another problem is that the reports about this are not free. For instance, it is reported that the JEDEC standard for SSDs is at 30°C and power off that data can be retained for 52 weeks. But I don’ have access to the source document for actual details: https://www.jedec.org/document_search?search_api_views_fulltext=ssd

Thu Jan 27 23:58:35 +0000 2022

A final challenge in understanding the problems is all of these reports are about high-performance SSDs, not cheap, commodity price-driven SD cards. Thus my best guess is 2-3 years may be reasonably safe, but 8-10 years is quite likely dangerous.

Fri Jan 28 00:05:15 +0000 2022

RT @taykendesign: May feel a bit late 90s (@w3c been around the block), but there are some recent #web3 + #edu threads worth a review.

Sat Jan 29 19:23:59 +0000 2022

Replying to @CaseyNewton and @molly0xFFF

Most of Blockchain Commons efforts to date have been on the Bitcoin side of the community, but we are in process of building consensus to bring some of our #SmartCustody work to the EVM side. The core problem is architectural & there is little funding for wallet infrastructure.

Sun Jan 30 03:30:50 +0000 2022

👏👍 https://twitter.com/euvieivanova/status/1091450927893090304

Sun Jan 30 06:12:04 +0000 2022

Replying to @shannonlitweets

Dad salesman with small companies, mom a grade-school teacher. Both became professional sailboat captains. One grandpa ran a drive-in restaurant, the other was a weatherman for the AF & became a high-school teacher. I do consider this privileged — we had no hardships.

Sun Jan 30 06:32:40 +0000 2022