Blockchain technologies help, but there are many other hidden forms of centralization that also have to be overcome.

Wed Feb 03 18:26:06 +0000 2016

Well, the Trilobites lived for 281M years from the Cambrian to the end of Permium. Ecosystems change.

Fri Feb 05 02:27:12 +0000 2016

Twitter Moments is useless to me, but if i could get the “While you were away…” on demand I would use it regularly. #TwitterImprovements

Fri Feb 05 02:32:48 +0000 2016

Replying to @NancyWhite

no, digital learning is machine learning

Fri Feb 05 16:42:34 +0000 2016

True! “the dream that drove so many of us in the early days isn’t the dream of…” — @zephoria—75-198.npb04by5b

Fri Feb 05 16:50:27 +0000 2016

True! “The complexity, magnitude and acceleration of our problems means that those old answers are not sufficient”

Fri Feb 05 18:54:26 +0000 2016

RT @HerraBRE: A lot of people think encryption is just for keeping secrets. They forget it also ensures the integrity of communication; thw…

Fri Feb 05 22:48:27 +0000 2016

Counter-intuitive,but makes sense. We take more risks when we think we may be safe. Also Black-Scholes in ‘08 crash:

Sat Feb 06 20:31:39 +0000 2016

Replying to @petertoddbtc

The big finance co’s in ‘08 thought that by using Black-Scholes they could mitagate risk, but instead increased it.

Sat Feb 06 22:03:51 +0000 2016

Replying to @petertoddbtc

it wasn’t that they didn’t understand Black-Scholes ‘08, but underestimated human irrationality would move systematic risk.

Sat Feb 06 22:06:12 +0000 2016

Replying to @vvachani

Listen to my reply

Tue Feb 09 17:47:01 +0000 2016

You might also like my 3 posts from 2008 on Community by the Numbers, also group thresholds:

Tue Feb 09 18:07:23 +0000 2016

RT @jsmarr: my latest side project: scaling deepdream to run on an artist’s 8’+ panoramic landscapes with (imo) amazing results. https://t.…

Tue Feb 09 20:58:07 +0000 2016

I’m not sure how generalized this solution is, but any progress in homomorphic encryption is progress for #privacy…

Tue Feb 09 21:42:00 +0000 2016

EFF Co-founder John Perry Barlow @JPBarlow on the 20th anniversary of his Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace…

Wed Feb 10 01:16:37 +0000 2016

The full slideshare explaining my Proficiency Ladder is at #InstructionalDesign #Flow

Wed Feb 10 18:12:07 +0000 2016

Replying to @Espenel

Thanks! Note that particular diagram is a bit complex to understand without the broader context:

Wed Feb 10 18:17:59 +0000 2016

Replying to @andrestaltz and @adamludwin

You might like

Wed Feb 10 18:33:48 +0000 2016

Replying to @Espenel

Yes. At the beginning of every class I show some variant of that slide with the topics of the day. Mastery is often not required!

Wed Feb 10 18:37:45 +0000 2016

Replying to @Espenel

It is also good often the end of a class, to remind them what they learned and where they should be.

Wed Feb 10 18:38:42 +0000 2016

It has been fun to read answers to “Is it possible today for a single engineer to scale an app to 1 million users?”

Wed Feb 10 18:44:21 +0000 2016

Here is a presentation on my teaching philosophy and approach to curriculum design in a hybrid flipped environment:

Wed Feb 10 19:35:10 +0000 2016

Replying to @Espenel

Given your interest, I just uploaded a slideshare on my teaching philosophy:

Wed Feb 10 19:35:57 +0000 2016

As conference season peaks, I’m tired of “Sage on the Stage”. How about more round tables, design charrettes, open space, hackathons, etc!

Wed Feb 10 20:07:01 +0000 2016

We are working to have the next #RebootingTheWebOfTrust design workshop at the UN in NYC as part of at end of May.

Wed Feb 10 20:10:10 +0000 2016

“UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9. aims to deliver Legal Identity for all.” #ID2020Summit #RebootingWebOfTrust

Wed Feb 10 20:11:27 +0000 2016

My social change course @pinchotbgi taught this: Partisanship “can even undermine our very basic reasoning skills”

Wed Feb 10 21:46:49 +0000 2016

It is important to understand that these biases apply to both right and left politics. Partisanship is the problem.

Wed Feb 10 21:51:26 +0000 2016

Some interesting analysis of how to change minds online from Cornell based on Reddit’s /r/changemyview:

Wed Feb 10 23:07:12 +0000 2016

“What are we going to do when people expect us to start producing computer systems that actually work?”—@johnregehr

Thu Feb 11 00:24:07 +0000 2016

BigChainDB seems to be a new Byzantine Consensus Algorithm on top of RethinkDB. Wonder how BCA compares to Stellar?

