“The Real Work is not…update or reinstalling the OS. The Real Work is teaching the child, healing the patient, [etc]” http://bit.ly/bTpJeR

Mon Feb 01 08:49:54 +0000 2010

At Social Media Camp at the Presidio in San Francisco #smcamp part of kickoff of Social Media Week

Mon Feb 01 17:43:18 +0000 2010

/@raphkoster reports his son has read his first Heinlein—Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, and liked it! This was my first SF in 3rd grade!

Mon Feb 01 17:49:39 +0000 2010

RT @katrinah: What’s the difference between lucky and unlucky people? “Lucky people recognize opportunities” @kevinmarks @smcsfsv #smcam …

Mon Feb 01 17:57:52 +0000 2010

RT @kevinmarks: says @CathyBrooks ‘true storytelling allows people to connect’ - ‘there’s a time and a place to be a digital nudist’

Mon Feb 01 18:22:26 +0000 2010

RT @frandallfarmer: What is an Avatar? Creators Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer Trace the Ancient Roots of the Latest Buzzword - http: …

Mon Feb 01 22:46:11 +0000 2010

Back to Seattle this afternoon, and BGIedu Intensive this weekend. Offering seminar on the Tactics of Persuasion & Influence on Saturday.

Wed Feb 03 20:05:52 +0000 2010

Replying to @Ross

any opportunity for a slideshare channel for an education institution? I’d like to get one for BGIedu (green MBA proram).

Wed Feb 03 20:20:26 +0000 2010

Replying to @sujamthe

iPhoneDevCamp has never been in Oct, always late July/early Aug. Current plan in iPadDevCamp April 2nd.

Wed Feb 03 20:25:07 +0000 2010

Trying to be more sustainable by taking the new SoundTransit Light Rail from Seatac to the BGIedu offices in Seattle. Easier then BART.

Wed Feb 03 22:56:47 +0000 2010

I’m intrigued by book @socialpatterns “Designing Social Interfaces” by @mediajunkie and @emalone — interesting TOC. Add to my syllabus?

Thu Feb 04 16:53:52 +0000 2010

/@GiffordPinchot interviewing this week’s CAiR (Change Agent in Residence) guests at start of BGIedu Intensive. http://twitpic.com/11fvhr

Fri Feb 05 04:24:44 +0000 2010

RT @HeartIQ: #qotd “The Silence of the heart is the greatest teacher.” –Adyashanti

Fri Feb 05 04:28:48 +0000 2010

CAiR (Change Agent In Residence) @RobertEgger of @DCCK interviewed tonight by @GiffordPinchot at #BGIedu. http://twitpic.com/11gf87

Fri Feb 05 06:51:38 +0000 2010

Had a great cafe session on social web, personal brand, and leadership with some #BGIedu students who are in the slower paced 3 year program

Sat Feb 06 01:54:46 +0000 2010

RT @rodot: Giving a High Performer Productive Feedback - Best Practices - Harvard Business Review: http://bit.ly/5VWKU2 via @addthis

Sat Feb 06 04:23:44 +0000 2010

Panorama of the closing circle at BGIedu. How many schools have such a powerful tradition of communication? http://twitpic.com/11wstf

Sun Feb 07 16:42:49 +0000 2010

RT @foglio: Avatar in the Amazon: cool to see how indigenous Ecuadorans reacted to the film http://bit.ly/9wsf8P

Sun Feb 07 17:52:53 +0000 2010

RT @mashable: http://bit.ly/8NfjSP <–Pepsi has no Super Bowl ad today- 1st time in 23yrs. Spending $20M on social media instead. Goo …

Sun Feb 07 21:56:19 +0000 2010

RT @mashable: How Social Gaming is Improving Education - http://bit.ly/bpHTzz

Mon Feb 08 00:17:40 +0000 2010

Townsend wardrobe malfunction: “It’s only old age waistline…” #sb44

Mon Feb 08 01:33:33 +0000 2010

.@AlexSteffen So exactly what do you mean by “Bright Green”— some people use it as a good property, some bad. @GiffordPinchot wonders too.

Mon Feb 08 17:16:58 +0000 2010

I’m getting tired of the term Social Media—seems to be Madison Ave way of co-opting conversation into old msg marketing. Prefer Social Web.

Mon Feb 08 17:27:04 +0000 2010

Social Web as a term is much more evocative as it encompasses the connections, whereas Social Media feels packaged and one-way.

Mon Feb 08 17:32:12 +0000 2010

Seeking open source online deliberation sofware. Best I’ve seem so far is the Debates page at climatecollaboratorium.org.

Mon Feb 08 17:50:57 +0000 2010

My definition of deliberation software—tools to facilitate not only discussion, but focus on decision making and action.

