RT @Deadspin: How America’s largest local TV owner turned its news anchors into soldiers in Trump’s war on the media: https://t.co/iLVtKRQy…

Sun Apr 01 17:25:12 +0000 2018

RT @_jillruth: I just published some thoughts on credit systems and cryptocurrency. This will (hopefully) be the first in a series on attes…

Sun Apr 01 17:38:24 +0000 2018

Offering bounties to the public for bugs in code is a useful way to support the commons. However, there are some challenges — others may be working on the same bug (or front-running your own work). This makes for inefficiencies in production and risky for the coders. Solutions? https://twitter.com/scottybauer1/status/980170756565868544

Sun Apr 01 18:03:43 +0000 2018

RT @prezcannady: @ChristopherA If you can proof against Sybil attacks, use bids for fixed-duration resolutions rather than bounties. If you…

Sun Apr 01 19:18:57 +0000 2018

RT @ProfFeynman: Fall in love with some activity, and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn’t matter. https:/…

Sun Apr 01 21:30:48 +0000 2018

RT @Drabiv: @ChristopherA Instead of or in addition to bounties (which are in essence competitions - “who will find the bug first”), tender…

Sun Apr 01 21:44:46 +0000 2018

RT @grittygrease: The resolver also implements the latest privacy-enhancing standards such as DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-HTTPS, QNAME m…

Mon Apr 02 00:34:23 +0000 2018

Squirrel Mohawk?

Mon Apr 02 01:25:19 +0000 2018

I’m intrigued by the possibilities to use a W3C Verifiable Claim as an oracle in @tdryja’s anonymous Discreet Log Contracts: “the potential…allowing users to discreetly enter in to futures contracts…trusting oracles only to sign the correct price.” https://adiabat.github.io/dlc.pdf

Mon Apr 02 15:00:11 +0000 2018

RT @Zach_Schloss: 1/ This ongoing thread and subthreads - mostly between @leashless, @pospigos, and @artbrock - is incredible. Deepest, no…

Mon Apr 02 15:33:00 +0000 2018

RT @leashless: @AGStover @dmitry_groshev @artbrock @fer_ananda @holochain This is not a bad question to ask of new technologies: “what woul…

Mon Apr 02 15:34:25 +0000 2018

Replying to @artbrock, @leashless, @fer_ananda and @holochain

Reputation systems are very hard. The key is narrow context. A generalized social credit score crosses too many contexts. Even tribal scores are likely to. The #RebootingWebOfTrust community periodically tries to move the needle, but no easy answers so far.
Some links:

Mon Apr 02 15:42:46 +0000 2018

Replying to @artbrock, @leashless, @fer_ananda and @holochain

This is the one I usually start people on, a summary from @frandallfarmer of the most common pitfalls of reputation systems: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/ReputationAndTheRealWorld.md

Mon Apr 02 15:45:08 +0000 2018

Replying to @artbrock, @leashless, @fer_ananda, @holochain and @frandallfarmer

Another, by @JuanSGalt on how not to build Orwellian reputation systems: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/How-Not-to-build-an-Orwellian-reputation-system.md

Mon Apr 02 15:47:14 +0000 2018

Replying to @artbrock, @leashless, @fer_ananda, @holochain, @frandallfarmer and @JuanSGalt

Periodically collaborative teams at #RebootingWebOfTrust — a worthy task, but risky as a number attempts have failed to ship anything. One that did ship was led by @anguschampion on how to evaluate different reputation systems against each other: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-spring2017/blob/master/final-documents/reputation-design.md

Mon Apr 02 15:50:45 +0000 2018

Replying to @artbrock, @leashless, @fer_ananda, @holochain, @frandallfarmer, @JuanSGalt and @anguschampion

Another, more current, reputation topic paper from the most recent #RebootingWebOfTrust (the sixth!) is by @kate_sills https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-spring2018/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/distributed-reputation-systems-kate-sills.md

Mon Apr 02 15:54:44 +0000 2018

Replying to @artbrock, @leashless, @fer_ananda, @holochain, @frandallfarmer, @JuanSGalt, @anguschampion and @kate_sills

I anticipate that the subject will come up again at next fall’s #RebootingWebOfTrust, September 25th in Toronto. I invite you all to join with us to collaborate. You can subscribe to be notified about future collaborative events at http://weboftrust.us16.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=5eb6ea6b8f41c0eca891f1d8b&id=25985dacb0

Mon Apr 02 15:59:33 +0000 2018

RT @artbrock: @leashless @fer_ananda @holochain Reductionist, one-dimensional reputation is typically shit. Not all reputation is shit. Whe…

Mon Apr 02 15:59:56 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @artbrock @leashless @fer_ananda @holochain Reputation systems are very hard. The key is narrow context. A generalized so…

Mon Apr 02 15:59:58 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @artbrock @leashless @fer_ananda @holochain This is the one I usually start people on, a summary from @frandallfarmer of…

Mon Apr 02 16:00:03 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @artbrock @leashless @fer_ananda @holochain @frandallfarmer Another, by @JuanSGalt on how not to build Orwellian reputati…

Mon Apr 02 16:00:06 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @artbrock @leashless @fer_ananda @holochain @frandallfarmer @JuanSGalt Periodically collaborative teams at #RebootingWebO…

Mon Apr 02 16:00:10 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @artbrock @leashless @fer_ananda @holochain @frandallfarmer @JuanSGalt @anguschampion Another, more current, reputation t…

Mon Apr 02 16:00:13 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @artbrock @leashless @fer_ananda @holochain @frandallfarmer @JuanSGalt @anguschampion @kate_sills I anticipate that the s…

Mon Apr 02 16:00:20 +0000 2018

I’m with @doctorow & @nayafia — blockchain governance models that focus on voting, in particular majority voting, are like to be abused, fail, or have dead ends. Deliberation systems can lead to rough consensus. The need to vote is often a sign of failure. https://boingboing.net/2018/04/02/consensus-consensus-it-broke-u.html

Mon Apr 02 16:31:45 +0000 2018

RT @nayafia: Wrote about why voting is bad for democracy, would love feedback! https://medium.com/@nayafia/the-problem-with-voting-8cff39f771e8

Mon Apr 02 16:33:45 +0000 2018

“Voting is a zero-sum game, meaning that whomever wins does so at the expense of someone else. As a result, voting promotes competition, not cooperation.”—@nayafia https://medium.com/@nayafia/the-problem-with-voting-8cff39f771e8

Mon Apr 02 16:37:03 +0000 2018

There are many forms of collective choice. I wrote about many alternative forms in “The Spectrum of Consent” back in 2015: http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2015/09/a-spectrum-of-consent.html

Mon Apr 02 16:40:00 +0000 2018

Another relevant series of articles is @taoeffect series on the unsuitability of majority votes. It looks like they are only suited for”regularly (or semi-regularly) occurring, medium-to-low-stakes reversible decisions that affect a small group.” https://groupincome.org/2016/09/deprecating-mays-theorem/

Mon Apr 02 16:44:55 +0000 2018

Replying to @prezcannady

At minimum, the rules for decentralized internet have to be set up. Most likely the first versions of decentralized internet will have flaws, or unanticipated consequences. Long-term decentralized internet needs bug fixes. Thus some governance is required, if hopefully minimal.

Mon Apr 02 16:50:22 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: There are many forms of collective choice. I wrote about many alternative forms in “The Spectrum of Consent” back in 2015…

Mon Apr 02 16:50:36 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @prezcannady At minimum, the rules for decentralized internet have to be set up. Most likely the first versions of decent…

Mon Apr 02 16:50:40 +0000 2018

Replying to @amuellerml, @nayafia and @doctorow

Even the founders of western civilization, the ancient Greeks, knew that democracy was flawed and created methods to try to address it (sortition, etc). America’s founding fathers knew it too. Yet somehow today we think majority rule is the solution, or it is a solved problem.

Mon Apr 02 16:54:38 +0000 2018

Replying to @davewiner

I believe this is true for the US due to our failure to demand a functioning government, but in EU the GDPR regulations start next month, with serious teeth. Unless you wish to ignore the EU market, you’ll have to change. This then may make even more radical changes possible.

Mon Apr 02 18:00:37 +0000 2018

RT @drummondreed: @amigus @windley Self-sovereign identity turns personal data into permissioned digitally signed credentials. Access to th…

Mon Apr 02 18:48:05 +0000 2018

“Europeans have made progress toward addressing some of the problems that have recently been highlighted…laws…to seek consent before collecting sensitive personal information, to make the request understandable…easy way to opt in to sharing such data” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/01/opinion/facebook-lax-privacy-rules.html

Mon Apr 02 19:02:13 +0000 2018

”…Further, companies that want to collect data about Europeans will have to be upfront about how they use personal data, and they cannot collect more information than they need to provide the services they are offering” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/01/opinion/facebook-lax-privacy-rules.html

Mon Apr 02 19:02:59 +0000 2018

RT @derek_hsue: 1) Projects like Ethereum, Tezos, and EOS have raised massive amounts of money, and are also facing public scrutiny from an…

Mon Apr 02 19:05:33 +0000 2018

Interesting — the Wolfram language can now support blockchain data. Looking forward to when we can use @Wolfram_Alpha as a blockchain explorer and do other operations using it: https://reference.wolfram.com/language/guide/Blockchain.html

Mon Apr 02 19:14:30 +0000 2018

RT @leashless: @ChristopherA @artbrock @fer_ananda @holochain @InsurePal_io What we want is not reputation, it’s restorative justice. If so…

Mon Apr 02 20:02:02 +0000 2018

RT @leashless: @ChristopherA @artbrock @fer_ananda @holochain @InsurePal_io We are using reputation to try and make sure bad things never h…

Mon Apr 02 20:02:33 +0000 2018

RT @rezendi: @leashless @ChristopherA @artbrock @fer_ananda @holochain @InsurePal_io I actually like the idea of modeling reputation as a s…

Mon Apr 02 20:02:34 +0000 2018

“One might have thought that ‘quantum’, ‘neural’ and ‘blockchain’ (not to mention ‘AI’) didn’t have much in common…that in fact they might in some sense be incompatible. But what we’ve seen is that actually there are all sorts of connections between them” http://blog.stephenwolfram.com/2018/04/buzzword-convergence-making-sense-of-quantum-neural-blockchain-ai/

Mon Apr 02 20:10:21 +0000 2018

RT @leashless: @ChristopherA @artbrock @fer_ananda @holochain @InsurePal_io What you want is insurance, not identity. I can safely deal wit…

Mon Apr 02 20:10:55 +0000 2018

RT @jwaup: ten design considerations for every decentralized #reputation system:

1) Context
2) Participation
3) User Consent
4) Confident…

Mon Apr 02 21:16:05 +0000 2018

RT @BenLaurie: BTW, this also shows something that really annoys me about crypto: it is absolutely crammed with craft knowledge that can on…

Mon Apr 02 21:20:56 +0000 2018

…or start doing bulletproofs in DNA?@benediktbuenz https://twitter.com/christophera/status/716159907557351424

Mon Apr 02 21:26:53 +0000 2018

RT @leashless: @ChristopherA @artbrock @fer_ananda @holochain @InsurePal_io Reputation systems provide UNLIMITED potential for harming out-…

Mon Apr 02 21:27:20 +0000 2018

RT @FreedomofPress: India’s national identity database centralizes and retains enormous amounts of data about its citizens, and its securit…

Mon Apr 02 21:28:21 +0000 2018

I love cooperative play & games, which is why my long-term writing partner @Appelcline and I wrote a book on the design of cooperative tabletop games. We finally have a contract with a publisher, so we are updating it with lessons from the latest games. http://www.mechanics-and-meeples.com/2018/04/02/new-to-me-winter-2018-another-season-of-co-ops/

Mon Apr 02 21:35:32 +0000 2018

More posts on @Appelcline’s blog on cooperative games: http://www.mechanics-and-meeples.com/2010/10/14/gaming-evolution-co-op-games-part-one-honored-ancestors/ & list of all of his co-op posts: http://www.mechanics-and-meeples.com/?s=Co-op&submit=Search

Mon Apr 02 21:41:21 +0000 2018

For a preview on the, here are my slides for my @GDCNext talk “Cooperative Gaming: Tabletop Lessons for Online Games” https://www.slideshare.net/ChristopherA/cooperative-gamingtabletop-lessons-for-online-games and separately the audio: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1019871/Cooperative-Gaming-Tabletop-Lessons-for

Mon Apr 02 21:49:56 +0000 2018

We are also working on two sequels: The 1st on the patterns of cooperative play (which differ mostly from cooperative games as they rarely have specific success goals) which is about 1/3 complete. The 2nd on cooperative work, including how events like #RebootingWebOfTrust work.