Thu Feb 11 01:49:35 +0000 2016

Replying to @juanbenet, @taoeffect, @petertoddbtc and @trentmc0

How does BigchainDB BCA compare to Stellar’s SCP? Why not SCP on RethinkDB? #blockchain

Thu Feb 11 01:55:45 +0000 2016

RT @buchmanster: @ChristopherA @juanbenet @taoeffect @petertoddbtc @trentmc0 rethinkdb not bft. Raft consensus only on config changes

Thu Feb 11 02:03:46 +0000 2016

RT @trentmc0: @buchmanster @ChristopherA @juanbenet @taoeffect @petertoddbtc correct lower level consensus not bft. That’s why federation o…

Thu Feb 11 02:34:43 +0000 2016

Replying to @trentmc0, @buchmanster, @juanbenet, @taoeffect and @petertoddbtc

but what you call BCA BigchainDB Consensus Algorithm, how does it compare to SCP?

Thu Feb 11 02:36:53 +0000 2016

RT @trentmc0: @ChristopherA @juanbenet @taoeffect @petertoddbtc great q, we are big fans of scp. For 1st cut bypass extra complexity of quo…

Thu Feb 11 02:37:44 +0000 2016

Replying to @trentmc0, @juanbenet, @taoeffect and @petertoddbtc

So is it compatible enough with SCP that if you added quorum it would be SCP? Or different?

Thu Feb 11 02:39:32 +0000 2016

RT @trentmc0: @ChristopherA @juanbenet @taoeffect @petertoddbtc great q. I’ll have to investigate further.

Thu Feb 11 04:53:43 +0000 2016

RT @juanbenet: @trentmc0 @ChristopherA I think SCP would be a great fit for BigchainDB, but will take adjustments. On it ;)

Thu Feb 11 12:04:50 +0000 2016

Amusing to see the OK Go “Upside Down & Inside Out” video on the same day as the LIGO gravity wave confirmation.

Thu Feb 11 19:32:46 +0000 2016

Replying to @petertoddbtc and @gojomo

I think it is live & uncut, but the plane is doing some choreographed dives—there are several points everything falls.

Fri Feb 12 01:13:05 +0000 2016

Replying to @petertoddbtc and @gojomo

My favorite part is the weightless ballet dancers. In a few years we should see longer 0G times & incredible dancing.

Fri Feb 12 01:17:06 +0000 2016

RT @MicroSFF: “Dude!”
“Grav waves! Rad?”
“Dude, any wave is!”
“Dude! Let’s build a board!”
– From ‘History o…

Fri Feb 12 01:32:23 +0000 2016

RT @NickSzabo4: Public key cryptography, used in https://, blockchains, etc., explained with paint mixing and clocks:…

Fri Feb 12 19:12:22 +0000 2016

RT @juanbenet: cyphermedia = cryptographically authenticated hypermedia. maybe also encrypted at rest.

Wed Feb 17 18:27:49 +0000 2016

RT @NickSzabo4: Noise in commodity prices misleads us about scarcity and sustainability.

Wed Feb 17 18:42:47 +0000 2016

Replying to @taoeffect and @zcashco

I have a list of links and papers that I’ve collected on the topic of zk-snarks at

Wed Feb 17 18:53:51 +0000 2016

RT @NickSzabo4: New blog post – of money and Malthus:

Wed Feb 17 18:55:40 +0000 2016

IBM’s Open BlockChain #IBMOBC smart contracts are called chaincode: “can be written in any programming language”:

Wed Feb 17 19:01:42 +0000 2016

I’m not quite comfortable calling parallel confirmation of the execution of general purpose program a #SmartContract.

Wed Feb 17 22:01:53 +0000 2016

Instead, in a #SmartContract language I’m seeking a system where both the identity and consensus layers are intimately intertwined.

Wed Feb 17 22:05:01 +0000 2016

“a push from American law enforcement agencies to unlock iPhones would embolden Beijing to demand the same” @nytimes

Wed Feb 17 22:15:47 +0000 2016

We in tech community, in particular in #Blockchain, need to be careful of “Tyranny of the Quantifiable” #Complexity

Wed Feb 17 22:29:24 +0000 2016

I have also heard this as “beware of invisible architectures” — we risk in designing complex systems locking in unanticipated consequences.

Wed Feb 17 22:31:58 +0000 2016

Met CJ once and chatted late into the night. Early books are about what is alien, later on what is human. Brilliant!

Wed Feb 17 22:36:17 +0000 2016

I play an unusual instrument called a #handpan. Here is my collection of video links for some of best performances:

Thu Feb 18 22:14:30 +0000 2016

The #handpan was invented in 2000, is made of harmonic hammered steel, and takes about 250K strikes to shape & tune.

Thu Feb 18 22:16:57 +0000 2016

Videos of two of my better #handpan performances are here & — still learning every day!

