@boingo You said to send you a DM, but I can’t if you don’t follow me.

Thu Oct 01 08:16:37 +0000 2009

Spent evening trying to wean down slides for @bgiedu intensive this week. I want less presentation, more interaction.

Thu Oct 01 08:17:44 +0000 2009

Arrived Island Wood for @bgiedu intensive: cold snapped here, fall has fallen here - http://bit.ly/Rsqnw http://twitpic.com/jv6of

Thu Oct 01 19:51:47 +0000 2009

Panorama of 2nd year MBA @BGIedu students during Creativty & Right Livelyhood session: http://twitpic.com/jw459

Thu Oct 01 23:38:29 +0000 2009

More from @BGIedu Creativity & Right Livelyhood session: http://twitpic.com/jw6j7

Thu Oct 01 23:53:55 +0000 2009

Finished teaching two three-hour classes on Using the Social Web for Social Change over weekend. Students are live tweeting at #bgiedu

Mon Oct 05 00:16:29 +0000 2009

Not everyone can be in my class… #bgiedu http://flic.kr/p/75KLGN

Thu Oct 08 02:17:28 +0000 2009

Replying to @BonnieJWallace

Welcome Twitter and to ambient intimacy ;-)

Tue Oct 13 22:43:45 +0000 2009

Replying to @DalLaMagna

Christopher Anderson? Are you speaking about the editor in chief of Wired?

Thu Oct 15 07:10:23 +0000 2009

Replying to @Goatface

Noise cancelling alone is not worth $250 unless you are an airplane pilot. However, if they are also good earphones, maybe.

Thu Oct 15 07:16:59 +0000 2009

Almost all my students are now on Twitter. Don’t expect that it will be perfect tool for all of them, but it will be good experience.

Thu Oct 15 07:31:47 +0000 2009

To my video oriented followers—I’m looking for someone experienced in creating a social video to chat with students online about the process

Thu Oct 15 22:02:30 +0000 2009

I heard about @blogactionday rather late, especially since wish I could have let my students know about it earlier. -> http://bit.ly/3Sa7c7

Fri Oct 16 07:19:42 +0000 2009

@DaisyWhitney I’m looking for someone who is willing chat online Oct 26 about creating a video whose goal was cause oriented. Can you help?

Fri Oct 16 10:23:05 +0000 2009

I’m experimenting with Aardvark, a system for answering questions from your social network. You can join me at http://vark.com/s/CGjn

Fri Oct 16 16:41:19 +0000 2009

Heading soon to Marin Headlands for hangrhapsody.com cave concert with @giffordpinchot. Called cave concert as it is in tunnel for echos.

Sat Oct 17 22:01:13 +0000 2009

Pano of SF from Hawk Hill on Marin Headlands before HangRhapsody.com concert: http://twitpic.com/m15os

Sun Oct 18 19:31:11 +0000 2009

Early rainstorm for Berkeley. M and I took quiet walk in rain to see the fall beauty. http://twitpic.com/m6my8 http://twitpic.com/m6myc

Mon Oct 19 23:49:46 +0000 2009

RT @cshirky: …the only good measure of student progress I know is the number of open problems they can successfully characterize.

Mon Oct 19 23:53:03 +0000 2009

The slides for first six sessions of my class “Using the Social Web for Social Change” at BGIedu sustainable MBA are at http://bit.ly/2W5Zjf

Tue Oct 20 03:55:47 +0000 2009

I’m at #lunch4good, topic of the day is “how can online contribution evolve to encourage more critical thought?” http://twitpic.com/mi167

Thu Oct 22 19:23:24 +0000 2009

I’m heading down to LA tomorrow (Fri) to meet w/ a movie producer, then off to a hang drum gathering. My Fri lunch and Sat breakfast is open

Thu Oct 22 21:05:57 +0000 2009

Arrived in Burbank, northern part of LA, a halo and hang drum in hand for tonight’s hand pan gathering. Still have breakfast Sat available.

Fri Oct 23 18:58:10 +0000 2009

At Jim Henson Studio’s, reading an indie script. While signing in, couldn’t resist checking out the wall of fame: http://twitpic.com/mn207

Fri Oct 23 21:12:49 +0000 2009

Read an early script for “Knights of Badassdom” - cool story, good connection to LARP and RPG communities, not just geeks. Gave some advice.

Sat Oct 24 01:21:24 +0000 2009

I enjoyed meeting people in LA this quick trip. A real creative community, both in film “knights of Badassdom” and at Hang drum gathering.

Sat Oct 24 18:38:13 +0000 2009

At Burbank airport, returning back to Oakland airport. Back to working with my BGIedu students ;-)

Sat Oct 24 18:39:38 +0000 2009

http://twitpic.com/muob8 - Photo from last night’s LA HangOut – I had a fun time jamming with fellow hang (and halo) players.

Sun Oct 25 05:29:11 +0000 2009