Mon Apr 02 21:52:06 +0000 2018

RT @theready: When your organization is struggling to straddle the old and also keep pace with the new: https://medium.com/the-ready/the-os-canvas-8253ac249f53 @aarondignan

Mon Apr 02 22:14:55 +0000 2018

RT @mir_btc: Understanding & studying how bitcoin works (the tech, the economic incentives mechanism, the political implications, the cyphe…

Tue Apr 03 18:54:36 +0000 2018

Some good iteration on my original 10 self-sovereign identity principles that I published two years ago. I encourage this continuing conversation and would love a revised set of principles. Some discussion not covered is at https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/self-sovereign-identity https://twitter.com/lifeid_io/status/981251738983317504

Wed Apr 04 00:31:28 +0000 2018

RT @windley: OH at #IIW: identity is how systems recognize, remember, or respond to people. @JoeAndrieu

Wed Apr 04 00:40:03 +0000 2018

#qotd “Democracy depends on a shared consensual reality — something that’s being willfully undermined.”—Michael Benson in New York Times op-ed https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/02/opinion/2018-hals-odyssey-to-reality.html

Wed Apr 04 00:54:01 +0000 2018

I’m not sure this an exaggeration. I used to teach MBA students about how to use Google Reader & Delicious for the students to collaboratively filter hundreds of feeds. Both no longer exist and their replacements are insufficiently collaborative. Now we rely on others to filter. https://twitter.com/anildash/status/980930699271245825

Wed Apr 04 01:00:42 +0000 2018

RT @VitalikButerin: 1. It’s interesting how much times have changed by 2018; even @Excellion (Blockstream CSO)’s presentation explicitly ma…

Wed Apr 04 03:24:54 +0000 2018

RT @VitalikButerin: 6. Why the emphasis on the ability to move $400m quickly? I personally am more interested in the ability to move $40 qu…

Wed Apr 04 03:25:17 +0000 2018

RT @VitalikButerin: 25. Re selfish-mining: “you actually have a negative gamma” … “you actually help the honest miners by attacking the n…

Wed Apr 04 03:29:17 +0000 2018

RT @VitalikButerin: 34. “If you solve lightning, you also solve the discrete log problem”. My bulls*** meter is spinning so fast that figur…

Wed Apr 04 03:30:13 +0000 2018

“For Ishmat and her husband, the change is unnecessary…they’ve been doing just fine in the informal economy, relying on the fact that people know & trust them. They depend on neighbors for financial help, rather than official moneylenders like banks or microloan organizations.“ https://twitter.com/christophera/status/848936604903260160

Wed Apr 04 03:39:34 +0000 2018

“The problem is…registered under the two different names…his Aadhaar card is registered in Tamil Nadu…driver’s license is from neighboring state of Karnataka…bank accounts in Tamil Nadu & Bengaluru, but…also known & borrowed from informal moneylenders for at least 15 years.”

Wed Apr 04 03:43:18 +0000 2018

Replying to @amigus and @tristanhoy

If you read the paper on functional identity, or hear one of Joe’s talks, it will say there is far more to identify than functional identity. But these other aspects, epistemological, philosophical, etc. get in the way of getting things done with digital identity.

Wed Apr 04 15:34:29 +0000 2018

Our biggest fans this week: @peterktodd, @eric_lombrozo, @PatriceinMilano. Thank you! via https://sumall.com/thankyou?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=publishing&utm_campaign=thank_you_tweet&utm_content=text_and_media&utm_term=d0ab6b00ad990b36d99f7a0b

Wed Apr 04 16:00:55 +0000 2018

“Most of us still believe in democracy, but even its staunchest supporters will admit that it has its flaws. The most obvious of these is that we voters pay little attention to the issues.”—@TimHarford https://twitter.com/timharford/status/980066431097233408

Thu Apr 05 00:16:01 +0000 2018

There is a fundamental error in this WSJ article—this statement is not accurate “a system that is completely dependent only on assertions by the individual themselves.” Instead users collect assertions from others & consent to share them. https://twitter.com/thomashardjono/status/981274325696352257

Thu Apr 05 00:41:27 +0000 2018

RT @RealEstateCafe: #IIW Business of Self-Sovereign Identity session ended w/ hypothetical $3B fund for StartUp. Our pitch: invest that to…

Thu Apr 05 00:41:53 +0000 2018

RT @11dot2John: IBM became a steward today, Microsoft supports DIDs: self-sovereign identity moving from interesting to inevitable https://…

Thu Apr 05 00:42:36 +0000 2018

RT @Jomari_P: “The fork in the road:
Individual identity will either be Self-Sovereign or Federated.” - Paul Heirendt @BLOCKid9
#gbcc Glob…

Thu Apr 05 00:53:29 +0000 2018

👍“Self-sovereignty doesn’t mean that you’re in complete control. But, it does define the borders within which you make decisions and outside of which you negotiate with others as peers.” https://www.computerworld.com/article/3244128/security/how-blockchain-makes-self-sovereign-identities-possible.html

Thu Apr 05 00:55:34 +0000 2018

RT @teigenp: Permanent, private & trustworthy #identity for every entity on the #Internet ~ as everyone becomes more aware (appreciative) o…

Thu Apr 05 00:58:39 +0000 2018

Doesn’t W3C or Linux Foundation count? “Sovereign identity is great—in theory…but it is hard to see in practice how this takes off, with no global standard, no single non-profit or independent agency who will build the capacity to foster and ensure its widespread use & support” https://twitter.com/francesidexpert/status/981735890333650949

Thu Apr 05 04:46:14 +0000 2018

RT @patestevao: I’m glad to announce that I (finally!) published the results of my⚡️Lightning Network UX Research!! 😀

You can read the “Li…

Thu Apr 05 04:54:15 +0000 2018

RT @TuurDemeester: “Proof-of-Stake, Private Keys Attacks and Unforgeable Costliness the Unsung Hero” — @hugohanoi https://t.co/mRlTP7RDqh h…

Thu Apr 05 05:01:45 +0000 2018

Replying to @francesIDexpert

There is nothing to stop (in fact we encourage!) existing issuers to offer Verifiable Credentials, but we want to separate them from identifers. You bring your own identifier to the DMV, along with Verifiable Claims about your address, etc. They add VC you are legal to drive.

Thu Apr 05 05:10:02 +0000 2018

Replying to @francesIDexpert

As to account risks, they are different. If one party holds lots of identifiers, they are a honeypot that risks all of them (aka Equifax). With self-sovereign identifiers, attacks are each person one at a time. This makes value of a leak significantly less for the attacker.

Thu Apr 05 05:15:05 +0000 2018

Replying to @francesIDexpert

This lack of identity honeypots hopefully leads to a cost savings so that we can invest in ways to help people self-administer identifiers, including tools like social key recovery, and security best practices like key rotation. Ideally easy & invisible to users.

Thu Apr 05 05:18:09 +0000 2018

Replying to @TobinBroadfoot and @francesIDexpert

We are still in early stages in the ecosystem, but with over seven companies building self sovereign identity platforms on the emerging W3C DID standards, and companies like Microsoft & IBM now joining alliances, at least some believe the incentives are sufficient.

Thu Apr 05 14:00:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @TobinBroadfoot and @francesIDexpert

I also think that many companies believe that self sovereign identity is a superior architecture for addressing GDPR solutions. With the large fines the EU is threatening if you don’t meet their GDPR requirements, it also creates incentives.

Thu Apr 05 14:04:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @TobinBroadfoot and @francesIDexpert

I’ve been told by an EU big 4 accounting consultancy they have big concerns about current identity architectures fully addressing GDPR. That being said, existing architectures are much further on the path of maturity than self sovereign ones—we are NOT ready for production. Soon!

Thu Apr 05 14:08:02 +0000 2018

Replying to @jiceman

Nothing stops people from sharing reputation about the identifiers they know about. That is fundamental to functional identity & is the nature of marketplaces. However, people hold different identifiers for different contexts & we are making it difficult to correlate across them.

Thu Apr 05 14:19:35 +0000 2018

Replying to @GBRSedicii and @WSJ

There are some fundamental errors in that WSJ article—this statement is not accurate “a system that is completely dependent only on assertions by the individual themselves.” Instead users collect assertions from others & consent to share them.

Thu Apr 05 14:23:13 +0000 2018

👍“If we wish to rediscover a sense of political purpose in our era of global finance, big data, mass migration and ecological upheaval, we have to imagine political forms capable of operating at that same scale.”—@byranadasgupta https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/apr/05/demise-of-the-nation-state-rana-dasgupta

Thu Apr 05 14:33:36 +0000 2018

We are working on it! “Contemporary technological systems offer models for rethinking citizenship so it can be de-linked from territory, and its advantages can be more fairly distributed.”—@byranadasgupta, we are making progress on http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/the-path-to-self-soverereign-identity.html

Thu Apr 05 14:38:42 +0000 2018

“In contrast to systems where institutions provide ID credentials, self-sovereign IDs are built to empower individuals to control the formalisation of their identity, manage their digital personas, and actively monetise their personal data”—the @GSMA https://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Blockchain-for-Development.pdf

Thu Apr 05 18:54:10 +0000 2018

“It (is) nearly impossible for Syrian citizens to replace or apply for new identity. It is estimated…70% of Syrian refugees currently lack access to state-issued identity documents, which threatens their ability to access humanitarian assistance.”—@gsma https://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Blockchain-for-Development.pdf

Thu Apr 05 19:00:22 +0000 2018

Replying to @jiceman, @TobinBroadfoot and @francesIDexpert

In the self sovereign identity space #RebootingWebOfTrust incubates ideas by creating white papers, early specs, and proof of concepts. #DIF does early open source reference code. #W3C drives a collaborative consensus toward an international standard.

Thu Apr 05 19:33:02 +0000 2018

Replying to @jiceman, @TobinBroadfoot and @francesIDexpert

#RebootingWebOfTrust http://weboftrust.info, #DIF http://identity.foundation, W3C Credentials CG https://w3c-ccg.github.io, W3C Verifiable Claims WG https://www.w3.org/2017/vc/WG/

Thu Apr 05 20:49:49 +0000 2018

Replying to @jiceman

This is harder to explain in a tweet. The key insight is your goal full knowledge of the user before giving the loan? We all know no matter what we do that still offers no guarantees. Instead we focus on realistically minimizing risk, incentivizing good behavior, and fairness.

Fri Apr 06 00:57:39 +0000 2018

Replying to @nonlinear

I’d like that as well!

Fri Apr 06 00:58:36 +0000 2018

Replying to @nonlinear


Fri Apr 06 00:58:51 +0000 2018

RT @alexbosworth: PayPerCall with Lightning is a cool concept. Cooler would be the ability to pay for the right to call, sold like Chaumian…

Fri Apr 06 01:16:09 +0000 2018

Pleased to see this term I coined just of 2 years ago to have achieved such traction. I’ve seen it this week in the Wall Street Journal, recently in Forbes, Business Week & other influential publications. But now it is time to give it some teeth — we want to avoid whitewashing! https://twitter.com/coindesk/status/982076954336808961

Fri Apr 06 04:49:59 +0000 2018

RT @PSchurman: “Convert every FB account into a digital self-sovereign identity —this would be by far the world’s biggest and most ambitiou…

Fri Apr 06 04:51:03 +0000 2018

RT @WayneVaughan: I was lucky enough to have lunch today with @ChristopherA who coined the phrase “Self Sovereign Identity”. :)

This artic…

Fri Apr 06 23:27:29 +0000 2018

Replying to @IdentityWoman and @WayneVaughan

Devon defined “sovereign source authority” circa 2012. Related but not same.

Sat Apr 07 00:11:00 +0000 2018

Replying to @MissHon73983988 and @MarcHochstein

It would be lovely if “self sovereign identity” was redundant. But most authorities today effectively control it. Your Twitter account name does not belong to you, but instead belongs to Twitter.

Sat Apr 07 00:13:26 +0000 2018

Replying to @IdentityWoman and @WayneVaughan

Oldest published use I know of was @Marlinspike in 2016 https://www.moxytongue.com/2016/02/self-sovereign-identity.html — I am sure others may have used it earlier. My main contribution really was the 10 principles, which even themselves stood on shoulders of others.