Mon Feb 08 18:11:17 +0000 2010

Replying to @peopleandplace

Thanks for the deliberation software tip to http://bit.ly/aBMMuY, I’ll take a look.

Mon Feb 08 18:27:44 +0000 2010

Replying to @NicoleLazzaro and @valdiskrebs

Be careful, Dunbar Number is a group size limit, not a personal limit (which is Social Channel Capacity).

Mon Feb 08 20:06:18 +0000 2010

Replying to @NicoleLazzaro and @valdiskrebs

Thus Dunbar Number is probably more a time limit, whereas Social Channel Capacity is an intimate limit.

Mon Feb 08 20:07:41 +0000 2010

.@NicoleLazzaro @valdiskrebs See http://j.mp/cKXfoy for difference between Dunbar Number and Social Channel Capacity.

Mon Feb 08 20:10:44 +0000 2010

Replying to @valdiskrebs

If you look at the papers, Dunbar Number may be caused by cognitive limits, but is a limit on group size because of aggregate.

Mon Feb 08 20:19:22 +0000 2010

Replying to @valdiskrebs

Whereas Social Channel Capacity is a cognitive limit of the individual. Subtle difference http://j.mp/cKXfoy

Mon Feb 08 20:21:40 +0000 2010

.@NicoleLazzaro @valdiskrebs @emp I believe both limits (Dunbar & Social Channel) are caused by limits in emotional part of our brains.

Mon Feb 08 20:25:07 +0000 2010

.@ValdisKrebs How about intead “Dunbar is a limit on size of close groups caused by personal cognitive limits of individuals in those groups

Mon Feb 08 20:29:25 +0000 2010

.@NicoleLazzaro Neuroscience shows that the seat of decision making is in emotion not rationality, thus cause may be we tire of decisions

Mon Feb 08 20:33:49 +0000 2010

@amoration Be careful of framing Dunbar as personal limit, is limit of aggregate of personal Social Channel Capacity http://j.mp/cKXfoy

Mon Feb 08 20:38:06 +0000 2010

Returning to Berkeley after a week at BGIedu, back for MacWorld, Dundracon & Valentines Day.

Mon Feb 08 20:40:48 +0000 2010

Tried google buzz—quite noisy, very confusing. Also feels like it should be in google reader not gmail.

Thu Feb 11 07:02:00 +0000 2010

Favorite part of #MacWorldExpo so far, the iPhone App mini booths, four to a table: http://twitpic.com/12nom6

Thu Feb 11 22:12:24 +0000 2010

Heading back to Seattle area for two weeks. Goal: get a good start on building a collaborative strategy for BGIedu green MBA program.

Tue Feb 16 19:38:48 +0000 2010

I’m bringing my Pantheon Steel Halo handpan to Seattle. Travels to BGIedu has meant not enough practice. I will master this instrument!

Tue Feb 16 19:58:32 +0000 2010

Replying to @justinefogle

I’m not a huge tichu fan, but a card night sounds good.

Tue Feb 16 22:29:01 +0000 2010

RT @GiffordPinchot: You may have heard me talk about HappoDammo Ratio at @GreenFestival, etc. Read about it: http://bit.ly/happodammo

Wed Feb 17 02:58:10 +0000 2010

I’m in the BGIedu offices on Bainbridge Island, working with folk on a collaborative strategy for how to integrate social web into our MBA.

Wed Feb 17 20:21:35 +0000 2010

RT @JPBarlow: Information is free. Experience is expensive.

Thu Feb 18 03:29:05 +0000 2010

Looks good, I’ll be there at 5:30. I

Thu Feb 18 18:30:09 +0000 2010

Morning sun on plum blossoms overlooking the Pugent Sound and Mt. Baker. A beautiful day on Bainbridge Island. http://twitpic.com/13ziao

Thu Feb 18 19:55:05 +0000 2010

Had a lovely dinner with Leif Utne @foglio and his family, at Winslow Cohousing on Bainbridge Island. Great diversity of conversation.

Fri Feb 19 05:32:33 +0000 2010

I am working on a 9-credit graduate level certificate program “Using the Social Web for Social Change” for BGIedu this summer.

Fri Feb 19 23:46:15 +0000 2010

If you are interested in this social web certificate, I need to do some market research—contact me if you are available for an interview.

Fri Feb 19 23:47:25 +0000 2010

Fabulous little Ethiopian restaurant, Mesob on Jefferson St at 14th in Seattle. Good vibes, inexpensive food. http://twitpic.com/1483my

Sat Feb 20 02:05:00 +0000 2010

RT @citizenspace: The full story of the community-driven purchase of coworking.com #coworking http://j.mp/aezjoI

Sat Feb 20 03:01:07 +0000 2010

RT @fredwilson: good convo at AVC this morning on whether entrepreneurs exhibit unique characteristics or not http://bit.ly/9uvy6u

Sat Feb 20 03:02:39 +0000 2010

Had a lunch w/ @GiffordPinchot & @AlexSteffen of @WorldChanging blog that lasted almost all afternoon. Great synergy possible with BGIedu.

