Let's talk about food Today is Blog Action Day, where each year a topic is chosen and bloggers and activists worldwide write about that topic in their blogs or post about it on Twitter and Facebook using the tags #FOOD and #BAD11.

This year’s topic is Food, and this year many of my students of my BGIedu class Using the Social Web for Social Change are using the day to help kick off their “Beat Blog” assignments. The goal of Beat Blogs is for each student to choose a topic they are passionate about and blog about it at least weekly for two and a half months. Many students decide to keep their blogs going afterwards, am I’m always tickled when that happens.

Some of the blog posts by my students on the topic of Food:

All of these bloggers are new to the blogosphere, but if you appreciate what they have to say, give a quick comment — it goes a long way to encourage them to continue.

Bainbridge Graduate Institute

Life With Alacrity

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