Thu Feb 18 22:19:47 +0000 2016

This comic nails the core of the argument against the demand by the SoCa court for Apple to backdoor the iPhone:

Sat Feb 20 19:07:47 +0000 2016

The Backwards Brain Bicycle “Be careful how you interpret things; knowledge != understanding; hidden biases exist”

Sat Feb 20 20:10:18 +0000 2016

Fear mongering is a cheap and powerful method of persuasion — as a culture we have to learn to resist it.

Sat Feb 20 21:00:14 +0000 2016

Related to the Apple subpoena, this is the best analysis that I’ve seen from the court forensics side of the topic:

Sat Feb 20 21:54:30 +0000 2016

Replying to @donaldmcintyre_

with fear mongering you don’t need lack of information—influence effect of satisficing will mean you don’t want more info.

Sat Feb 20 21:56:52 +0000 2016

Cynefin is major model I use when teaching adult mastery skills. Not everything complex is learnable classically.

Sat Feb 20 22:01:58 +0000 2016

RT @stevedenning: Planet got destroyed but for one beautiful moment we created shareholder value #stoos @rstraub46 @LdeRothschild https://t…

Sat Feb 20 22:03:41 +0000 2016

RT @WayneVaughan: Sidechains: Weaving a network of blockchains with Bitcoin by Adam Back (@adam3us) of @Blockstream.

Sat Feb 20 22:07:12 +0000 2016

RT @AaronvanW: The Hong Kong roundtable statement by (some) Core devs and miners was just posted on @btcroundtable’s Medium page: https://t…

Sat Feb 20 22:09:51 +0000 2016

On fear mongering: “…behind any use of power over another the ultimate assumption remains: “I feed on your energy.””

Sat Feb 20 23:59:11 +0000 2016

I spend a lot of time in my Influence & Social Change courses on the topic of power and ethics—we need to be aware:

Sun Feb 21 00:03:54 +0000 2016

…and this was said to Turkish diplomats. That is one country we really want to abide by their own constitution!

Sun Feb 21 02:17:19 +0000 2016

The full promise of #SmartContracts requires cryptographically authenticated feeds—some research using #Ethereum…

Sun Feb 21 02:32:15 +0000 2016

I was interviewed by the W3C’s #VerifiableClaims Task Force, who are deciding if W3C should create standards on this

Mon Feb 22 19:48:21 +0000 2016

Here is the summary of survey results from #VerifiableClaims Task Force, presented today by @manusporny #credentials

Mon Feb 22 19:54:52 +0000 2016

Here is the full report on W3C’s #VerifiableClaims Task Force on need for standards for #ID #Credentials sharing

Mon Feb 22 20:01:02 +0000 2016

43 orgs that either issue #VerifiableClaims or consume them were surveyed. Very interesting reading in raw results!

Mon Feb 22 20:06:37 +0000 2016

Relevance of #VerifiedCredentials to #Blockchain? #Privacy! How about just one Know Your Customer #KYC than risking giving everyone info.

Mon Feb 22 20:18:36 +0000 2016

As #VerifiableClaims has set objectives to be user-centric and truly decentralized it is also relevant to #RebootingWebOfTrust & #Reputation

Mon Feb 22 20:23:01 +0000 2016

RT @equalsAndy: @ChristopherA looks great and more inclusive than I might have suspected. Would be interested in being involved. Can you ma…

Mon Feb 22 21:02:31 +0000 2016

Replying to @equalsAndy and @manusporny

You should get together and talk about #LinkedDataSignatures2015 & #VerifiableClaims.

Mon Feb 22 21:12:54 +0000 2016

Talking #VerifiableClaims & #Blockchain at lunch with @Ryladog @Shepazu @manusporny @ChristopherA @halindrome

Mon Feb 22 21:43:12 +0000 2016

Session agenda and notes from today’s #W3C Web Payments Interest Group meeting about #Blockchain:

Mon Feb 22 21:51:28 +0000 2016 is a new group to help “Encourage Consensus, Foster Implementation & Speed Adoption” of web standards.

Mon Feb 22 21:56:38 +0000 2016

‘Xeno’ <def>n. the smallest measurable unit of human connection, typically exchanged between passing strangers</def>

Mon Feb 22 23:25:06 +0000 2016

I agree w/ @Joi here—part of the reason I’m here at a W3C mtg & watching Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger. Decisions!

Mon Feb 22 23:42:07 +0000 2016

.@Joi You may find relevant the principals that I outline in the definition of a

Mon Feb 22 23:45:59 +0000 2016

@ahopebailie a link to your slides?

Tue Feb 23 00:00:01 +0000 2016

@_emschwartz links to InterLedger presentation and preliminary specs?

Tue Feb 23 00:02:07 +0000 2016

RT @okTurtles: Our first status letter: okTurtles Browser Extension, DNSChain, DPKI, & More!

Tue Feb 23 19:25:01 +0000 2016