Sun Feb 21 02:54:55 +0000 2010

Amazingly beautiful day in Seattle today. @SeattleTimes calls it “April in February”. I call it refreshing. http://twitpic.com/14g81q

Sun Feb 21 02:57:04 +0000 2010

RT @ManningBooks: Last call! 50% off any version of iPhone and iPad in Action by @brandontreb, @christophera, et al. Use code dotd0220tw …

Sun Feb 21 03:03:22 +0000 2010

Beautiful day for a ferry ride: http://twitpic.com/14n744

Mon Feb 22 01:30:01 +0000 2010

Sunset on the Hood Canal overlooking the Olympic Range, near @DalMagna’s home: http://twitpic.com/14n7gw

Mon Feb 22 01:31:54 +0000 2010

I’ve heard of clam beds and oyster beds, but I’ve never seen a sanddollar bed. On the Hood Canal: http://twitpic.com/14na4d

Mon Feb 22 01:45:04 +0000 2010

Giant barnacles at low tide on the Hood Canal: http://twitpic.com/14nb87

Mon Feb 22 01:50:27 +0000 2010

Great sunset walk along Hood Canal with @GiffordPinchot & @DalLaMagna. We were not only one leaving tracks: http://twitpic.com/14ncqt

Mon Feb 22 01:58:03 +0000 2010

RT @Worldchanging: Defining a ‘Carbon Neutral’ City http://bit.ly/cwhqVW

Tue Feb 23 01:31:11 +0000 2010

RT @AlexSteffen: Thanks to the Seattle City Council for taking a bold stance: climate neutrality, city-wide! http://bit.ly/Co2neutralSeattle

Tue Feb 23 01:31:26 +0000 2010

I have never had a tighter ferry connection, maybe 30 seconds ahead of gate closing. Ferries have an interesting effect on corporate culture

Tue Feb 23 20:27:43 +0000 2010

I’m looking for some unconference/barcamp/charette experienced folk in the Seattle area that are not too-tech oriented for planning an event

Tue Feb 23 23:59:35 +0000 2010

Replying to @brycej

BGIedu is planning a series non-traditional events starting summer, either open-space or devcamp/charette style. Open to ideas.

Wed Feb 24 07:56:29 +0000 2010

I always enjoy symphonyofscience.com videos—they have a new video out “Poetry of Reality”: http://bit.ly/aQOriB

Thu Feb 25 20:34:45 +0000 2010

We need to make decision soon re: a less expensive “Foundations of the Social Web” summer course, or comprehensive “Social Change”. Advice?

Thu Feb 25 20:41:06 +0000 2010

BGI students: please read about twitter phishing and hacks in The Channel http://bgichannel.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=44312 Please RT

Thu Feb 25 21:52:43 +0000 2010

Anonther danah boyd (@zephoria) article at her best http://j.mp/bM3fi9 “Streams of Content Limited Attention”. #++syllabus

Fri Feb 26 03:11:56 +0000 2010

Cute sushi orange carved into a teddy bear at SuBI restaurant on Bainbridge Island: http://twitpic.com/15d5cj

Fri Feb 26 03:33:39 +0000 2010

“Being in flow with information is…not about perfect attention, but…is about a sense…of being aligned with information.” http://j.mp/bM3fi9

Fri Feb 26 03:34:14 +0000 2010

Lakoff updates us on recent science valdating his ideas on Framing. Why can’t liberals be persuasive? http://bit.ly/cKNiFa #++syllabus

Fri Feb 26 17:53:16 +0000 2010

Taking Brian Weller’s Ultimate Facilitation Skills course this weekend at BGIedu’s new Seattle office. I’m light on F2F facilitation skills.

Sat Feb 27 02:35:17 +0000 2010

.@rycaut It may not fit your definition of curation, but the one big triumph of taxonomy over folksonomy is Pandora Radio.

Sat Feb 27 02:41:16 +0000 2010

Even if you don’t play online games, read this thoughtful post on the future of the social web by @RaphKoster http://j.mp/cfL1ov

Sat Feb 27 02:52:38 +0000 2010

Replying to @rycaut

maybe augasm and magnatune?

Sat Feb 27 03:00:34 +0000 2010

“Virtual worlds are dead, long live the world, virtual.” #qotd by @RaphKoster http://j.mp/cfL1ov

Sat Feb 27 05:39:48 +0000 2010

.@btanaka An open source EPUB editor that offers a Markdown to EPUB converter sounds like a good idea. I might be up for supporting this.

Sun Feb 28 16:05:12 +0000 2010