Heading to Poulsbro, WA near Bainbridge Island to meet @DalLaMagna, a big contributor to BGIedu. He is also auditing my Social Change class

Sun Nov 01 19:28:57 +0000 2009

I look forward to when the iPhone twitter apps support the new lists feature. For me it is a hugely powerful and useful feature.

Sun Nov 01 20:00:14 +0000 2009

RT @danfrakes (@ravenme): Safari has 6 windows with ~50 tabs & hasn’t been relaunched in weeks. Not possible before ClickToFlash. [Me too!]

Sun Nov 01 20:05:10 +0000 2009

I’m on the Bainbridge Ferry working on my presentation for tomorrow and preparing for next week’s Intensive at IslandWood.

Sun Nov 01 23:45:27 +0000 2009

This week is heart of course on Using Social Web for Change. Covering Cialdini’s influence, BJ Foggs 8 steps for persuasive design, and more

Sun Nov 01 23:47:14 +0000 2009

Now that I’ve got a more reliable internet I’ve been catching up on my student’s first social web videos — I’m really impressed and jazzed.

Mon Nov 02 06:12:42 +0000 2009

My students assigned to do their first social web videos this week, at least 30 seconds. Some of their first efforts: http://bit.ly/2affyj

Mon Nov 02 07:17:27 +0000 2009

Another great video from my “Social Web for Social Change” students. This one from Justin Tilson “A little about me” http://bit.ly/1YtwjG

Tue Nov 03 00:40:52 +0000 2009

Replying to @DaisyWhitney

Ask John Buckman of Magnatune.com about your classic music question - very accessible, and if he doesn’t he knows who.

Tue Nov 03 00:45:03 +0000 2009

Had a great day visioneering about BGIedu with @GiffordPinchot and @DalLaMagna—the evening we added @BonnieJWallace and @sustainabileMBA

Wed Nov 04 08:13:11 +0000 2009

#qotd “building a school is a political act”, speaker Lisa Capa during CAIR presentation at BGIedu about building schools in 3rd world

Fri Nov 06 05:14:19 +0000 2009

RT @bcampbelljr via @dina: Idea from TEDIndia - write your obituary. If you don’t like the way it reads, change your life - now. #tedindia

Fri Nov 06 05:15:50 +0000 2009

RT @NicoleLazzaro: To others I walk a tight rope spooled from my own hands. To me I dance a known path on solid ground #innovation

Fri Nov 06 05:16:44 +0000 2009

RT @NicoleLazzaro: The Web allowed sharing documents. Web 2.0 allows sharing verbs. #lrnchat

Fri Nov 06 05:17:58 +0000 2009

Student live tweeting my class at #bgi566

Sun Nov 08 18:04:17 +0000 2009

Had a great weekend at BGIedu intensive, thriving inside this sustainable MBA learning community. Great heart, comradery, and creativity.

Sun Nov 08 20:52:43 +0000 2009

Replying to @sharakarasic

re: cafe concentration, in comm science a little noise can aid in identifying weak signals. Probably true for brain as well.

Sun Nov 08 23:25:34 +0000 2009

[actually a good idea] RT @alevin: hahaha. private twitter lists “signal” and “noise”

Tue Nov 10 20:13:07 +0000 2009

My #BGIedu class #bgimgt566sx should read this post by Twitter CEO @Ev “Why Retweet works the way it does” http://bit.ly/jpMhN

Wed Nov 11 18:21:18 +0000 2009

My sustainable MBA students at BGIedu are doing a survey on how a banks can better serve the community. Help them at http://bit.ly/12cUNb

Sun Nov 15 03:10:12 +0000 2009

This is very oþ§çÜrë

Sun Nov 15 23:25:06 +0000 2009

New post “Paying for Favors” in my blog Life With Alacrity http://bit.ly/58jSJ0 on the topic of social capital, equity & participation.

Sun Nov 22 19:20:12 +0000 2009

Having a celebration at my home for the Bainbridge Graduate Institute community members located in the Bay Area. Expecting 25 or so. #bgiedu

Sun Nov 22 22:36:13 +0000 2009

Discussion during SF bay area Bainbridge Graduate Institute community gathering, led by @GiffordPinchot #BGIedu http://twitpic.com/qkxyc

Mon Nov 23 01:59:11 +0000 2009

Andy & Cindy’s Thai Cuisine http://bit.ly/8pHAXa was a hit at the BGIedu gathering. They have booth at the Berkeley Organic Farmers Market.

Mon Nov 23 05:54:47 +0000 2009

My iPhone book publisher is offering a deal of the day: Unlocking Android and iPhone in Action—buy 1 ebook and get 1
free! Use code dotd1129

Tue Nov 24 06:26:07 +0000 2009

This time of year I appreciate the water-cut slate leaves in my sidewalk—less cleanup: http://twitpic.com/rd8cj http://twitpic.com/rd8cg

Sat Nov 28 22:47:18 +0000 2009