Sat Apr 07 00:20:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @IdentityWoman and @WayneVaughan

All of this is documented in http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/the-path-to-self-soverereign-identity.html#dfref-1313

Sat Apr 07 00:24:50 +0000 2018

Replying to @NZN, @IdentityWoman and @WayneVaughan

I just remember 2 years ago when I shared an early draft of principles that many were pushing me to not use the term “self-sovereign identity”. It was a Terry Gross interview of a political comedian that convinced me to not water down. Still pressure today to water down—I resist!

Sat Apr 07 19:14:44 +0000 2018

👍“If America continues on today’s path, it will fail to protect the privacy of its citizens and long-term health of its firms. America’s data economy has thrived so far with hardly any rules. That era is over.” #GDPR https://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21739961-gdprs-premise-consumers-should-be-charge-their-own-personal-data-right

Sat Apr 07 20:38:07 +0000 2018

RT @zeynep: Mark Zuckerberg has been apologizing nonstop for more than 15 years. It’s always the same apology for pretty much the same act.…

Sat Apr 07 20:39:05 +0000 2018

Replying to @runcrypto

At least you will know they are requesting it. At present you don’t know when someone request information about your, and if the answers are correct.

Sun Apr 08 02:20:52 +0000 2018

Replying to @TuurDemeester

My 90s analogy for Ethereum is more like Flash. Useful for a time, but ultimately unsecurable.

Sun Apr 08 02:30:58 +0000 2018

A new voice & perspective on self-sovereign identity from an Indian context, and critical (as I am) of the design choices of #aadhaar national identity system. 👍 https://twitter.com/o0ragman0o/status/980107175921111040

Sun Apr 08 16:20:08 +0000 2018

Beyond regulatory capture, deep capture: “Corporations will also work to ‘capture’ a model of human decision-making that will cause consumers and government to think that market transactions express consumer preferences, rather than consumer manipulation.” https://www.salon.com/2018/04/08/fast-food-facebook-and-the-deep-capture-of-democracy-it-didnt-start-with-cambridge-analytica/

Sun Apr 08 17:49:42 +0000 2018

“Facebook continuously makes public statements committing and recommitting to behaving in a socially responsible way, but the truth is they can legally only do so, and will only do so, when it is profitable to do so. …The problem is our corporate law. “ https://www.salon.com/2018/04/08/fast-food-facebook-and-the-deep-capture-of-democracy-it-didnt-start-with-cambridge-analytica/

Sun Apr 08 17:58:53 +0000 2018

Replying to @IDIMAndrew, @ThomasHardjono, @xmlgrrl, @drummondreed, @windley, @nynymike and @SovrinID

There has been some discussion of creating an OSI-style foundation to hold the definition & principles. @brianbehlendorf

Sun Apr 08 22:42:43 +0000 2018

RT @manusporny: Did you miss the W3C Verifiable Credentials meeting in San Francisco? No worries, here are the minutes: https://t.co/1UJfSr…

Mon Apr 09 16:43:26 +0000 2018

Only read site, but PreVeil appears reasonably self-sovereign architecture for file sharing (aka Dropbox). 25519 private keys have social key recovery using Shamir Secret Sharing (biggest weakness I suspect but acceptable) & uses miniLock style envelope. Worthy of investigating. https://twitter.com/ralucaadapopa/status/983384513853120512

Mon Apr 09 17:53:51 +0000 2018

My open questions so far: Is PreVeil using JavaScript like miniLock? Or is it using native code? An advantage of iPhone is some 25519-based APIs are available—is it using any? The iPhone app for PreVeil doesn’t seem to use TouchID, where is private key stored? Where on Android?

Mon Apr 09 19:22:38 +0000 2018

Replying to @ak_kim0

See this thread & quote from Greg Maxwell (aka nullc) https://twitter.com/christophera/status/912776531264512000?s=21

Mon Apr 09 19:27:01 +0000 2018

Right now it appears PreVeil keys are tied to email addresses, which limits their self-sovereignty. However, PreVeil theoretically never has your key (generated on the device) and the key shares should be encrypted to your recovery group. But how do the recover you if lost email?

Mon Apr 09 19:38:05 +0000 2018

If PreVeil added some type of public key identifier (FYI my miniLock public EdDSA key using the 25519 curve is 7rXYBKi1Xf9g9nupb9f8u6MHbobEJCMK3r3sChjN5RmGN) so I could migrate past my registered email, could easily be a new DID method. @ralucaadapopa https://w3c-ccg.github.io

Mon Apr 09 20:01:48 +0000 2018

With miniLock the parties for whom may be able to decrypt your file is opaque—no one can see who but you. But I suspect PreVeil know who your recovery key partners are & what email belongs to users can decrypt a file. Just rubber-hose one decryptor or M of N of recovery partners.

Mon Apr 09 20:08:29 +0000 2018

Certainly PreVeil so far is easier to use than many other attempts at encrypted file sharing. There is always a compromise between ease-of-use/resilience vs. features/security. It seems close to a good compromise if native code & security review. Just a little more would be cool.

Mon Apr 09 20:26:15 +0000 2018

Why I’m always wary of JavaScript crypto: “* identify & move all funds stored using SecureRandom() * rotate all key material generated by, or has come into contact with any piece of software using SecureRandom() * do not write cryptographic tools in non-type safe languages.” https://twitter.com/musalbas/status/983440112490110977

Mon Apr 09 20:33:35 +0000 2018

RT @adam3us: @BrennanGeis @naval @Excellion Gifted people tend to want to work with other top people and work on something that matters, th…

Tue Apr 10 01:48:29 +0000 2018

I agree. We are not quite there yet, but it is emerging. https://twitter.com/mistermircea/status/983449265048571905

Tue Apr 10 02:27:48 +0000 2018

Replying to @jpm3492

It depends on your architecture and knowledge of your attack surface. JS is probably fine for UI, but even UI can be a risk if the wrong address is substituted for the correct one.

Tue Apr 10 03:44:48 +0000 2018

Based roughly on first names, I follow on Twitter 24% women, 1% non-binary, 75% men. I am followed by 18% women, 1% non-binary, 81% men. Not quite where I’d like to be in either direction — will look again in six months and see if I’ve made progress. https://www.proporti.onl

Tue Apr 10 03:57:41 +0000 2018

Replying to @jaredhanson, @JoeAndrieu, @xmlgrrl, @trbouma, @drummondreed, @windley, @nynymike, @ThomasHardjono and @SovrinID

The difference in self-sovereign identity is that if someone revokes a verifiable claim they have about me, it only revokes that claim on my identifier. Otherwise if they also control my identifier, they can effectively revoke all claims, even valid ones from others.

Tue Apr 10 04:14:53 +0000 2018

RT @JoeAndrieu: @jaredhanson @xmlgrrl @trbouma @drummondreed @windley @nynymike @ThomasHardjono @SovrinID Perhaps you misunderstand self-so…

Tue Apr 10 04:15:13 +0000 2018

Replying to @delicopsch56

I am not a social justice warrior, however, I value diversity because it has been proven that diversity leads to better decision making & innovation because it keeps us from being complacent. There are many forms of diversity — geographic & cultural are also important to me.

Tue Apr 10 04:20:09 +0000 2018

Replying to @jpm3492

Node on the backend can directly incorporate time-proven libraries, such as libsecp256k1.c, so can be more trustworthy. However, I still think it is easier to make a security mistake using JS as compared to more modern languages like Rust or Go. But all languages have weaknesses!

Tue Apr 10 04:31:38 +0000 2018

RT @JoeAndrieu: @Steve_Lockstep @xmlgrrl @ChristopherA @jaredhanson @trbouma @drummondreed @windley @nynymike @ThomasHardjono @SovrinID Tha…

Tue Apr 10 05:25:51 +0000 2018

RT @alexbosworth: Lighting Mainnet https://lnd3.vanilla.co.za/multinodegraphs/index.html it’s full of stars

Tue Apr 10 22:02:06 +0000 2018

RT @manusporny: Credentials CG discusses IIW26 review, stories, MyData, next steps: https://w3c-ccg.github.io/meetings/2018-04-10/ #w3c #ccg

Tue Apr 10 22:03:01 +0000 2018

RT @Melt_Dem: on #EqualPayDay - here’s my 87 cents on the dollar. if you’re unhappy, unfulfilled, undercompensated - vote with your feet. L…

Wed Apr 11 02:33:37 +0000 2018

Replying to @taktoa1

I’m curious your thoughts about merits of moving over to nix from brew & apt-get. I know long term I’d like to see a movement to package systems that are more deterministic & cryptographically signed at multiple levels.

Wed Apr 11 06:49:08 +0000 2018

We are warned! “A 2018 Election Day scenario like the one outlined above is intentionally catastrophic. But the scenario is within the realm of the possible, according to election security experts.” https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-russia-could-steal-the-midterms/

Wed Apr 11 06:59:16 +0000 2018

RT @Adam_Tache: I just published “The Many Faces of Bitcoin” https://medium.com/p/the-many-faces-of-bitcoin-1c298570d191

Wed Apr 11 07:11:55 +0000 2018

RT @_shaunconway: I just published “The evolution of memes” https://medium.com/p/the-evolution-of-memes-451f3b989a7b

Wed Apr 11 07:19:08 +0000 2018

Our biggest fans this week: @coindesk, @TuurDemeester, @theonevortex. Thank you! via https://sumall.com/thankyou?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=publishing&utm_campaign=thank_you_tweet&utm_content=text_and_media&utm_term=d0ab6b00ad990b36d99f7a0b

Wed Apr 11 16:00:48 +0000 2018

Good thread on the increasing prevalence of cybercrime in Australia. I’ve heard similar reports from officials from US & Britain. There was a cybercriminal gang in Seattle that hit a colleague of mine for $500K & for >$ others in Puget Sound with clever man-in-the-middle attacks. https://twitter.com/stilgherrian/status/983950698294296576

Wed Apr 11 17:23:33 +0000 2018

Video of DID and related decentralized identity demos presented at #RebootingWebTrust VI from last March 2018 in Santa Barbara: Java DID Resolver, ixo Protocol, British Columbia OrgBook, Chlu, JavaScript DID Resolver, Evernym VCX, Veres One, BTCR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqP4NS8zZfU

Wed Apr 11 17:30:18 +0000 2018

Here is the video of my presentation & our demo from the last #RebootingWebOfTrust on BTCR, the Bitcoin-based Decentralized Identifier (DID). Starts at 52m59s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqP4NS8zZfU&t=52m59s

Wed Apr 11 17:41:51 +0000 2018

A draft of the BTCR method resolver spec is at https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-spring2018/blob/master/draft-documents/btcr_resolver.md — we welcome comments, criticisms and questions as GitHub issues there. Once complete, we’ll move it to W3C process.

Wed Apr 11 17:57:47 +0000 2018

Replying to @kimdhamilton

The BTCR portion of the talk starts at 52m59s or use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqP4NS8zZfU&t=52m59s

Wed Apr 11 17:59:15 +0000 2018

Replying to @dstadulis

It was almost a pure social engineering attack. LinkedIn & other social media data was used to find two doing business in other countries. Both were sent emails saying “Here is my new address”. Both accepted. Multiple months of emails passed until a wire transfer # was modified.

Wed Apr 11 18:32:16 +0000 2018

Replying to @dstadulis

Funds were tracked to Nigeria & lost. I did discover that there have been several of these in the same months in Washington State: http://stayaway2.blogspot.com/2013/12/man-in-middle-attack-made-165-million.html and a FBI warning: http://www.fbi.gov/seattle/press-releases/2013/man-in-the-e-mail-fraud-could-victimize-area-businesses

Wed Apr 11 18:35:13 +0000 2018

Replying to @dasource_

The design of the anchor is same as a Lightning node, e.g. block, index to transaction in block, and index to output in that transaction as bech32. This hopefully will allow future versions of the spec (or other Bitcoin-related DIDs) to leverage 2nd layer protocols. @rusty_twit

Wed Apr 11 19:58:57 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @dasource_ The design of the anchor is same as a Lightning node, e.g. block, index to transaction in block, and index to…

Wed Apr 11 19:59:12 +0000 2018

True! “Scarce resources in crypto right now are talent, attention, and credibility, not money or agility”—@Melt_Dem https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/DCGCo/playing-the-game-the-nature-of-competition-among-blockchain-networks

Wed Apr 11 22:59:53 +0000 2018

Useful update to Metcafe’s Law of Networks 👍 “The total value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of nodes in the network, multiplied by the sum of the value received by each node.” https://medium.com/@sockcymbal/how-to-understand-value-in-network-effects-a-new-framework-77f069e84fba

Thu Apr 12 17:01:57 +0000 2018

👍👍“Think about your our own value as the sum of all value received by everyone and everything else that you’ve affected. The more you optimize life for value received by others, the stronger and more valuable our entire society is.” https://medium.com/@sockcymbal/how-to-understand-value-in-network-effects-a-new-framework-77f069e84fba

Thu Apr 12 17:04:42 +0000 2018

RT @sockcymbal: Good advice that also applies to investing time, money, mental energy, etc.

