Interested in a better backup strategy than Ledger, with wallet interoperability & resilience? Or data privacy? @BlockchainComns is holding this month’s Gordian Developer meeting at a Europe friendly time: 7pm CET, July 5th. DM me for a link, we’d love to have you attend! [1/4]

Wed Jul 05 00:21:46 +0000 2023

There will likely also be some discussions of Lifehash, a system to help users recognize seeds, and dCBOR, a deterministic variant of CBOR. Send me a message if you’d like to join us! [4/4]

Wed Jul 05 00:21:48 +0000 2023

And we’ll be demoing and discussing our Collaborative Seed Recovery (CSR) system, which focuses on not just the resilience of your cryptocurrency seeds, but also your personal choice in its storage. [3/4]

Wed Jul 05 00:21:48 +0000 2023

We’ll be also be talking about our interoperable Uniform Resources specification for self-describing data, which integrates well with QRs. [2/4]

Wed Jul 05 00:21:48 +0000 2023

Replying to @AaronDewes and @harmoniqpunk

It’s complicated. There has been a number of discussions in the #SiliconSalon community about the openness of silicon design and hardware in general. A good overview from one company perspective was presented last month.

Thu Jul 06 06:29:38 +0000 2023

Replying to @AaronDewes and @harmoniqpunk

I also wrote a more general article on this topic in “Musings of a Trust Architect: Open Silicon” where I talk about some of the benefits and challenges:

Thu Jul 06 06:31:56 +0000 2023

RT @xuhulk: This @mer__edith interview is a masterclass on how to concisely and effectively educate the public about a sociotechnical issue…

Thu Jul 06 07:40:06 +0000 2023

RT @mer__edith: 📣 Important!

67 preeminent U.K. cryptographers & computer scientists speak out against the perilous magical thinking of th…

Thu Jul 06 08:00:12 +0000 2023

Let week @BlockchainComns hosted our monthly Gordian Developer Meeting. We were thrilled to hear from several bitcoin developers who are using our Gordian specs for wallet interoperability. [1/7]

Mon Jul 10 21:16:08 +0000 2023

We also had our first preview of CSR (Collaborative Seed Recovery). @WolfMcNally demonstrated how Gordian Seed Tool 1.6 can store metadata such as descriptors & notes with seeds, thanks to Gordian Envelope! A public beta is available in TestFlight! [4/7]

Mon Jul 10 21:16:09 +0000 2023

Meanwhile, @craigraw told us about his recent introduction of Lifehash to @SparrowWallet and offered a great new use case: he added Lifehash so that users knew they were getting the right wallet when they typed in their BIP-38 passphrase! [3/7]

Mon Jul 10 21:16:09 +0000 2023

We heard from Bitcoin Development Kit’s Thunderbiscuit (@thunderB__) on his introduction to URs and how it’s important to move some of our specs into standards before we end up with competing standards for things like Animated QRs. [2/7]

Mon Jul 10 21:16:09 +0000 2023

We’d love to have more wallet developers at August’s meeting, which is scheduled for the 2nd. Sign up for our announcements-list or join us on Signal to stay in the loop. [6/7]

Mon Jul 10 21:16:10 +0000 2023

Slides, video, and summary of the meeting are available on our meetings page. [5/7]

Mon Jul 10 21:16:10 +0000 2023

Support @Blockchaincomns’ work on bitcoin wallet interoperability by becoming a monthly financial sponsor! [7/7]

Mon Jul 10 21:16:11 +0000 2023

Always intrigued by improvements in protocols that leverage Schnorr signatures. This one appears to offer some of the robustness to FROST that ROAST offers, but without its performance issues.

Tue Jul 11 07:20:04 +0000 2023

Why is Gordian Envelope important? A new presentation for W3C’s VC-ED group discussed how it can solve problems with digital credentials, such as personal discrimination and institutional liability. [3/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:34 +0000 2023

A lot of the work continues to be on the privacy-preserving Gordian Envelope data format, which was ported to Rust in a set of new libraries this quarter. [2/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:34 +0000 2023

The new quarterly report from @BlockchainComns highlights its Q2 work creating open and interoperable specifications for the blockchain and digital asset communities [1/9] 🧵…

Tue Jul 18 16:36:34 +0000 2023

One of the most exciting things happening at @blockchaincomns this year is the advancement of some of specifications in standards groups and other communities. The quarterly talks about everything from the Silicon Salon to dCBOR work at IETF. [7/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:35 +0000 2023

The Q2 @BlockchainComns report also looked back at some work that continues to be very well-received, including animated QRs, URs, and Self-Sovereign Identity. [6/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:35 +0000 2023

Collaborative Seed Recovery (CSR) also continues to advance. Check out Wolf’s demo from our recent Gordian Developer Meeting. [5/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:35 +0000 2023

Why else is Gordian Envelope important? A new set of use cases on wellness & activity trackers demonstrated how they can protect your data while still supporting your health as well as public health initiatives. [4/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:35 +0000 2023

To support our ongoing work creating a secure & compassionate infrastructure for digital assets & identity, please become a Blockchain Commons patron. [9/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:36 +0000 2023

As for the future roadmap for @blockchaincomns, how about more Rust work, Gordian Seed Tool 1.6, a developer web site, more legal efforts, IETF in July, and RWOT in September? Read the quarterly report for all the details. [8/9]

Tue Jul 18 16:36:36 +0000 2023

RT @mer__edith: This is the real, human cost of mass surveillance of everyone’s private digital communications.

If we actually care about…

Fri Jul 21 04:50:59 +0000 2023

RT @mer__edith: Apple joins Signal & WhatsApp: they’ll pull services from the UK before compromising privacy + security. This makes sense:…

Fri Jul 21 05:07:09 +0000 2023

RT @EFF: Earlier this week, the UK’s House of Lords failed to protect the right to end-to-end encryption in the #OnlineSafetyBill. As the b…

Mon Jul 24 18:04:11 +0000 2023

Important potential threats given these type of devices against #CognitiveLiberty — hopefully Apple will take similar care that they did with eye-tracking in the VisionPro (also see )

Mon Jul 24 20:16:20 +0000 2023

Mon Jul 24 20:16:32 +0000 2023

RT @EFF: “Location data is incredibly sensitive. Where we go says a lot about who we are and what’s going on in our lives,” EFF’s @HTsuka t…

Tue Jul 25 04:48:19 +0000 2023

RT @jamie247: Thinking ‘how bad could something like $WLD really be?’

watch this speech by @ChristopherA 🎤 (2020)

.. on how a highly eff…

Tue Jul 25 16:08:21 +0000 2023

RT @EFF: The U.K. Parliament still needs to hear this message: don’t scan us.

Sat Jul 29 16:02:37 +0000 2023

RT @EFF: Protecting user privacy is a vital priority for the fediverse. Unfortunately hosts, users, and developers need to be prepared for…

Sun Jul 30 04:26:13 +0000 2023