Invest in asymmetric risk/reward potential wit…

Thu Apr 12 17:06:51 +0000 2018

By @willknight: “Three problems with Facebook’s plan to kill hate speech using AI:

  1. Words are easy, but meaning is hard
  2. It’s an arms race
  3. Video will make things worse”


Thu Apr 12 17:16:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @orionwl, @alfiedotwtf, @least_nathan, @johanssonlc, @flck and @matthew_d_green

Only use blockchain as address for first introducing public key, as repacement for phone number. For instance in bitcoin my did:btcr:xyv2-xzyq-qqm5-tyke refers to testnet block 115294 transaction 1 output 0, resulting in pubkey-hex “02b9…36b71” https://weboftrustinfo.github.io/btcr-tx-playground.github.io/

Thu Apr 12 17:32:18 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: @orionwl @alfiedotwtf @least_nathan @johanssonlc @flck @matthew_d_green Only use blockchain as address for first introduc…

Thu Apr 12 17:33:08 +0000 2018

Replying to @orionwl, @alfiedotwtf, @least_nathan, @johanssonlc, @flck and @matthew_d_green

Here is a video demoing a number of varieties of DIDs, on bitcoin, ethereum, etc. I’ve put time marker on bitcoin-based ones, but scroll back to others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqP4NS8zZfU&t=52m59s

Thu Apr 12 17:39:02 +0000 2018

RT @njuline_: @ChristopherA Slightly related, one of my favourite Elon Musk quotes: “Having something that makes a big difference but affec…

Thu Apr 12 21:02:04 +0000 2018

RT @Bugs_Meany: @ChristopherA Not sure this framework is new

see: Carlo M. Cippola

Thu Apr 12 21:03:03 +0000 2018

Important Irish Privacy Decision affecting US companies holding private information of EU citizens. “(Justice agreed) there are ‘well-founded’ grounds for believing the EC decisions approving data transfer channels, known as Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs), are invalid.” https://twitter.com/henryfarrell/status/984459045313634305

Thu Apr 12 21:15:31 +0000 2018

“The risks do not match the potential rewards” So true in many spheres beyond that which @amoration is speaking of—in code, architecture, games & other solo or collaborative creative works, whether for purely artistic purposes or to affect positive change. We can fix this! https://twitter.com/amoration/status/984485601398349824

Thu Apr 12 23:32:00 +0000 2018

Replying to @amoration

My start on defining the goal is written up at http://www.participatoryecosytem.com — what am I missing? “A participatory ecosystem is a business ecosystem with relatively low barriers to economic participation, artistic and professional expression, and civic engagement by all stakeholders…”

Thu Apr 12 23:36:08 +0000 2018

RT @amoration: I think of the ecosystem design challenge like a game, an interactive board game where we figure out together how to connect…

Thu Apr 12 23:36:33 +0000 2018

A lot of good stuff about how we got here in these 5 interviews of former Facebook execs published in @nymag. Long read but worthy. https://twitter.com/nkulw/status/983753388998438912

Thu Apr 12 23:42:20 +0000 2018

RT @ebfull: If you want to use zk-SNARKs in your project, I’ve written a Rust library for performing MPCs for zk-SNARK public parameters! h…

Fri Apr 13 06:17:35 +0000 2018

Replying to @WayneVaughan

I think the original article is at http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20160908-the-language-rules-we-know-but-dont-know-we-know — it had some other interesting items about the English language. I ran into it when I was working on turning security key recovery words into poetry.

Fri Apr 13 16:42:34 +0000 2018

RT @phil_h: Beautiful demos from Rebooting the Web of Trust VI! Decentralized identity is becoming a real thing :)

Congrats to @manusporny…

Fri Apr 13 16:44:29 +0000 2018

👍Hopefully this nuisance interpretation of the law is now resolved. “Accessing publicly available information on the web should never be a crime…it is ‘like publishing a newspaper but then forbidding someone to read it.’” https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/04/dc-court-accessing-public-information-not-computer-crime

Fri Apr 13 16:48:50 +0000 2018

Cognitive bias continues to flummox me: “We find that participants falsely concluded that politically like-minded others were better at categorizing (geometic) shapes and thus chose to hear from them.” https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3162009

Fri Apr 13 21:16:36 +0000 2018

From the title you’d think this was another negative pile-on blockchain article. It isn’t: “If your project is solving for transparency, fraud and reducing the costs of moving money or identity, blockchain has a lot of potential to help.” https://www.fastcompany.com/40556501/is-blockchains-potential-for-social-impact-over-hyped

Fri Apr 13 23:11:58 +0000 2018

I was a source for an article about refugees & self-sovereign identity in this week’s @techreview “Blockchains, Allen told me, are critical to such identity systems because they solve previously ‘unsolvable’ problems.” https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610806/inside-the-jordan-refugee-camp-that-runs-on-blockchain/

Fri Apr 13 23:23:30 +0000 2018

Much of this article comes from ideas that were shared in a #RebootingWebOfTrust white paper led by @JoeAndrieu & @rvclint based on our lessons learned from #ID2020 in ‘16. A good vision, but we still have much to learn & do! https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-fall2016/blob/master/final-documents/joram-engagement-model.pdf

Fri Apr 13 23:29:53 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: Much of this article comes from ideas that were shared in a #RebootingWebOfTrust white paper led by @JoeAndrieu & @rvclin…

Fri Apr 13 23:31:02 +0000 2018

Replying to @paulcurrion

We have a lot to learn about even beginning to solve any refugee identity problems. We only made a first stab after #ID2020 2 years ago. We have been thinking since, but know we (W3C & tech community) have insufficient knowledge—we welcome participation! https://twitter.com/christophera/status/984936743286669314

Fri Apr 13 23:40:40 +0000 2018

Replying to @paulcurrion

In self-sovereign identity, users collect assertions from others & consent to share them. Authorities can still make strong assertions. Difference is individual has more agency. https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/981696813894844416

Fri Apr 13 23:46:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @paulcurrion

“In contrast to systems where institutions provide ID credentials, self-sovereign IDs are built to empower individuals to control the formalisation of their identity, manage their digital personas, and actively monetise their personal data”—the @GSMA https://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Blockchain-for-Development.pdf

Fri Apr 13 23:48:03 +0000 2018

Replying to @paulcurrion and @csuwildcat

I hope you can join us and bring your experience to our next #RebootingWebOfTrust in September http://weboftrust.info or ongoing at W3C Credentials CG https://w3c-ccg.github.io Want to do a presentation?

Fri Apr 13 23:51:25 +0000 2018

Over the years I’ve designed a number of offices for both intellectual work & collaboration (often very contrasting problems). A key trick is lighting. This article does a good explaining a number of my tricks, including upside track lights. #officedesign https://dangerouslyawesome.com/2018/04/my-crash-course-in-lighting-design-for-coworking-spaces/

Sat Apr 14 03:17:20 +0000 2018

Related to my previous post on #officedesign for both intellectual work that needs privacy, and collaborative work that needs connection, here is an article with some tips on noise. My tricks include soft wall hangings, cheap complex surfaces, and plants. https://hbr.org/2015/03/stop-noise-from-ruining-your-open-office

Sat Apr 14 03:36:27 +0000 2018

Why do programmers not like open #officedesign? Largely because intellectual work is easily interrupted. However, total private office Design stifles collegiality. It is possible to have both, but tricky. http://qz.com/806583/programmers-hate-open-floor-plans/

Sat Apr 14 03:40:30 +0000 2018

Here is an open #officedesign that worked. The key was not an office architect, but active listening to understand the different modalities of work. Not everyone can afford this, my compromise was design flexibility & actively encourage staff to change it. https://hbr.org/2014/10/an-open-office-experiment-that-actually-worked

Sat Apr 14 03:49:27 +0000 2018

Another great article in my collection on the topic of #officedesign. Lots of details on not with actual numbers, but strategies, in particular “strategic anonymity” & “selective exposure” “signaling” & “ecosystem of spaces”. http://hbr.org/2014/10/balancing-we-and-me-the-best-collaborative-spaces-also-support-solitude/ar/1

Sat Apr 14 03:56:44 +0000 2018

A key thing missing from these #officedesign tips is the importance of natural air & 24h control over heat & cooling. Our landlords want to over-optimize their HVAC bills, resulting in of large decrease intellectual efficiency. Write in your lease agreements to control the air!

Sat Apr 14 04:04:01 +0000 2018

I have posted my series of posts on #officedesign for both intellectual work & collaboration as a Twitter moment. Share with me your tips as replies! https://twitter.com/i/moments/808809959051784192

Sat Apr 14 04:08:23 +0000 2018

Replying to @paulcurrion and @csuwildcat

I can schedule you first with the W3C Credentials CG. Contact me and we’ll set a date. Then let’s try in September to iterate and ship a more realistic white paper at #RebootingWebOfTrust in Toronto.

Sat Apr 14 07:19:07 +0000 2018

RT @paulcurrion: @ChristopherA @csuwildcat We’d be interested in doing a presentation - part of our research is to look at governance model…

Sat Apr 14 07:19:21 +0000 2018

RT @isislovecruft: we have a shiny new^Wretro site for API documentation and implementation notes for the cryptography @hdevalence and I ha…

Sat Apr 14 07:34:23 +0000 2018

Here is an interesting high-end sound reduction product that uses a drywall with perforations and a thin acoustically transparent layer over it. Expensive but can be worth it. Or be inspired by it—other surfaces have perforations. #officedesign https://www.usg.com/content/usgcom/en/products-solutions/products/integrated-ceiling-systems/usg-ensemble-acoustical-drywall-ceiling-system.html

Sat Apr 14 18:48:26 +0000 2018

Another inspiration for sound reduction in #officedesign is this acoustic sound blanket. Maybe get someone to paint on it? Or contract with someone on Etsy to make one for you out of fire-retardant cloth? Consider putting it on ceiling. https://acousticalsolutions.com/product/abbc-14-audioseal-silicone-coated-sound-blanket/

Sat Apr 14 18:52:37 +0000 2018

Intellectual work does just mean programming. Here is an article on #officedesign for lawyers. One inspiration I got from the “hospitality” vs “showplace” orientation. http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/designing_your_law_office_to_save_money_and_boost_productivity/

Sat Apr 14 18:59:17 +0000 2018

Here is an article on Fog City Software’s second space based on experience with their first office space for programmers. I like the advice on long desks vs L-desks. http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2008/12/29.html

Sat Apr 14 19:05:42 +0000 2018

I am somewhat skeptical of Bluetooth everything, but a common problem in HVAC #officedesign is different preference of different people. Possibly something aftermarket like this smart air vent could be useful. http://www.keenhome.io/products/smart-vent

Sat Apr 14 19:12:24 +0000 2018

Pocket doors can solve some difficult #officedesign problem. When closed they can offer privacy, but when open can be very inviting for collegiality or even combine separate spaces into one. Here is a company offering some vary interesting pocket doors: https://www.cavitysliders.com/

Sat Apr 14 19:18:11 +0000 2018

I love natural light for #officedesign but it is often challenging to get it into interior spaces. I have had very good luck with solar pipes if there is a roof or southern facing exterior anywhere nearby. http://www.veluxusa.com/products/sun-tunnels

Sat Apr 14 19:23:20 +0000 2018

Many of the #officedesign tips I’ve shared are expensive, but not all need to be. I like picture rails & troughs near ceilings—not only allows you to hang pictures, but sound dampening hangings, or an extra run of Ethernet when WiFi is too slow. https://www.picturehangingsystems.com/

Sat Apr 14 20:52:07 +0000 2018

Another inexpensive tip for better #officedesign is magnetic paint in strategic places. I have various sizes of sticky magnetic backing and place business & planning charts, great articles, and even business cards of visitors on walls. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ZW7XL4

Sat Apr 14 20:57:32 +0000 2018

White wall paint can also be useful in strategic places. But don’t overuse it — a good steel backed ceramic white wall will always be superior to a painted wall. I like the ReMARKable paint because it can be tinted — superior look over pure white: https://www.remarkablecoating.com/

Sat Apr 14 21:02:29 +0000 2018

Another relatively cheap trick is this barn-door style sliding door. Great for separating spaces where ordinary door are too much: https://www.signaturehardware.com/amici-barn-door-stainless-steel-hardware-set.html

Sat Apr 14 21:07:21 +0000 2018

Replying to @gojomo

Feature! 😏

Sat Apr 14 21:07:37 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: I have posted my series of posts on #officedesign for both intellectual work & collaboration as a Twitter moment. Share w…

Mon Apr 16 15:22:08 +0000 2018

Replying to @timpastoor

Some links for you. On failures of real world reputation systems: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/ReputationAndTheRealWorld.md

Mon Apr 16 16:04:18 +0000 2018

Replying to @timpastoor

On how to evaluate reputation systems against one another: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-spring2017/blob/master/final-documents/reputation-design.md

Mon Apr 16 16:05:32 +0000 2018

Replying to @timpastoor

Start of a series of articles on rating systems, including various common problems, and ultimately later we tested our own suggested improvements resulting in better ratings: http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2005/12/systems_for_col.html

Mon Apr 16 16:08:52 +0000 2018

Replying to @timpastoor

Here is the last article of that series on ratings with a post-mortem on what we learned. http://www.skotos.net/articles/TTnT_/TTnT_198.phtml

Mon Apr 16 16:11:16 +0000 2018

Replying to @timpastoor

Oops, here is the actual final ratings article. Full list of series at end: http://www.skotos.net/articles/TTnT_/TTnT_213.phtml

Mon Apr 16 16:13:31 +0000 2018

Replying to @timpastoor

Some thoughts on avoiding Orwellian rating systems: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/How-Not-to-build-an-Orwellian-reputation-system.md

Mon Apr 16 16:15:39 +0000 2018

Good article thinking about Twitter’s request for improvements to their system. I also replied with several links to articles suggesting how to make better reputation & rating systems, which are are needed for solutions in this space. https://twitter.com/timpastoor/status/985788921018834944

Mon Apr 16 16:19:03 +0000 2018

Good overview of improvements offered in TLS 1.3 now that it has been finalized. Key points: one less round trip (i.e. faster), fewer ciphersuites (i.e. more secure), UDP support (also faster) and OpenSSL version coming soon (broadest implementation) https://blogs.akamai.com/2018/04/tls-13-this-spring.html

Mon Apr 16 16:37:04 +0000 2018

Unfortunately blaming users for bad passwords, having them manage their complex privacy permissions, etc. don’t solve the problem when our society does not value it. Privacy must be on by default, consent narrow & explicit, and for defined specific business purpose, no more! https://twitter.com/random_walker/status/985884018477551616

Mon Apr 16 16:51:16 +0000 2018

RT @random_walker: There really are thousands of data brokers in the US alone. We know of a handful, and the rest are secret. Maybe a data…

Mon Apr 16 16:51:44 +0000 2018

RT @zeynep: My latest for the @nytimes. The Strava debacle shows that individualized “informed consent” is not sufficient for data privacy.…

Mon Apr 16 16:52:08 +0000 2018

The Bitcoin-based BTCR method of DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) resolver spec that was incubated at #RebootingWebOfTrust has been published. Next step is move it to W3C Credentials CG as a work item. https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-spring2018/blob/master/final-documents/btcr-resolver.md

Mon Apr 16 20:43:06 +0000 2018

At tomorrow’s weekly call of the W3C Credentials CG at 9am PDT (12 noon EDT) cryptographer @JanCamenisch will be presenting on ZKLang, a language for proving identity claims in a privacy-preserving way (using zero-knowledge proofs) #SmartSignatures:

Tue Apr 17 01:12:20 +0000 2018

RT @kimdhamilton: How DID resolution works in the BTCR DID Method Spec: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-spring2018/blob/master/final-documents/btcr-resolver.pdf Paper from #RWoT6, thanks to @ptbvc and @So…

Tue Apr 17 01:18:01 +0000 2018

There are many intriguing ideas implied in this technical post—I can’t speak to feasibility in Bitcoin, but seems likely useful if not for this than for something else. I can always recognize @Truthcoin’s work by his integration of behavioral economics & blockchain incentives. 😏 https://twitter.com/truthcoin/status/985900411851825152

Tue Apr 17 03:08:47 +0000 2018

This is a big deal 😒. Combined with a number of other recent examples of lack of reproducible experiments in behavioral economics, the whole field will need to be carefully re-evaluated. I for one have a number of old slides and papers to revise, and I’m not an academic! https://twitter.com/degenrolf/status/985864400664973312

Tue Apr 17 03:13:12 +0000 2018

Here is a very good podcast from @Radiolab that does a great job explaining about the reproducibility crisis in behavioral economics going on right now. I certainly have misused some of the results of these questionable studies in my own incentive designs. http://www.radiolab.org/story/stereothreat/

Tue Apr 17 03:26:24 +0000 2018

It isn’t just economics. This particular behavioral psychology concept, on “ego depletion”, just seemed right. I would share how Obama & Jobs would not make daily decisions on clothes to “save” their decision making powers. Unfortunately not reproducible! http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/cover_story/2016/03/ego_depletion_an_influential_theory_in_psychology_may_have_just_been_debunked.html

Tue Apr 17 03:30:23 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: Here is a very good podcast from @Radiolab that does a great job explaining about the reproducibility crisis in behaviora…

Tue Apr 17 03:30:33 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: It isn’t just economics. This particular behavioral psychology concept, on “ego depletion”, just seemed right. I would sh…

Tue Apr 17 03:30:38 +0000 2018

Replying to @theinstagibbs

I can definitely make use of this one in teaching bitcoin. Maintaining multiple networks [main, testnet, regtest*] in a learning environment is a pain. Once this is rebased in Elements it will also make teaching, testing, and demoing sidechains easier.

Tue Apr 17 04:35:13 +0000 2018

RT @lukOlejnik: WP29 clarifies important things. Simple notice about data protection (think cookies) is not consent. Continuing browsing is…

Tue Apr 17 06:11:33 +0000 2018

This is becoming a serious problem. Reportedly every ICO recently on announcement has had attempts to port executive’s phones. Many long-time bitcoiner’s have had the problem as well. Apparently the phone companies “do not port” and your PIN is in an easily ignored comment field. https://twitter.com/haydentiff/status/985260994594263040

Tue Apr 17 12:33:50 +0000 2018

Replying to @MoeCrypto3 and @haydentiff

Unfortunately your “no port” PIN is stored in the clear in an easily ignored comment field in your customer record that everyone at your phone company can see.

Tue Apr 17 12:39:12 +0000 2018

Good guide by @lukOlejnik on what consent means under EU’s GDPR rules: it must be freely given (beware power imbalance), granular, withdrawable, specific, & informed/transparent. No blanket check boxes with “Yes”! https//blog.lukaszolejnik.com/how-to-gdpr-consent-data-processing/

Tue Apr 17 12:48:17 +0000 2018

For those of you needing to do a deep dive into GDPR, there is an very solid & detailed annotation of the regulations by @kemitchell at http://gdpr.kemitchell.com

Tue Apr 17 12:58:05 +0000 2018

Starts in 10 minutes. We’ll do some business first then on to @JanCamenisch’s ZKLang presentation. https://twitter.com/christophera/status/986049687856734208

Tue Apr 17 15:50:01 +0000 2018

The updated slides from @JanCamenisch’s ZKLang talk at today’s W3C Credentials CG meeting. https://github.com/w3c-ccg/meetings/blob/gh-pages/2018-04-17/zklang.ccg-presentation.2018.04.17.pdf

Tue Apr 17 16:24:59 +0000 2018

RT @timpastoor: @ChristopherA Another great read. Honestly, I only read this after I wrote my article on Orwellian reputation systems. I’ll…

Tue Apr 17 19:07:02 +0000 2018

This is what I’ve personally been working on the most lately, especially now that the decentralized identity communities at #RebootingWebOfTrust & W3C Credentials CG are maturing. Seeking patron funding for an open source reference standard for identity wallets w/simple recovery. https://twitter.com/vitalikbuterin/status/986101152235188224

Wed Apr 18 01:03:45 +0000 2018

Replying to @VitalikButerin

uPort has been actively involved in the W3C Credentials CG https://w3c-ccg.github.io on self-sovereign identity DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) & Verifiable Credentials. The wallet spec I’m working on should work on any secp256k1 based blockchain that chooses to support W3C DIDs.

Wed Apr 18 01:12:02 +0000 2018

Here is an artistic CNC plywood wall for an open area in an office that is not only aesthetically pleasing, works both to moderate noise and offer interesting non-direct ambient lighting. If you live in an area with a tech shop you can design the pattern yourself. #officedesign

Wed Apr 18 01:41:10 +0000 2018

Replying to @jonspock and @JanCamenisch

There will an audio recording posted at https://github.com/w3c-ccg/meetings/tree/gh-pages/2018-04-17

Wed Apr 18 04:06:47 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: Here is an artistic CNC plywood wall for an open area in an office that is not only aesthetically pleasing, works both to…

Wed Apr 18 04:07:38 +0000 2018

The availability of CNC machines can add a lot to personalize spaces for #OfficeDesign. A couple of former employees of mine ended up at Three Rings where each person had a custom desk. The office had a secret room & the irregular spaces helped with sound. https://officesnapshots.com/2008/12/29/three-rings-design-offices/

Wed Apr 18 04:47:23 +0000 2018

Our biggest fans this week: @aantonop, @el33th4xor, @pmedina. Thank you! via https://sumall.com/thankyou?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=publishing&utm_campaign=thank_you_tweet&utm_content=text_and_media&utm_term=d0ab6b00ad990b36d99f7a0b

Wed Apr 18 16:00:45 +0000 2018

RT @ChristopherA: This is what I’ve personally been working on the most lately, especially now that the decentralized identity communities…

Wed Apr 18 16:18:39 +0000 2018

Replying to @CarrascosaCris_

What are you teaching? Syllabus? I found good presentations & process powerful when I taught in MBA. Here is presentation I made for other teachers on how I teach: https://www.slideshare.net/ChristopherA/my-hybrid-flipped-learning-environment

Wed Apr 18 19:33:47 +0000 2018

Replying to @CarrascosaCris_

Here is one syllabus from a class I taught in Technology Leadedship. https://www.slideshare.net/ChristopherA/my-hybrid-flipped-learning-environment — I also have many of my decks in slideshare.

Wed Apr 18 19:35:20 +0000 2018

I worry about it too! “what really worries me when it comes to AI: the highly effective, highly scalable manipulation of human behavior that AI enables, and its malicious use by corporations and governments.”—@francispouliot_ https://medium.com/@francois.chollet/what-worries-me-about-ai-ed9df072b704

Wed Apr 18 21:13:49 +0000 2018

Lack of transparency to power concerns me as well! “AI will dramatically worsen today’s cyber security issues & be less verifiable than nuclear technology. Nationalistic nations…& thuggish dictators…will have…amplified clandestine power.”—@vkhosla https://medium.com/@vkhosla/ai-scary-for-the-right-reasons-185bee8c6daa

Wed Apr 18 21:33:44 +0000 2018

RT @AlexisAiono: Only in San Francisco

Thu Apr 19 00:27:10 +0000 2018

Replying to @lopp

I’ve found it had a lot to do with repeat near experiences. The year I first taught in MBA—slower. The year I came back to cryptocurrencies—slower. The year I moved—slower. The lovely comfortable yearly rituals of life also means life feels like it speeds up. #StayingYoung

Thu Apr 19 00:31:50 +0000 2018

I continue to have an interest in alternative & local currency models, such as incentivizing velocity using inflationary demurrage. They were often used during depression & a few times since. Here is quality article on a more recent incarnation in Berlin: https://www.fastcompany.com/40516337/with-this-cryptocurrency-everyone-gets-paid

Thu Apr 19 01:24:06 +0000 2018

Replying to @giyom

I’m familiar with the time bank Bay Area Community Exchange. http://timebank.sfbace.org — is there another?

Thu Apr 19 01:46:56 +0000 2018

Replying to @giyom

I’m roughly familiar with when there were Bernal tags on bills (lived in Noe Valley at the time), but have not followed the latest including “rewards” cards.

Thu Apr 19 02:09:33 +0000 2018

Replying to @giyom

I’d love see someday a bitcoin sidechain for complementary currencies, with built-in support for fair auctions, Lightning-style payment channels but with multi-currency routes. A design challenge for complementary currencies is you need both persistent identity & confidentiality.

Thu Apr 19 02:13:46 +0000 2018

Replying to @twshelton

https://www.fastcompany.com/40482312/can-basic-income-plus-the-blockchain-build-a-new-economic-system http://blog.moaf.org/?p=240 http://www.chyp.com/when_monopoly_m/ http://creditcommons.net/ http://qz.com/86618/introducing-the-bangla-pesa-kenyas-beautiful-new-complementary-currency/ http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-36769145 http://www.aeonmagazine.com/living-together/so-you-want-to-invent-your-own-currency/

Thu Apr 19 04:16:30 +0000 2018

Replying to @twshelton

http://www.mutualaidnetwork.org/ https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/the-contemporary-value-crisis-and-the-search-for-value-sovereignty/2016/09/02 http://finnern.com/2014/07/06/wealth-a-living-systems-model/ https://www.openprivacy.org/papers/200104-repcap.html

Thu Apr 19 04:16:57 +0000 2018

RT @giyom: @ChristopherA Our experience is that main challenges were business ones: 1/ POS acceptance 2/ merchant on boarding 3/ having a s…

Thu Apr 19 04:18:51 +0000 2018

Replying to @WeathermanIam and @saifedean

I don’t want to change store of value currencies (aka bitcoin) to be inflationary. However, there are other forms of tradable assets where there are good economic reasons why to they should be economically discounted over time. I want to support both, and use each appropriately.

Thu Apr 19 04:41:27 +0000 2018

Some details behind the decentralized identity demo by John Jordan from the Office of the CIO for British Columbia of a Verifiable Organization Network. This was demonstrated at last month’s #RebootingWebOfTrust. http://www.continuumloop.com/bcgov-verifiable-organization-network/

Thu Apr 19 04:52:42 +0000 2018

Replying to @WeathermanIam and @saifedean

There are many real world services and bonds that use demurrage. Many will have digital equivalents which as tokens should not be store of value as it encourages bad behaviors.

Thu Apr 19 05:12:45 +0000 2018

RT @kevinakwok: @eugenewei Conversations are like cities, they start sprawling in different directions, and neighborhoods form in ways you…

Thu Apr 19 05:18:04 +0000 2018

RT @Data_Visual_: The sound of birds visualized: http://designawards.core77.com/Visual-Communication/30854/Chirming

Thu Apr 19 05:27:06 +0000 2018

Want to play around with TheOrgBook demo? https://von.pathfinder.gov.bc.ca/clicky-things/

Thu Apr 19 05:29:03 +0000 2018

Replying to @WeathermanIam and @saifedean

Bunch of links: https://twitter.com/christophera/status/986820812014415872 https://twitter.com/christophera/status/986820923989737472

Thu Apr 19 05:33:27 +0000 2018

Replying to @WeathermanIam and @saifedean

For instance I might desire to issue a token redeemable for 1 day of my consulting time, which I carefully ration out in a fair market. However, I want redemption to be predictable so don’t want 100 tokens to be redeemed all at once, so I make it such that it 1 day -5% per week.

Thu Apr 19 05:41:46 +0000 2018

Replying to @WeathermanIam and @saifedean

…Thus after 20 weeks the token is worthless. I could also do -2% per week after 1 year the token is worthless. This incentivizes people to use the tokens, but they are still able to trade them. There are lots of services that can be priced this way—data storage, bandwidth, etc.

Thu Apr 19 05:47:15 +0000 2018

Replying to @WeathermanIam and @saifedean

Other models can incentivize support & development. Mark Friedenbach’s Freicoin uses the demurrage to pay for infrastructure & development. Someday (in next century?) if transaction fees do not suffice alone to incent sufficient hash power to secure it, even bitcoin may need it.

Thu Apr 19 05:55:16 +0000 2018

Do any of my old sustainability buddies have any updates on best practices of revenue-backed investment instruments? These allowed Benefit Corps with truly long-term goals to get capital without forcing them to have an exit (or do an ICO). Asking for a friend :-)

Thu Apr 19 06:32:06 +0000 2018

RT @_shaunconway: A significant development for South Africa - attending the Intergovernmental Working Group workshop on Fintech innovation…

Thu Apr 19 06:50:57 +0000 2018

Replying to @liber_liver

I hope that the money problems are being solved. But there are many more forms of currencies & digital assets that are not money. Those we have fewer answers for. I’m not satisfied with globally computed code (aka Ethereum smart contracts) but truly trustless incentive systems.

Thu Apr 19 06:56:55 +0000 2018

It is sometimes called royalty-backed or slow money investments. Some links so far: http://slowmoneynorcal.org/comparing-royalty-financing-to-debt-and-equity-financing/ https://www.usatoday.com/amp/2770129 https://www.fa-mag.com/news/angel-investors-rethink-exit-strategies-18170.html https://www.locavesting.com/raising-capital/for-crowdfunders-revenue-sharing-can-have-benefits-over-equity/ http://2lm7za1624591zimq52rpjbg19lk.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/SEL_OnePager_FV.pdf

Thu Apr 19 07:52:37 +0000 2018

RT @finck_m: This is quite the morning for questions of jurisdiction and the data economy: #Lithuania announces ‘Virtual Limited Liability…

Thu Apr 19 15:31:27 +0000 2018

There was some discussion led by @dustyweb (of activitypub) at the last #IIW about how to do decentralized games. We showed some examples of MUDs from the 1990s that could be an interesting place to start. I still host a 19 yo online text game where it costs ~$10 for purple eyes. https://twitter.com/iiterature/status/986731918199787520

Thu Apr 19 15:38:55 +0000 2018

Replying to @aeliasnet and @dustyweb

One easy start would be a design for trustless turn based games. Ordered by time stamp on block, and within block by first transaction or first in hash tree in transaction. All moves must have hash of previous move. If two moves conflict, earliest timestamp.

Thu Apr 19 20:01:44 +0000 2018

RT @jimmysong: 33 more devs trained. Biggest class yet! Thank you @jmcorgan and Shannon for being TAs!

Fri Apr 20 07:23:55 +0000 2018

Replying to @jimmysong, @ponli137 and @jmcorgan

Shannon’s Twitter is @Appelcline .

Fri Apr 20 07:24:37 +0000 2018

RT @alexbosworth: Fraud-proof swaps could allow unconventional swaps. Swap providers sign invoices which allow public proofs if don’t deliv…

Fri Apr 20 15:41:41 +0000 2018

A perspective on inclusion in the blockchain community: “Many projects are great and welcome women with open arms, & repeatedly positioning the entire space as unwelcoming causes a negative feedback loop that dissuades great people from getting involved.” https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610763/is-the-crypto-world-sexist-that-might-be-the-wrong-question/

Fri Apr 20 15:55:53 +0000 2018

“Zero-knowledge proofs are not about skirting the law, but about proving things though selective disclosure. That promises to have plenty of applications in the world JPMorgan inhabits”—@el33th4xor https://www.technologyreview.com/s/609481/why-americas-biggest-bank-digs-anonymous-cryptocurrency/

Fri Apr 20 16:02:11 +0000 2018

RT @ScottLDavid: From a “graph-theory” perspective(aka “connect-the-dots”) in a post-secrecy world, more security and privacy information-r…

Fri Apr 20 16:07:04 +0000 2018

I’m not sure why, but this is true. I’ve not seen a lot of good UX design in crypto, yet there is a lot of capital. There is a huge shortage of cryptographic engineers, but not as bad for UX. I’m biased with years in Apple ecosystem, but better is possible. https://twitter.com/ricburton/status/987298094609059840

Fri Apr 20 16:24:21 +0000 2018

RT @chiefyx: Just picked up a roll of these cool utility tokens. You buy them and this awesome distributed network (it is centralized thoug…

Fri Apr 20 16:25:14 +0000 2018

Replying to @michaelfolkson

Sorry, strongly disagree. The Mac came out in 1984 practically useless, with 128k RAM, no HD even possible. It was totally unscalable. But on launch day one I tried MacPaint, and it transformed my thoughts on computing. I dropped everything to focus on this new paradigm. UX can!

Fri Apr 20 16:34:47 +0000 2018

RT @aalexis1234: @ricburton @ChristopherA Maybe an OG can give some feedback to a young G?

Nobody get mad at me for co-opting Common’…

Fri Apr 20 21:57:07 +0000 2018

RT @no2uid: #Aadhaar hurts. “For senior citizens like Rao, the deterioration of his fingerprints has meant he and his disabled son could so…

Sat Apr 21 06:47:54 +0000 2018

Well-balanced article on self-sovereign identity in Fortune. http://fortune.com/2018/04/20/blockchain-technology-identity-theft-data-privacy-protection/

Sat Apr 21 15:37:27 +0000 2018

RT @TuurDemeester: “You can consider yourself a person of high standards in general and still have debilitating blind spots. There can be w…

Sat Apr 21 15:38:10 +0000 2018

@tarah Just off the top of your head last night you listed a few Noir stereotypes, some of which were missing from my game deck. Think you can recap them?

Sun Apr 22 19:39:21 +0000 2018

RT @jaredhanson: Latest DID Auth overview outlines an interesting technical proposal, building on @uport_me specs, and highlights relation…

Mon Apr 23 19:26:56 +0000 2018

RT @trbouma: “In an ideal world, identity management would work like this:
Users would own their data, their networks, and their content. W…

Mon Apr 23 23:20:05 +0000 2018

Replying to @OliviaLovenmark

And of course self-sovereign identity: http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/the-path-to-self-soverereign-identity.html It will be two years old on Wednesday and we are making progress!

Mon Apr 23 23:26:22 +0000 2018

Understanding “pseudonym parties” is on my “to investigate” list before next #RebootingWebOfTrust. I never liked PGP signing parties — to much social pressure to sign other keys. But for “proof of unique person” could be useful. @brynosaurus http://bford.info/log/2018/0423-ieeesb-blockchain.pdf

Tue Apr 24 01:16:01 +0000 2018

RT @Drabiv: On my list “to ponder about” as well! Interestingly, this “Scaling Pseudonym Parties” connotates w/ how elections are done - sy…

Tue Apr 24 17:05:20 +0000 2018

RT @starkness: Hey female developers 👋,

Want to build the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency? @jimmysong and I organized scholarships fo…

Tue Apr 24 17:21:44 +0000 2018

I really want DYI CPU chips someday, even if small in power & large in size. Current $B+ chip fab infrastructures, based largely in China, to do even simple chips is a systemic risk. https://twitter.com/szeloof/status/988589833974140929

Tue Apr 24 17:28:09 +0000 2018

Replying to @NickSzabo4

I’m working on improving best practices of digital asset key management & custody, initially using detailed procedures with broadly available hardware, as well as risk model & adversary analysis to teach how to modify them. Docs in late draft, #SmartCustody workshops soon.

Tue Apr 24 17:47:47 +0000 2018

Replying to @NickSzabo4

Longer term I’m working with a number of parties on improving best practices of qualified custodianship, using various methods of Bitcoin script or Ethereum smart contracts to avoid classic custody, but offer the reliability benefits—these will likely require educating regulators

Tue Apr 24 17:53:04 +0000 2018

I wonder if there are tech companies that would release their devs to participate in a secondment (def: https://www.wikijob.co.uk/content/internships/advice/what-secondment)) to do blockchain commons & open source alongside major blockchain devs, a few weeks to 50 days a year to work on open source? …

Tue Apr 24 19:04:35 +0000 2018

These secondment practices are like externships but for experienced staff. They exist in other industries. Top chef’s do them, calling them stages’ (pronounced w/French accent staaj’). Lawyers do them. They help share best practices, cross-fertilize ideas & train new skills.

Tue Apr 24 19:12:12 +0000 2018

While I was at Blockstream they let me spend 50 days a year advocating for decentralized identity. I have a major bitcoin developer that wants to contribute 50 days a year in joint efforts as well. Is this something you are interested in? #BlockchainCommons

Tue Apr 24 19:18:45 +0000 2018

These secondments don’t have to be pure volunteer work—I’m discussing the idea with a few high net-worth patrons, well-funded tech startups, and hedge funds that all want to financially support open source #BlockchainCommons security, infrastructure & standards.

Tue Apr 24 19:23:52 +0000 2018

There are a number of technology projects that our ecosystem needs, but there are not business models for them when they are openly shared like they need to be, and purely volunteer models have a difficult time supporting them long term. A #BlockchainCommons could address this.

Tue Apr 24 19:47:23 +0000 2018

Part of what I’m puzzling out with #BlockchainCommons is how to support long-term. As co-author TLS events like HeartBleed happen due to tragedy of the commons. “A flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.”—@Kurt_Vonnegut

Tue Apr 24 19:54:21 +0000 2018

RT @RuffTimo: Excited to share my first ever blog post, about how self-sovereign identity is different than existing identity models, and w…

Tue Apr 24 20:08:05 +0000 2018

RT @bccesaa: @WeathermanIam @ChristopherA I’d also like to see crowd funding for jepsen testing of the network https://github.com/jepsen-io/jepsen

Tue Apr 24 21:18:47 +0000 2018

RT @bccesaa: @WeathermanIam @ChristopherA I’d like to see more investment into the extra infrastructure such as mobile wallets. The core in…

Tue Apr 24 21:18:52 +0000 2018

RT @MarkFriedenbach: @ChristopherA Christopher and I have been talking for some time about the challenges to the bitcoin ecosystem which ne…

Tue Apr 24 21:19:20 +0000 2018

RT @WeathermanIam: @ChristopherA My small team at http://Mathbot.com would certainly participate and if we become profitable in the fu…

Tue Apr 24 21:19:51 +0000 2018

RT @WeathermanIam: @ChristopherA I’m also hopeful that people are more aware of the importance of secure money than an encrypted browser se…

Tue Apr 24 21:19:57 +0000 2018

Replying to @railzand

There is a lot in common — for instance better hardware security (in particular for secp256k1 used by both bitcoin & Ethereum) can benefit all. Better/faster zk-snarks, security reviews, etc.

Tue Apr 24 21:30:33 +0000 2018

RT @WayneVaughan: @ChristopherA I’ve committed $50k USD and a significant amount of my time to help @ChristopherA launch this initiative. S…

Tue Apr 24 21:48:14 +0000 2018

Replying to @bmann

What is different: a) many devs often have to get special permission to not have all work owned by company (esp. outside CA) b) they typically don’t work side-by-side with peers exchanging skills c) often if they are allowed to support open source it is on own time & no budget.

Tue Apr 24 23:47:56 +0000 2018

RT @aalexis1234: @ChristopherA @Kurt_Vonnegut @BobSummerwill @BobSummerwill will put this idea/initiative in his talk at EDCON. If you have…

Tue Apr 24 23:48:23 +0000 2018

Replying to @davegray, @kevinmhoffman and @louisrosenfeld


Tue Apr 24 23:50:18 +0000 2018

RT @bmann: @ChristopherA Hmm. Ok, so it’s a way to convince old school companies to change? (which is a good idea!) - like a “how to open s…

Tue Apr 24 23:50:59 +0000 2018

Replying to @bmann

I would also add when personal open source projects are all volunteer, then you are going to work on what will keep your passion going. However, some projects need more pro-active support to maintain than that. A budget & some comradeship can help.

Tue Apr 24 23:56:38 +0000 2018

RT @aalexis1234: @bmann @ChristopherA More mentoring/apprenticeship, on a more formal basis and sharing of knowledge, across the ecosystem.…

Tue Apr 24 23:58:07 +0000 2018

RT @bmann: @ChristopherA I get it. That usually comes down to each project.

I guess I see #BlockchainCommons playing a coordinating role…

Wed Apr 25 00:04:19 +0000 2018

Replying to @bmann

Energy duplication by foundations has been bothering me too. For instance, are the Lightning & Zcash & Monero & Tezos Foundations all going to work independently on atomic cross-chain swaps? On general wallet security? Better to coordinate funds.

Wed Apr 25 00:24:37 +0000 2018

Replying to @aalexis1234 and @bmann

I’ve always tried to be collegial & collaborative in my efforts. In the #RebootingWebOfTrust community we have multiple constituents from many competing blockchains, plus non-blockchain people working together. It’s worth trying to keep things professional even if we disagree.

Wed Apr 25 00:24:47 +0000 2018

This tweet storm is a year old today—an attempt to answer the question of what it is about blockchain tech that is so inspirational to individual people (not corporations). I believe it is for far more than just the tech—it is what is intended (at least in theory) by its design. https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/856507432415236096

Wed Apr 25 02:49:15 +0000 2018

RT @eric_lombrozo: “How can I improve Bitcoin given what we have right now?” and “If I could start from scratch with the benefit of hindsig…

Wed Apr 25 04:28:25 +0000 2018

RT @eric_lombrozo: It is always possible that some redesign from scratch proves so vastly superior technologically that it wins out. But IM…

Wed Apr 25 04:53:00 +0000 2018

0/ “Self-Sovereign Identity: A Progress Report”…

Wed Apr 25 12:33:31 +0000 2018

1/ On this day two years ago I chose the term “Self-Sovereign Identity” as the name for a new manifesto of 10 foundational principles for digital identity. It was a rallying cry to start a movement toward human-rights focused decentralized identity. https://twitter.com/christophera/status/724754197762068480

Wed Apr 25 12:34:08 +0000 2018

2/ I was not the first to use the term. The earliest I know of was Devon Loffreto @NZN writing in Project VRM and later in his blog about “sovereign source authority” where he said that individuals “have an established Right to an ‘identity’”. https://www.moxytongue.com/2012/02/what-is-sovereign-source-authority.html

Wed Apr 25 12:34:42 +0000 2018

3/ My manifesto included some history of the evolution of digital identity, from centralized forms, into federated identity, then to user-centric identity, and why that wasn’t enough—why we need Self-Sovereign Identity: http://www.lifewithalacrity.com/2016/04/the-path-to-self-soverereign-identity.html

Wed Apr 25 12:35:02 +0000 2018

4/ A more recent article by @RuffTimo explores the tradeoffs of these different identity architectures: siloed/traditional and third-party provider vs self-sovereign identity’s peer-to-peer approach: https://medium.com/evernym/the-three-models-of-digital-identity-relationships-ca0727cb5186

Wed Apr 25 12:35:28 +0000 2018

5/ Popular blockchain news page Coindesk promptly republished and featured my manifesto on their own site, adding the concept, term & principles to the larger blockchain community agenda. https://www.coindesk.com/path-self-sovereign-identity/amp/

Wed Apr 25 12:35:44 +0000 2018

6/ Coindesk then asked me to speak at their conference Consensus, where I focused on the “Perils & Promise of Identity on the Blockchain” (slides): https://twitter.com/coindeskevents/status/730487202082361345?s=21

Wed Apr 25 12:35:56 +0000 2018

7/ Self-Sovereign Identity is both an ideology to reclaim human dignity and authority in the digital world and an emerging suite of technologies designed to enable that movement.

Wed Apr 25 12:36:13 +0000 2018

8/ Self-Sovereign Identity begins with the basic premise that you should control your own identity in interactions with organizations & other people. https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/self-sovereign-identity/blob/master/self-sovereign-identity-principles.md

Wed Apr 25 12:36:29 +0000 2018

9/ Self-Sovereignty doesn’t mean that you are in complete control. But it does define the borders within which you can make decisions and outside of which you negotiate with others as peers, not as a petitioner.

Wed Apr 25 12:36:40 +0000 2018

10/ Today, digital identity is administered by centralized authorities such as governments, corporations & software platform providers. They have a vested interest in constraining people both on & offline because they desire to either control behavior or to make a profit from it.

Wed Apr 25 12:37:04 +0000 2018

11/ Self-Sovereign Identity is rooted in principles from the Enlightenment, as well as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/

Wed Apr 25 12:37:30 +0000 2018

12/ The first principle of Self-Sovereign identity is that as human beings we exist. Our personal existence is our most fundamental fact, and the control over our self is our most fundamental freedom, our “Unalienable Right”. This should also be true in the digital world.

Wed Apr 25 12:37:44 +0000 2018

13/ As digital systems create representations of us, a free society demands that we be given a voice in deciding how those representations are created and used. Not because we own that data, but because individual human beings are the ONLY valid source for that moral authority.

Wed Apr 25 12:37:56 +0000 2018

14/ Human dignity demands that individuals be treated with respect no matter which system they interact with, face-to-face or online. Without that, we become nothing but data in the machine—entries in a ledger to be managed, problems to be solved, digital serfs. We are not.

Wed Apr 25 12:38:06 +0000 2018

15/ A real test of this concept & manifesto was the first United Nations Summit on Digital Identity, #ID2020. Some feared that diplomats would disapprove of the concept. Yet in the first hours I heard two UN officials & ambassadors use the term. https://id2020.org/news/2016/12/2/identity-20

Wed Apr 25 12:38:26 +0000 2018

16/ Later I heard the concept resonated, as many UN staffers are frustrated with sovereign-nations, due to the 1.563 million stateless people with no citizenship at all, both clashing with the rights offered to all by the Declaration of Human Rights. https://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Blockchain-for-Development.pdf

Wed Apr 25 12:39:22 +0000 2018

17/ In Europe, the emergence of new EU law around personal privacy, known as GDPR, has helped with adoption of the concept, as many feel the current centralized identity architectures will not be able to handle the new regulation: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/gdpr-reflection-self-sovereign-identity-blockchain-nicolas-ameye/

Wed Apr 25 12:39:37 +0000 2018

18/ In the two years since the original 10 principles were published, a number of technologies supporting Self-Sovereign Identity have begun to be implemented, most notably a nascent standard for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-fall2017/blob/master/draft-documents/did-primer.md

Wed Apr 25 12:39:53 +0000 2018

19/ The DID specification was incubated at #RebootingWebOfTrust Design Workshops, where over 30 white papers, specs, and prototypes have been collaboratively created over the course of 6 events. http://www.WebOfTrust.info

Wed Apr 25 12:40:07 +0000 2018

20/ The DID specification is now being nurtured into being submitted as a possible international standard through the W3C Credentials Community Group. https://w3c-ccg.github.io

Wed Apr 25 12:40:17 +0000 2018

21/ A number of other W3C Working Groups including W3C Verifiable Claims WG plan on using DIDs, and we will be sharing additional details toward formalizing a standard at TPAC in the fall. https://www.w3.org/2017/vc/WG/

Wed Apr 25 12:40:28 +0000 2018

22/ Over a dozen companies and organizations, using multiple blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc), have committed to deploying DIDs, including IBM, Microsoft, Digital Bazaar, Consensys, Evernym, Learning Machine, British Columbia, and more: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3267930/blockchain/how-blockchain-could-solve-the-internet-privacy-problem.html

Wed Apr 25 12:40:40 +0000 2018

23/ Articles on Self-Sovereign Identity have appeared in major publications such Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Technology Review, Business Week, and many more. Recent Facebook & Equifax events have continue to keep it in the news: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbloomberg/2017/10/06/can-blockchain-solve-the-equifax-identity-morass-heres-how/

Wed Apr 25 12:40:50 +0000 2018

24/ How can you support Self-Sovereign Identity? If you are a consumer or influencer, demand that the companies you deal with consider moving to decentralized architectures that support your human rights & dignity. https://www.coindesk.com/theres-alternative-facebook-called-self-sovereign-identity/

Wed Apr 25 12:41:00 +0000 2018

25/ If you are a blockchain advocate, remember that blockchain, combined with identity, is a two edged sword. The best is we can hold the powerful accountable for their actions. The worst is we weaponize identity against the powerless. https://www.coindesk.com/experts-talk-self-sovereign-identity-implementing-systems/

Wed Apr 25 12:41:08 +0000 2018

26/ If you are a human-rights supporter, the lack of identity is trapping people in inescapable cycles of poverty. Thus the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 requires that “By 2030, [we] provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”. https://impakter.com/digital-identity-basic-human-right/

Wed Apr 25 12:41:17 +0000 2018

27/ If you are a writer or communicator, familiarize yourself with the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity. Become part of the dialog to clarify & communicate them more effectively, and help people to understand & support this movement. https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/self-sovereign-identity

Wed Apr 25 12:42:17 +0000 2018

28/ If you are a lawyer, take a look at the requirements that the EU’s new GDPR regulations will be putting on your company. Ask if your existing identity systems and architectures will be able to address the problem, and if not, recommend research into Self-Sovereign Identity.

Wed Apr 25 12:42:32 +0000 2018

29/ If you are a policymaker, consider supporting bringing GDPR class privacy principles into your own jurisdiction. Take a look at British Columbia’s experiments with Self-Sovereign Identity. https://www.continuumloop.com/bcgov-verifiable-organization-network/

Wed Apr 25 12:42:42 +0000 2018

30/ If you are an identity provider, a “holder” of personal identifiers and data, whether corporate or government, investigate switching to architectures where you instead offer verifiable credentials against the authenticated identifiers of others: https://twitter.com/aniltj/status/977559783975936000

Wed Apr 25 12:42:55 +0000 2018

31/ If you are a executive, consider joining one of the many pilot deployments of DIDs to investigate these new Self-Sovereign Identity architectures, and support that development by funding open source initiatives. https://medium.com/uport/uport-year-in-review-whats-to-come-in-2018-15ccb9214439

Wed Apr 25 12:43:11 +0000 2018

32/ If you are a developer, consider participating in one of the open source Self-Sovereign Identity projects, join the W3C Credentials CG https://w3c-ccg.github.com to help drive forward the standard & participate in events like #RebootingWebOfTrust http://www.WebOfTrust.info

Wed Apr 25 12:45:02 +0000 2018

1-32/ Many thanks to the communities and individuals that inspired and helped make Self-Sovereign Identity become a movement: #IIW, #RebootingWebOfTrust, #ID2020, W3C Credentials CG, #DIF, @JoeAndrieu, @Appelcline, @ManuSporny, @DrummondReed, @windley and too many others to list!

Wed Apr 25 12:45:39 +0000 2018

RT @giacomozucco: @ChristopherA @Kurt_Vonnegut Defenetely interested! Now we are turning @BHBnetwork into a pure FLOSS/non-profit operation…

Wed Apr 25 12:57:35 +0000 2018

I worked with David Chaum before he had any deals with banks. In the early 90s, we issued gift tokens that were to be given out for good deeds, attending community events, etc. It would have been the first reputation token, aka “whuffie”. An emerging bank deal killed it. https://twitter.com/matt_odell/status/988960232276709376

Wed Apr 25 13:46:46 +0000 2018

Replying to @Ethan_Heilman and @doctorow

Yes, the concept predates the term “whuffie”. @doctorow invented and popularized that term. I’m not sure where I got the idea when I proposed it to David. I had been hanging out with Foresight & Christine Peterson who later coined term Open Source, so it was in the community.

Wed Apr 25 13:55:16 +0000 2018

RT @kwerb: Governance is the hardest part of any collective activity. Because governance is, by definition, the aspects of collective activ…

Wed Apr 25 13:59:03 +0000 2018

RT @NZN: Heck of a thread https://twitter.com/ChristopherA/status/989120215702261761?s=19 Self-Sovereign leaders are like eagles..they don’t flock, you find them one at a time. Ne…

Wed Apr 25 14:03:00 +0000 2018

I agree with this statement—the challenge is the balance, as creative collaborative work wears you out & work alone (remote or not) can restore you. I have seen some projects succeed without face-to-face (most notably early days of bitcoin) but I believe it to be more difficult. https://twitter.com/ricburton/status/988979678844157953

Wed Apr 25 14:18:40 +0000 2018

Replying to @danielselman

No, it isn’t yet ready for prime time. All the projects are still in proof-of-concept phase, with early deployments being fairly limited. However, it is an important new approach to the problem. I think we’ll begin to see some first major deployments later in 2018, early 2019.

Wed Apr 25 15:14:50 +0000 2018

Our biggest fans this week: @BrendanEich, @stacyherbert, @BKBrianKelly. Thank you! via https://sumall.com/thankyou?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=publishing&utm_campaign=thank_you_tweet&utm_content=text_and_media&utm_term=d0ab6b00ad990b36d99f7a0b

Wed Apr 25 16:00:55 +0000 2018

Replying to @kentbye, @highfidelityinc and @philiprosedale

I’ve also been talking about seeing if people like @philiprosedale are interested in a design workshop (like #RebootingWebOfTrust) on the topic of incentive design with a cross-section of game designers (@raphkoster?) and cryptocurrency designers (@VladZamfir?).

Wed Apr 25 16:09:05 +0000 2018

Replying to @mani_nithin

I wasn’t able to quite find the right place in my tweet storm as I was trying to focus on the positive, but I find lots of anti-patterns in #aadhaar. In particular that civil servants defer to the authority of the computer over common decency. https://medium.com/bitfwd/self-sovereign-identity-systems-blockchain-alternatives-to-aadhaar-76335fcd2090

Wed Apr 25 17:10:39 +0000 2018

Replying to @mani_nithin

I encourage you to participate in next #RebootingWebOfTrust, week of September 24th in Toronto. Rethinking Aadhaar is likely to be a topic. We had some good folk with India experience at last one but not enough to collaborate on a white paper.

Wed Apr 25 17:18:25 +0000 2018

🤬 Inevitable given the #aadhaar architecture! “anyone with an internet connection to use “religion” or “caste” as a search criterion to identify the homes of 5,166,698 families in 13 districts in Andhra Pradesh” https://www.huffingtonpost.in/2018/04/25/aadhaar-seeding-fiasco-how-to-geo-locate-every-minority-family-in-ap-with-one-click_a_23419643/

Wed Apr 25 21:44:04 +0000 2018

RT @katrynadow: @ChristopherA Great thread Christopher! Your vision & focus has inspired a community of change + possibilities. This expand…

Wed Apr 25 21:51:43 +0000 2018

RT @Gurpartap: @ChristopherA @TuurDemeester This is what they did in 1984 post Indira Gandhi’s death. Based on the “Ration Card” database,…

Wed Apr 25 22:49:42 +0000 2018

Replying to @pt, @lpolovets, @AdamDraper, @APompliano, @AriannaSimpson, @garrytan and @rebeccak46

I’m the co-author of the TLS 1.0 spec in ’90s, which well over a decade later in ‘14 secured $trillions of commerce. Yet the top open source project securing over 60% of internet is being supported by 1/4 FTE of one engineer. Heartbleed happens! Tragedy of the commons.

Thu Apr 26 04:13:17 +0000 2018

Replying to @lpolovets, @pt, @AdamDraper, @APompliano, @AriannaSimpson, @garrytan and @rebeccak46

I’m trying to encourage hedge funds that hold digital assets to commit 1 basis point (00.1%) yearly to the commons, whether through groups like Linux Foundation’s Critical Infrastructure Initiative, or to the nascent #BlockchainCommons Benefit Corp I’m currently investigating.

Thu Apr 26 04:45:07 +0000 2018

“(AI) creates a risk that machine-to-machine decisions could be made with no transparency to humans. To avoid this & to ensure AI is developed ethically, individuals need to be able to influence and determine the values, rules and inputs”—@katrynadow https://insight.ieeeusa.org/articles/standards-address-ai-ethical-considerations/

Thu Apr 26 05:06:00 +0000 2018

Replying to @iamsonge

I am based in Bay Area, but one of the best ways to participate as developers is join the W3C Credentials CG, which does not require any fee to W3C to join, join in Tuesday calls, and learn the DID architecture. https://w3c-ccg.github.io

Thu Apr 26 13:03:32 +0000 2018

“In many cases, (ICO) projects have funds held in single-signature personal wallets & use worse accounting practices than my little cousin’s lemonade stand. This is the equivalent of allowing…CEOs to hold their company’s money in cash under their bed” https://medium.com/@arjunblj/centralize-then-decentralize-6de1a0f9d2b0

Thu Apr 26 19:14:58 +0000 2018

A good #longread on Pandora Protocols: “Maybe you built a platform to enable censorship resistant money, but instead created a fundraising mechanism for corrupt governments and fraudulent parties.” https://medium.com/@jillcarlson/pandoras-protocols-2ae674de603e

Thu Apr 26 19:21:19 +0000 2018

RT @WeathermanIam: Someone just asked a great question in my DMs.

What should I do about future data breaches and other ways that criminal…

Thu Apr 26 20:12:36 +0000 2018

I believe reviewing code is under taught in schools. Review of security code is even harder. Another aspect is the social side—being constructive and not adversarial. “I firmly believe that reviewing code is as much of a craft as writing code.”—@mrjoelkemp https://medium.com/@mrjoelkemp/giving-better-code-reviews-16109e0fdd36

Thu Apr 26 20:41:59 +0000 2018

Replying to @angela_walch

I’m having last minute doubts about attending Consensus. I’m not speaking. Expensive conference in expensive city, little interactive opportunities at event other than standing around in crowds or bars. I tried doing a collaborative event at Construct but it wasn’t well attended.

Thu Apr 26 20:42:00 +0000 2018

Replying to @WayneVaughan and @angela_walch

My challenge is it that Consensus is getting so big that informal networking is getting more difficult. I’m not an introvert but I find cocktail-style events & voice-loosing levels of noise wearing. If I had more advance meetings scheduled I might go.

Thu Apr 26 21:04:32 +0000 2018

This does concern me. Part of the reason I’m in the cryptocurrency community is that the permissionless censorship-resistant qualities of ideal cryptocurrencies helps prevent coercion. Coercive power is a form of violence that is easily abused as it more hidden that brutality. https://twitter.com/_kevin_pham/status/989699760914231296

Fri Apr 27 15:16:41 +0000 2018

RT @hrdwrknvrstps: @ChristopherA GDPR makes me very hopeful for sovereign identity, but working on it here in the United States is pretty b…

Sat Apr 28 22:10:54 +0000 2018

Replying to @hrdwrknvrstps

It has been more difficult in US, but there are definitely a number of organizations and people that are enthusiastic despite not have the GDPR stick over their heads.

Sat Apr 28 22:12:18 +0000 2018

Replying to @robep00, @pamelawjd and @aantonop

The tools for creating a number of different timelock scripts are taught in my Bitcoin course. Some of the more advanced possibilities need to formalized and be made easier to do. https://github.com/ChristopherA/Learning-Bitcoin-from-the-Command-Line/blob/master/09_0_Empowering_Timelock_with_Bitcoin_Scripts.md

Sat Apr 28 22:20:07 +0000 2018

Replying to @hrdwrknvrstps

Digital Bazaar/Veres Ine, Evernym/Sovrin, Consensus/Uport are active in W3C. BTCR based DIDs are more open source based but Learning Machine & others plan to use it. Blockstack isn’t involved in W3C efforts but is close in architecture. There are more.

Sun Apr 29 01:09:24 +0000 2018

RT @stlouisfed: What has no intrinsic value? Both bitcoin and the cash in your wallet. Learn other qualities they share https://t.co/uxwWMH…

Sun Apr 29 01:10:10 +0000 2018

RT @janeygak: I just published “The Key to Bitcoin Adoption in Developing Countries” https://medium.com/p/the-key-to-bitcoin-adoption-in-developing-countries-60edfbe60786

Sun Apr 29 05:32:58 +0000 2018

Replying to @js_horne

Though I am focused on digital self-sovereignty, at its root is that every human being in the world has some basic rights where as an individual they are inviolate. You & I have these rights & they may not be taken away unless we violate the rights of others. That makes us peers.

Sun Apr 29 16:33:29 +0000 2018

Replying to @js_horne

That we may decide that certain non-human things also have rights, whether physical, corporate or digital is an open question. Equador, for instance, has decided in its constitution to recognize the right of natural ecosystems to exist and flourish. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumac_Kawsay

Sun Apr 29 16:41:01 +0000 2018

“I want to bring these faults to the attention of the greater blockchain developer community, so that they will not be repeated, and hopefully also provide some insight”—@earlzdotnet https://medium.com/@earlz/the-faults-and-shortcomings-of-the-evm-bde4d09b8b6a

Mon Apr 30 16:47:45 +0000 2018

“Decentralized Autonomic Data (DAD) and the three R’s of Key Management” for “governance of data that may not reside with a single party” — a collaborative white paper from the last #RebootingWebOfTrust https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rebooting-the-web-of-trust-spring2018/blob/master/final-documents/DecentralizedAutonomicData.pdf

Mon Apr 30 23:57:00 +0000 2018

RT @Snyke: Do you want to know what the future of #Lightning looks like?
#eltoo is a huge step towards a more flexible, secure and robust…

Tue May 01 01:23:33 +0000 2018

“‘normal’ users will increasingly demand centralization as the solution to their scarcity of attention and legibility. They will not want to need to spend the cognitive cycles that many of us currently spend thinking about the ecosystem.”—@kevinakwok http://kwokchain.com/2018/05/01/the-future-is-forked/

Tue May 01 04:50:24 +0000 2018

RT @bryan_johnson: We have plenty of myths around what moral “perfection” looks like (i.e. religious figures) but who are the mythical hero…

Tue May 01 05:03:15 +0000 2018